Georgia Ave Liquor Store News – New One Coming and A Huge Transformation in Another

King’s Deli & Grocery (photo above) located at 3651 Georgia Ave, NW (near the Petworth metro) has been a grocery store and deli for a while but they’ve just applied for a liquor license. The Park View blog notes:

“Within 1,500 feet of King’s there are already four locations with a Class B (beer and wine) license and two locations with a Class A (beer, wine, and liquor) license.”

And nearby Lion’s Liquors (photo below) located at 3614 Georgia Ave, NW is getting completely gutted. I took a peek inside yesterday and the space is huge. The owner says he is planning on making it more upscale with a significant wine section. The Park View blog got a bit more detail:

“while their initial focus is going to be getting a liquor store up and running, the also want to put in a wine bar where people can sit and relax. Lastly, they also hope to be able to serve some type of food down the road.”

Sound good?

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  • gotryit

    No for king’s deli. Please no more. Hopefully this will go the same way as the one that tried to open at Georgia and Hobart.

    I guess I just have to wait and see on Lion’s… What they describe could be nice, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

    • Agreed on King’s (whose name I never knew until now — there’s no signage!). It seems to generate enough litter and loitering as it is.

      Any word on when the hearing for its liquor license is? To object, do we need to attend a meeting, or can we submit something written?

      • gotryit

        Best to contact your ANC rep to make sure they’re going to protest it.

        If things are really coming to a head, then a group of neighbors needs to protest also, but that part needs to be more than just in writing. Hopefully it doesn’t come to that.

  • wine bar on Georgia? I’m there!

  • a big liquor store that i don’t have to order through bullet proof glass will keep my business in the neighborhood instead of driving across the park.

  • a liquor store with a nice wine selection would be a welcome addition to GA Ave (not just another replica of the other ones with the same stuff behind bulletproof glass). even something approximating the selection at harris teeter, Yes! (or dare i say whole foods) would be great.

    all the better if they had a wine bar to have some on the spot.

  • Props to Lion’s for thinking differently about their store and tapping into a new market. I look forward to seeing what they come up with. Bravo.

  • I second the “I’ll believe it when I see it” but that would be awesome if it happens.

  • Are you serious? The bulletproof glassed, no a/c running in the summer, no heat in the winter, vagrants chilling out front all the time liquor store is going upscale? A wine bar?
    Petworth has officially arrived.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    Yeah, does that means Lion’s is taking out the bullet proof plexiglass? I would stop in for wine if so.

    • It would be nice to get some comment/confirmation on this.

      POP – homework assignment?

      it’s a huge turnoff for me too, and I happily avoid stores where there is plexi between the clerk and I.

      • Speak for yourself! I happen to like having my take-out pizza handed to me through a push-door beneath the bullet proof glass 🙂

  • I think this stretch of Georgia needs to be renamed Liquor Avenue.

  • Yes to better wine selection on GA Ave!!

  • I love that this picture captures the frustratingly incomplete lighting on this section of Georgia Ave. How many months has the city left the Upper Georgia project unfinished, and how many more will they wait to complete the job? Why spend all that money, only to leave the job incomplete? It seems like 80-90 percent of the job is done, why not just finish off the punch list items so this section of the project is completed, before moving on to whatever the next thing is? Anyone know the scoop, or know the best city gov’t person to contact to press on this issue?

  • I plan on objecting to this (king’s deli liquor license). Anybody interested in protesting tske a lok at the agenda of the upcoming ANC 04 meetings. Meetings are 2nd Wednesday of each month at the Petworth library community room.

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