Dear PoPville – Crazy Howard University Shuttle Bus Accident Sat. Night

“Dear PoPville,

The dude, hit a car, then took out the lamppost and then ran into a taxi (Corner of Columbia and Sherman Ave, NW). By the time it was all over, he was in the back of a cop car.”

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  • “Excuse me, is this Rhode Island?”

    I find this question hilarious–does this make me one of those DC snobs?

  • My truck was hit by one of the Howard shuttles. They are horrible drivers. Take them off the road and let the students walk.

    • The HU shuttle busses are too big for those streets also. Sherman avenue has very narrow lanes, coupled with construction and elevated potholes and street pipes, the moment you swerve to avoid something, you hit the person next to you. The Sherman avenue project is being run horribly, the streets are so bad there. There are no audits for safe street construction in that entire area, its like the wild west driving in this part of DC every day. The people responsible for these projects do not seem capable of proper thought and planning, fire them all.

  • It would appear that they’re operated by International Limousine, and if you ever see their vans on the roads around here, steer clear of them. Apparently, if you’re too bad a driver to work for a cab company or even Metro, this is the place that hires you.

  • These shuttles are a menace at all hours, not just the wee hours of the morning. They hurtle down Irving and back on Columbia so fast that it shakes the upper floors of the rowhouses on either side. There is no way they could stop in time to avoid a kid running into the street after a soccer ball or something. Thank goodness this incident only involved property, but my prediction is a sad story involving pedestrians in the near future.

  • A Howard shuttle bus hit a woman on a bike Friday morning around 8:30 right in front of Wonderland.

  • I saw the whole thing go down. Bus hit the median curb, front wheels jumped about 5 feet in the air, took out the lamp which hit a Saab, and then the bus hit a cab with fare after it jumped the intersection. I call this another evening with the Sherman Ave Street Theater Company.

    • this explanation makes more sense than what i read in the original post; at first i thought the bus driver collided with a car then tried to escape by jumping into a cab

  • Coming from someone whom lives across the street from a Howard dorm, the driver’s of these Shuttles are MANIAC’s. They monopolize the center of the road so that no one can pass. Roll through stop signs like they are an option, and truly need a refresher of DC driving laws. I am not the lease bit surprised by the above post, enforement must be made of these crazed, so called “professional” driver’s before lives are taken.

  • Howard shuttle drivers are almost as bad as MetroAccess drivers. I have written to Howard a number of time after watching them run lights, nearly take me out on a bike etc.etc. Never get an answer.

  • To hell with all you disrespectful ass people! All the drivers at International Limousine Service are not crazy nor maniacs! We are professional drivers & the company does not hire rejects! You people see one accident & go off but what about when you all hit us??? You all say & I quote “I didn’t see the bus”! Everyone can suffer from a misfortune, but don’t talk shit about the company or all its drivers because of one persons negligence!

  • Barbara, these drivers are crazy. They must be on drugs. Most of them should lose their jobs.

  • International Limousine were the drivers of the GWU shuttle bus as well… 2 years ago my bus stopped short on Reservoir road and then proceeded to roll backwards down the street into a tree. I’ve almost been hit walking around Columbia Heights by those drivers and been held up in traffic as they (you) illegally blocked traffic. Your company needs some oversight and certainly those bad drivers need to be fired a.s.a.p., there are plenty of qualified drivers who would love the opportunity.

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