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  • That’s a phone number???

    • Yes that is a phone number. Back in the day phone numbers included names such as in this case TAylor9-7000 or TUckerman9-1234 and others which I can’t recall

      • How long ago was that?

        • Certainly into the 1960’s if not later. My mother’s old-school personal phone book still has our relatives’ numbers with the letter-number combo (and in her graceful cursive writing, too 🙂 ). It’s sort of fun to have to look at the little letters on a regular phone, but it sucks if you have to try it on a cell phone.

          • Yep, growing up in the ’70s and early ’80s, my mom’s phone book had all of her relatives listed that way. Old Town Alexandria was KIng, usually KI.8 and KI.9

        • There’s a fence in my neighborhood with a little “Long Fence” sign and a phone number for HOward1-2345.

          I’ve always wondered if there’s a map somewhere showing what the neighborhood old phone exchanges were.

        • I think the exchange names were dropped in the mid-60s. By the time I was learning to use a phone, ca. 1974, we just used seven digits, and all the phone books were digits-only. (This was in PA and NJ.) But I’ll bet older people kept using the exchange letters they were used to for years after.

    • tonyr

      There’s also the phone number for the Pennsylvania Hotel in NYC – PE(nnsylvania) 6-5000. One for our older readers, or younger Glenn Miller fans.

  • PoP, did you notice the new bar/cocktail lounge that’s going in catty-corner from the Target? Any news on what that will be?

    • Prince Of Petworth

      I did talk with them and though there was a bit of a language barrier I believe it’s going to become a nightclub/bar (nightclub was his words). Also it is very very early in the planning process as they have not yet applied for a liquor license. Another reader had heard it might become a sports bar but after talking with them, it sounded more like a regular bar with tvs. I’ll def. update as progress is made.

      • Please keep us posted. Folks in Brightwood are dying for a cool neighborhood bar to chill and spill….

      • That’s awesome! I was wondering what that was. I hope they serve food as well. I am dying for a sit down place I can walk to.

        BTW, I had friends from out of town this summer and when we walked by one of them seriously asked if the liquor store used to be a real Target.

  • I, initially, saw this pic and hoped it was sold to someone interested in making it something nice for this stretch…silly me…hopefully one day Kennedy St will live up to its potential

  • I catch the E bus across from this landmark every morning. Every few months it’s actually open when I need a quick six pack on my way home, but otherwise it seems like a front.

    • You mean like a “FRONT” for another business such as stolen goods, Drugs, Gambling , Not saying that it is but you are sure right about there irregular hours I have lived in this area for 5 years and may have seen it open 3 times

  • I saw it open the other night. The littlest. oldest guy was in there opening the door for someone waiting to get in. It looked pretty well stocked, but from my vantage point, the signage could have been from the eighties. . .

  • Does the clock still work?

  • I’m pretty sure it’s not a front- it’s run by two older gentlemen who seem incredibly eager to please. Unfortunately, the store is dismal enough that it often looks closed even when it’s not (the window shutters are always closed, etc).

    I’ve found it pretty helpful for a last minute liquor run.

  • Seconding not a front… old guy is real nice they just don’t put much into the facade of the store or, for that matter, anything in front of the glass partition. Behind the glass partition lie reasonably-priced beer and liquor.

  • This has been one of my favorite city signs for a long time. POP (and others), are you aware of other signs in the city that still have the old-style phone numbers? The only other one I know of is at the Yellow Cab dispatch center on Bladensburg Rd. (LIncoln 4-1212). Might be a cool post to do sometime… I’m sure there are others out there.

  • Is there a neighborhood name for that strip of businesses along Kennedy St. from N Cap to Georgia?

  • I suppose its part of Petworth but its so far removed from the area around the Metro I was wondering if it its own neighborhood name.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      It is the very northern border of Petworth and the very southern border of Brightwood. So folks call it both Petworth and Brightwood.

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