All Souls Neighborhood Bar Coming to Shaw

Things keep picking up for the 700 block of T St, NW. Back in Sept. ’11 a new pizza spot, Pizza D’Oro opened up at the end of this row at 717 T St, NW. Now a new neighborhood bar is coming. According to a liquor license application posted at 725 T St, NW:

“All Souls will be a neighborhood bar offering traditional American food and drinks with an occupancy load of 99 and a sidewalk café with up to 50 seats. No dancing, no nude entertainment and no designated dance floor.”

I peeked in the window and it looks like a significant build out/renovation will be required so stay tuned for updates as construction progresses.

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  • the whole block should be knocked down and rebuilt. this little strip mall thing is just ONE BLOCK from the shaw metro station – yet it’s probably the least dense development you could possibly imagine in a city context.

    we’re making small advances here and there but it’s stuff like this that makes me think dc isn’t even trying

    • Trying to do what…?

      • @steve, in a perfect world you’re right–the block should be knocked down and rebuilt. But, we should be happy that things are happening here, and all around that once-forsaken intersection. It’s another hopefully money-making, tax-paying establishment… so you should wish them luck.

    • @steve – DC isn’t even trying in that area, even though all of the blocks right around there are currently undergoing redevelopment and transition? Not everything in this city needs to be demolished and rebuilt, I love the idea of a bar opening in an old carriage house – it keeps the history and culture of the area without making everything some pseudo-industrial revitalization job.

      Perhaps the only thing not trying around here is you… you’re clearly not trying to think outside the standard DC formula for new bars. Please move, you’re killing my soul.

  • Agreed BloMi – I wish them luck!

  • Wow – the NIMBY instinct starts quickly! I moved into the 800 block 2 weeks ago and my first reaction was “I don’t want a bar right there!” I’d like a nice coffee shop.

    But I do wish them well and I plan to stop by often.

    And I think BloMI is right – these are small locally owned businesses moving in and brightening up what used to be a pretty desolate intersection.
    And right now this block doesn’t need and couldn’t support new condos with high end retail on the ground floor. A tailor shop, good shoe repair, tasty pizza and a neighborhood restaurant/bar is a great fit.
    I’m sure it will be torn down for condos or something in 5-10 years.

    These used to be houses, right? Or was the little strip newly built?

    • Sure, everyone would “like a nice coffee shop,” but the fact is that, especially in less-developed areas, coffee shops simply aren’t viable.

      The profit potential on alcohol is much higher than on a coffee shop with occasional rushes of customers and lingering wifi users all day.

      First come the bars, then restaurants, then retail.

    • @Jane – the little strip in question has been around for some time now. In the 1880’s horse stables were built on that land to accommodate the wealthy individuals beginning to move into surrounding area.

      The storefronts you see today were built just after the turn of the century and boast beautiful original tin ceilings to highlight their historical significance.

  • The tailor along that strip is excellent. I used to take alterations to a tailor in G’town, across from the shopping mall, but this one does high quality work, less expensive, and much more convenient.

  • Noooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!
    Why? The tailoring shop and the shoe repair are fabulous! Yes, really! And, the pizza? It’s good! Truly tasty! But a bar? No – that is not what is needed on that block. There are so, so, so many problems with drug dealers, vagrants, loiterers, public pissers, etc. that the last thing needed is a bar.
    Plus MPD is far too absent. Ugh…
    Hope it does not happen!

    • @D – Just so I’m clear, are you saying that the problems with drug dealers, vagrants, loiterers, public pissers, etc will increase with this business opening? Please explain. Thank you.

    • This place will just add to the same egressing crowd noise from the bars on 9th street, and U St. bars on Fri. Sat. nights. Its better than another corner tall boy shop.

      You are right about the dealers, vagrants, and public urination being a problem.
      If the MPD wanted more paper work they could walk a figure eight around 7th, Florida, 9th and all the alleys in between. 7th and T is a pile of people just ‘hangin’ out, even in the middle of the day. The heads that are drinkin’ wind up in the alleys pissin’

      I wish it was easier for MPD to do something, but what do they want from us? Pictures? citizens arrests? i know its not self-entitled complaining, but isn’t public drinking ticket-able at least?

      Welcome to T Street, Jane!

      Thank you for the stables and Tin ceiling info Anna.

      • That block of T St has been a drug hot spot for decades. There was an armed robbery right at 8th & T Saturday:
        DCPoliceDept DC Police Department
        Robbery Hold Up Gun @ 8th & T St. N.W Lookout for 2 H/M, DO NOT TAKE ACTION CALL //5020

        • I’m not in denial about the issues with crime in my new neighborhood, but there’s no need to be self righteous about safety.

          Burglary: Building occupied
          2400 block of ONTARIO RD NW October 23, 2011
          Robbery: Force and violence
          1800 block of SUMMIT PL NW October 22, 2011
          Robbery: Force and violence
          1900 block of CALVERT ST NW October 22, 2011

          Burglary: Building unoccupied
          2500 block of ONTARIO RD NW October 14, 2011
          Robbery: Snatch of purse, etc.
          1800 block of SUMMIT PL NW October 18, 2011
          Stolen auto
          2400 block of 17TH ST NW October 16, 2011

          Robbery: Force and violence
          2700 block of ONTARIO RD NW October 8, 2011
          Robbery: Force and violence
          2300 block of 17TH ST NW October 8, 2011
          Robbery: Force and violence
          2300 block of CHAMPLAIN ST NW October 9, 2011
          Robbery: Fear (strongarming a person)
          1800 block of ONTARIO PL NW October 13, 2011
          Stolen auto
          2700 block of ADAMS MILL RD NW October 13, 2011
          10 CRIMES
          Assault with a deadly weapon
          Assault with a deadly weapon: Gun
          1700 block of COLUMBIA RD NW October 1, 2011
          Robbery: Gun
          1800 block of ADAMS MILL RD NW September 30, 2011
          Robbery: Force and violence
          1700 block of EUCLID ST NW October 2, 2011
          Robbery: Assault with intent
          1800 block of ADAMS MILL RD NW October 4, 2011

          • @Jane – what purpose does that even serve? What do you think crime reports looked like for 14th and U 15 years ago? I’m not implying that this intersection will be a hot spot like that area, but dwelling on the past will do nothing to benefit the future.

            I don’t think anyone was being self-righteous, it’s stupid to imply that change in ambiance can’t have a positive effect in behavior.

        • @ontarioroader – U ST and Chinatown were crime hot spots for decades, too. Thanks to charitable entrepreneurs with vision, they saw what things *could* be and not necessarily what they currently *are*. So, sure, there are issues that exist in that location right now, but with businesses and development pouring into the surround area, maybe this can be another positive spot for our city that is not always perfect.

          I’m glad other individuals with more means have the ability to see the potential in an area vs. what currently exists. Your lack of vision speaks wonders.

  • I know why it’s a bar rather than a coffee shop and I wish them well and will do my share of drinking and dining to help them do well.

    I was just surprised to notice how my instinct was classic NIMBY. You think you know better, but instinct kicks in.

    And I did see a dude pissing and walking down the alley in broad daylight the other day, so I would like to see more people, and cops around.

    Thanks for the info Anna! I was trying to figure out what they were. And the shoe and the tailor shop are so pretty on the inside, I want to move in!

  • I don’t like the name. All Souls is the church on 16th street, and I can’t see how using it for a bar is catchy or or interesting, so I’d suggest they come up with some other name.

    • This is a bold claim coming from an individual who chose the handle: “mphs.” I take your criticism on names with a grain of salt.

  • I am really excited about this and think it is great. Sure, a coffee shop is needed as well, but this block could really use some pep and this is just the ticket. I think the outside seating could be amazing!

  • The problems are not going away and bringing in a bunch of late night drunks will not help.
    As others have mentioned, a nice coffee shop would be welcomed. There’s a big difference.
    Also, it’s a very small space and the capacity they are seeking seems way out of line.

    • “The problems are not going away” – what does this even mean? Are you operating under the premise that change never happens? That urban revitalization never occurs? That neighborhoods never get better (or even get worse for that matter — ‘problems will never come here!’)? How do you know that the problems are never going away?

      This entire area seems to always be getting better, even if it is slowly. I think this is further evidence to demonstrate that the area is improving.

    • actually it will help.

    • @D if you live in that area, take a walk around your block around 2 or 3am on a Sat. or Sun. morning, or just open your window then. The ‘late night drunks’ are already there.

      I sat in on a community mtg. for this area and the suggestion from police was for all the restaurants/lounges/bars on 9th to pay for overtime police. resources being low, i sadly understood their side. I think they should walk the beat on those nights, but what would you suggest instead?

  • You guys need to get with the program. That’s not Shaw anymore, it’s North Logan Circle now! Sheesh.

  • A bar would be great on that corner. The more foot traffic, the better.

  • I’ve lived in this area for about 8 years. I remember the shootings on the weekends and the open air drug market.

    Things have improved greatly with Howard Theater being redeveloped, Prigression Place, and the stores on T Street.

    I support the tailor, shoe shine, and pizza place all the time. These are my neighbors and friends.

    I even went to the hearing to help them get the commercial zoning (it was changed to residential a ways back to protect the elementary school across the street).

    I welcome more business, but I do believe they should also be a good neighbor. We are trying to build a neighborhood not a just a bunch of bars and stores. I’ve spoken to the owner several times and he told me a dance studio or coffee shop. That’s not being a good neighbor.

    Furthermore, is it even legal to have a bar across the street from the school??

    Also, there are concerns about not just the noise but about trash. This establishment is not set up for the high volumne of trash that goes with a restaurant.

    Hopefully, these issues can be worked out but this is not the best way to get started.

    • I’m sure there was alot of interest in this property and at one point there might have been parties looking to open a coffee shop or dance studio. But as with everything in life, things change. I doubt the owner was intentionally lying or trying to mislead you.

      In response to your trash concerns, according to PoP’s quotation above, the establishment will be a bar serving food. This is alot different than a full-fledged restaurant and will in turn create significantly less waste. I would be surprised if they had more volume than Pizza D’Oro.

  • The school at 9th and T is but Cleveland Elementary at 8th and T isn’t last I heard.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Ah, oops! Forgot about that one. Well to the original question – it is legal to open a bar by a school. See: Blue Banana and Temperance Hall (now Looking Glass Lounge) on Georgia Ave by EL Haynes.

      • I am sure this will never be seen, but the law is pretty explicit about whether or not you can open a tavern by a school. In short… doesn’t seem like they can:

        § 25-314. Additional considerations for new license application or transfer of license to a new location
        (a) In determining the appropriateness of an establishment for initial issuance of a license or a transfer of a license to a new location, the Board shall also consider the following:
        (1) The proximity of the establishment to schools, recreation centers, day care centers, public libraries, or other similar facilities;
        (2) The effect of the establishment on the operation and clientele of schools, recreation centers, day care centers, public libraries, or other similar facilities; and
        (3) Whether school-age children using facilities in proximity to the establishment will be unduly attracted to the establishment while present at, or going to or from, the school, recreation center, day care center, public library, or similar facility at issue.
        (4) Whether issuance of the license would create or contribute to an overconcentration of licensed establishments which is likely to affect adversely the locality, section, or portion in which the establishment is located.
        (b) (1) No license shall be issued for any establishment within 400 feet of a public, private, or parochial primary, elementary, or high school; college or university; or recreation area operated by the District of Columbia Department of Parks and Recreation, except as provided in paragraphs (2) through (5) of this subsection.
        (2) The 400-foot restriction shall not apply to a restaurant, hotel, club, caterers, or temporary license.
        (3) The 400-foot restriction shall not apply if there exists within 400 feet a currently-functioning establishment holding a license of the same class at the time that the new application is submitted.
        (4) The 400-foot restriction shall not apply if:
        (A) The applicant applies for an off-premises retailer’s license, Class B;
        (B) The primary business and purpose of the establishment is the sale of a full range of fresh, canned, and frozen food items, and the sale of alcoholic beverages is incidental to the primary purpose;
        (C) The sale of alcoholic beverages constitutes no more than 15% of the total volume of gross receipts on an annual basis;
        (D) The establishment is located in a C-1, C-2, C-3, C-4, or C-5 zone;
        (E) The establishment is a full service grocery store which is newly constructed with a certificate of occupancy issued after January 1, 2000, or is an existing store which has undergone renovations in excess of $ 500,000 (i) after January 1, 2000 and prior to the effective date of this paragraph [March 8, 2006], or (ii) during the preceding 12 months in which an application is made;
        (F) The opinion of the ANC in which the establishment is located has been given great weight as specified in Chapter 4; and
        (G) The applicant does not hold a manufacturer’s or wholesaler’s license.
        (5) The 400-foot restriction shall not apply where the main entrance to the college, university, or recreation area, or the nearest property line of the school is actually on or occupies ground zoned commercial or industrial according to the official atlases of the Zoning Commission of the District of Columbia.
        (c) In the case of applications for nightclub or tavern licenses, the Board shall consider whether the proximity of the establishment to a residence district, as identified in the zoning regulations of the District and shown in the official atlases of the Zoning Commission for the District, would generate a substantial adverse impact on the residents of the District.

  • This could be a great new option for a neighborhood in dire need of quality food/drink options. Yay.

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