Whoa, Pearl Dive Oyster Palace Looks Freaking Amazing in Logan

And these photos are just from the street. Pearl Dive Oyster Palace located at 1612 14th St NW in the old 100% Mexico space – has achieved an amazing transformation. I was walking by last night and could hardly believe my eyes.

100% Mexico closed their doors in 2007

This has rocketed to the top of the list of places I can’t wait to try.

And mad props for the sweet signage as well:

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  • They did an incredible job of weathering that sign.

  • leftcoastsouthpaw

    I ate there last night and it was amazing. If you like oysters it is a must. They have to work out a few kinks with there service(to be expected), but the food made up for everything. You have to have their oyster plates. Bacon wrapped bbq oysters. Need I say more?

    • Glad you had a better experience than I did. I went two nights ago and thought the food was decent. The unfortunate thing that will keep me from returning are the drinks: bad beer list, expensive wine list and I swear the glasses they pour are two ounces at most, and the $14 cocktails are also 90% ice with no actual liquor in them. Maybe I’ll try again in a few months.

      The decor, however, is beautiful. Hooray for people that appreciate design.

      • But they have Tecate… In all seriousness, for those of you that have tried it, are the drinks/food at Black Jack reasonable or expensive?

        • From my one experience, the prices and formality of the service (which I’m sure is still a work in progress) seem a bit disjointed from the “weathered” look of the place. The dishes being ~$25 and the cocktails being ~$13 would keep me from being a regular. The only way to not spend $50pp is to eat light from the appetizers and get the one glass of wine that’s under $11 on the menu. That said, I realize most people in this hood will have no problem with those prices. The food was just good, not amazing. Their biscuits weren’t very good and everything seemed to need more salt. The mussels were delicious, however.

          • To anonymous 1:43

            I think those prices are high and will add up quickly but confused by your comment that “most people in this hood will have no problem with those prices.” I thought a lot of people in that neighborhood were actually young people/students renting. I guess I don’t know the demographics of that area.

        • Tecate would’ve been a step up… the only good beer on the list was Guinness. The other three were some Abita beer, Shocktop, and Amstel light. blech.

      • leftcoastsouthpaw

        I agree their beer list needs some work. I thought they had a decent wine list, if a bit pricey. I was just very, very happy with the quality of their food. There have been many times I’ve left a restaurant thinking I grossly overpaid for my meal. That was definitely not the case here. I also thought they had a decent set of options for non-shellfish eaters. Plus they have pork in a lot of their dishes, which is a big bonus for me.

        Black Jack wasn’t open last night, I believe they are going to be “officially” open on the 20th.

        • Thanks for the insight!

          • Can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or not… either way, I thought LeftBankSouthpaw had some good stuff to say. My interest is definitely piqued.

            If their bbq oysters are anything like Drago’s in Fat City, I’m all in!

          • No sarcasm at all – really helpful advice from LeftCoast.

          • Charbroiled oysters, the only reason to go to Metry!

            Is it even called Fat City anymore? Shame they shut down all the bars.

          • @H Street Landlord: Yeah, just Drago’s – and to visit my mom!

            But that’s it.

            hadn’t heard they shut down all the bars in FC… never did hang out there much, but it’s still kinda too bad. No more Dino’s Rock Box?

  • So would taking someone with a shellfish allergy to this place be like taking a Vegan to a steakhouse? Are there any non-shellfish entrees on the menu?

    • There are probably enough options as long as they aren’t otherwise picky. But probably not enough options for them to become regulars.

  • I went to the soft opening event last week and thought the food (at least at Pearl Dive – I didn’t sample the food upstairs at Black Jack) was quite good. Great oyster quality and a more fun ambiance (to me) than Hank’s. Looking forward to returning!

  • The design team for the project is CORE architecture + design and Shelter Studios (fine & graphic art). Atreus Works built the millwork & chain sculpture.

  • andy

    WOW. I need some Puget Sound oysters now!

  • I ate here Thursday night, and I thought it was definitely a win. The osyters were all incredibly fresh. My friend had the catfish po’boy, which was delicious (although the fries were a big meh). My dish was the braised duck and oyster gumbo. I thought it was good, not great. But honestly, I would definitely go back. My waitress was great. There were some kinks in the service, but I’m sure it will be worked out.

    As for the beer list and cocktails, I really didn’t investigate that, so I cannot comment. I’m a big amber beer fan, and the Abita Amber is a good one. So I slugged down a couple of those.

    Either way, I thought it was a beautiful space. Very crowded later on. In general I had a great time.

    I did not go upstairs to Blackjack (not sure if that is open). But I do not see why an oyster lover would not want to come here.

  • After putting in a full work day on Saturday, I made my way to this place around 5:15. I got myself a seat at the bar right next to the big window seen in the pictures above and met up with some friends and we stayed there till about 9 pm. I originally had gone to Standard to enjoy some outdoor beverages, but Standard was packed and this place was just screaming at me to come on in. It was awesome. So glad I did. And as stated above, Abita is dope; a very delicious beer indeed. This place is one of my new favorites. I didn’t eat there because I’m vegan and it’s definitely not a vegan friendly restaurant, but it’s perfect for enjoying some beers.

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