PoP Preview – Foggy Bottom Whole Foods Opening Sept. 6th

The wave of new openings in Foggy Bottom continues. The positive growth here is fantastic. Devon & Blakely, Roti, Sweet Green, Circa have all recently opened. Filter Coffeehouse, District Commons, Burger, Shake & Tap are all on the way and now Whole Foods opens Sept. 6th. Sweet.

For some reason many of us in PoPville are obsessed with grocery stores. And for those that are – this new Whole Foods will not disappoint. Ed. Note: Full Disclosure after the preview we all received gift bags including a liter of olive oil and sweet potato, potato chips – 2 known weaknesses of mine. The two level 36,000 square feet Whole Foods Foggy Bottom is located at 2201 Eye Street, NW. From a press release:

“The new store offers a host of exciting features, including a vast produce section with seasonal and local offerings; indulgent bakery section serving fresh-made cakes and pretzels, breads and gluten-free options; guaranteed fresh seafood bought straight from local boats and a meat department with over 80% of the meat sourced locally; and more.”

At the end of the day, it’s just a grocery store, but it’s an awesome grocery store.

Lots of photos after the jump.

At first glance I thought the sign below said no physical altercations. And I was like, holy cow, they anticipate people fighting over the Dry Aged Beef. Then I realized it said All Physical Alterations Prohibited…

One of the better caviar selections I’ve seen in a while.

Seriously great beer selection.

But you can still grab your PBR tall boys as well.

A fine selection of Hemp Milk as well.

And finally a touch screen ordering system for sandwiches, burgers, sushi, pizza, salad bars, hot soups and more.

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  • So this will be about as stocked with GW kids as the Trader Joe’s is over there.. ie, only attempt to shop here over the summer or winter break.

    • Actually, i’m hoping it relieves some of the congestion at TJs.

      And try a Tuesday evening at TJs, not so bad (unless you’re one of those ridiculous people who think the queue should be only 5 people deep and don’t realize how fast the line actually moves).

      • Yeah, mid-week evenings aren’t bad at TJs. Weekends, Monday evenings, and Friday evenings are another story…

      • I think they do a great job of moving that line. I have been all the way back past the wine to where they have that little free sample stand and been out in less than 10 minutes. That is a well oiled machine.

        • Try it when the line is wrapped all the way around the store so that it reaches the front door. After that experience the last time I was at TJ’s, I’m excited to have a Whole Foods off of my bus route so that I can cut down my trips to TJ’s to once a month, good riddance. This will also conveniently enable my freshly-ground-honey-roasted-peanut-butter addiction. sooo good.

    • That Trader Joe’s is an absolute nightmare. I’d rather drive out to the one at Tyson’s. If anything, I’m hoping this new Whole Foods takes a little pressure off the Glover Park location.

      • Seriously? The extra amount of time to drive to the Tyson’s one, and then ALSO wait in a non-queued line structure? People in this town are MENTAL about waiting…sheesh.

  • 5.99 for a sixer of PBR tallbots? WAT

  • Is there an escalator for the shopping carts?

  • what’s the parking sitch going to be?

  • binpetworth

    I’m green with grocery envy. Now if only Whole Foods/Trader Joe’s or anyone would open a place in Petworth. When is our Safeway doing to be remodeled again?

  • While for the most part I would love to have access to a Whole Foods, when it comes to the cavier, can you say “over-packaging”? If the containers are so small that there is fear of shoplifting, why not sell them behind-the-counter, with the (organic) condoms?

  • Trader Joe’s has way too many yummy things i am addicted to…from the mango w chilli to the black bean deep and their prices are so awesome i don’t mind the line. I live in Petworth but go to TJs every weekend..if u go early i.e 9 am there is not that many people.

  • It would be nice to have a Whole Foods, TJ and Wegmans. What can we do as a community to convince these retailers that we want them in Petworth?

  • No one goes to that Trader Joe’s anymore – it’s too busy.

  • Anyone know if they are doing the all-you-can-fit salad bar special that they had during the opening at the Friendship Heights location?

    I was a huge fan of loading up a salad bar box with enough food for 3 meals for only $7 or whatever it was.

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