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  • This is at 14th and A st SE, right? I have oft admired this spot while riding by… Anyone know if it’s a single house or if it’s divided into apartments?

    There’s a similar spot (in my mind) on the SW corner of 11th and I St SE, with an apartment above an old pizzeria (unfortunately no longer tossing pies, though you can still see the commercial-sized dough mixer through the front window). Guess I too have a soft spot for places that used to have retail on the first floor…

  • I’m pretty sure it is all one residence with a quirky artist type living there. I do think there is a seperate basement unit.

  • very curious to see the layout of that first flood

  • What a beautiful spot! First floor would make a nice cafe or neighborhood restaurant. I see patio space!

  • Too bad about that bullet proof glass around their kitchen.


  • I’ve been inside this one; it is indeed a neat space. It’s just one big room with a small kitchen behind a partial wall and a bathroom in the back. One side of the main room is taken up with a raised stage (dude’s a musician). The floor is all little hexagonal tiles, and there might be a tin ceiling. There’s a bedroom upstairs (which I haven’t seen), and the rest of the second floor is another apartment. The basement is also a separate apartment.

    If you pass by on a weekend evening you might find a boozy cookout going on.

  • for years my husband and I lived across the street from this place. A musician or artist lives there. We always wanted to go to one of their parties/ bbqs.

  • The door’s at an angle…it’s architecturally incorrect. [/kramer]

  • I drive by this place all the time! I want to buy it and open a kooky business inside.

    It makes me happy that someone clearly creative lives there and appreciates what a unique building they’ve got!

  • It’s a shame that these places don’t have retail anymore. The need to separate uses (residential, commercial, etc.) in the city is a death-knell for vibrancy in a neighborhood.

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