Good Deal or Not? “custom closet organizers” edition (reader request)

This house is located at 71 P St, NW:

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The flier says:

“Charming & updated rowhouse in Truxton Circle! 2 level 3BR/2.5BA home features hardwoods, updated kitchen w/ granite, SS apps, undermount sink, and tons of cabinet space. Also has a gas fireplace, updated baths, large master BR w/ custom closet organizers, rear fenced paver patio, 2 CAR PARKING & much more. Walking distance to the NY Ave Metro and the new Harris Teeter! Won’t last long.”

You can find more info here and a virtual tour here (warning music plays.)

$499,900 sound right for this 3 bed/2.5 bath?

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  • I cannot comment on whether or not this is a good deal. The virtual tour with Ken Burns affect is just too freaking annoying.

  • I like how only one person (or two very skinny people) can watch TV in the living room at a time.

    And I agree on the panning-camera tour — very annoying.

    • +1 on the annoyingness of the panning-across-photos virtual tour. I don’t understand how anyone could think that that’s better than a bunch of good-sized still photos; it’s decidedly WORSE.

      Regular still photos or Mouse on House tours FTW.

  • That’s a lot of window bars. I do like the back yard and parking though. And the fact that I already have many of those same pieces of Ikea furniture, so I know how my stuff would look in that house.

    • Is a lot of window bars a good thing or a bad thing?

      • Anyone who values not getting burglarized has bars on the first level windows, but I agree that they’re painfully obvious from the inside. I think they should’ve put the blinds down (at least partially) for the virtual tour.

        • Bars on a back door or window, or one in an alley, make sense to me, but bars on the front windows seem to scream “bad neighborhood” to me. If the owner really thinks someone will try to break in through a window in the street side, perhaps an alarm system is in order.

          • SouthwestDC

            Where do you live now? Georgetown’s the only high-density neighborhood that comes to mind where front window bars might be the exception rather than the rule. I live in Capitol Hill myself, and wouldn’t dream of taking the bars off my front windows. Anything that makes it harder for someone to get in, the better. Most of the houses in my neighborhood have them as well.

          • I’ve lived in “16th St. Hghts” (formerly Petworth, right off GA Ave.) for 8 years and I do not have bars on my windows. I have about 10 windows on the first level of my rowhouse and only the kitchen window has bars (they were there when I bought my house). Although some of my neighbors have bars on their windows, most of the houses on my block do not. I do, however, have ADT, and until about 4.5 years ago, I had a dog who loved to bark at everything, but she became ill and subsequently passed away. Do I feel safe in my home? I’m a single female of small stature living alone, so safe is relative. I occassionally wonder if someone will break one of the back windows to get into my house. However, if I have to put bars on all the first level windows, especially the ones in front of the house, to feel safe in my home then it is time to move.

          • I live in the burbs now, but when I lived on the Hill in the mid ’90s, (7th & C NE) we had bars on the back door and the kitchen window, and an alarm system that covered everything else. I didn’t feel unsafe in the house.

    • I have that same Kmart patio set!

  • This space looks nice – it doesn’t have a basement, but I think the price adjusts for that. If you are planning on being around for long enough to see the old Dunbar building ripped down and the new one finished (and if you are buying a house you probably are) then this is a very good deal.

    Captcha “R2D2”

  • I would not pay anything to live on that block.

    • Is this a bad area? I hardly know Truxton Circle but I’ve visited friends here and it doesn’t seem that bad (although there was a shooting on their block recently).

      • this area USED to be one of the worst crack markets on the east coast.
        every year it gets better.

        in 10 years it was be very desirable.

        • austindc

          The crack market is getting better? Are all their cashiers open from 4-8 pm?

          I’m just joshin 🙂

          • hahahaha. touche.

          • Crime is comparable to Bloomingdale. The major difference between Truxton and B’dale is that B’dale has superior housing stock, and Truxton arguably has a superior location in terms of proximity to various metros and downtown. It’s more walkable.

            I know some Bloomingdalians may disagree, but that’s pretty much the unvarnished truth.

          • tres,
            i do disagree. theres more crime in truxton than bloomingdale. a lot more.
            and the problems are very different. tyler house, big ben, sursum corda,two blocks along first street, SOME,the housing at first and q. these are the roots of many problems and are in or very close to truxton making it worse. but as far as housing stock/location, i agree 100%. also, the upside to truxton is huge. bloomingdale may be a bit maxed out.

  • Its always nice to see that kitchen again!

  • I’ve been living a half-block from this house for two years and I love the neighborhood. Sure, there’s some crime, as there is in all urban neighborhoods, but the people are friendly, the community is pretty closely-knit and involved, and I’m really looking forward to raising a family here with my new wife. Our neighborhood is a stone’s through from the new NOMA development and from the forthcoming City Market at O Street. We’re a short bike ride and a 20 minute walk from Chinatown and U Street. Truxton Circle’s a great place to live right now and will only bet better in coming years.

  • I toured this house 2 weeks ago at their open house. Nice finishes, but beYOND small. Kitchen is tiny, extra bedrooms tiny, living room so tiny. The master barely fits a queen. It says it is approximately 1500 sq ft. I don’t know where they put it.

  • I noticed this morning on my way to work that this place is under contract already. Two comparables within a half-block both under contract in two weeks or less on the market suggests they’re selling at or near or above asking price.

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