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  • Will they have an open bar for $10 on Thurs?

    Slogan is fun, but a little contrived.

  • Dreadful spot . . . They’ll probably do great here.

    • my thoughts exactly.

      nothing wrong with that really, though. there are people who love bars like this, and concentrating them in dupont significantly lowers my exposure!

  • I like the retro signage

  • Agree – that sign is cool.

    Still, I can’t get over the hesitance of going somewhere “dirty.” Sigh, I guess I’m officially old.

    • funny, I was going to nominate this one for the ugly sign of the year award.

    • It’s been more than 10 years since I’ve been inside Lucky Bar but I recall it as one of the dirtiest places I’ve ever visited, (save a few dive bars in Manhattan and Queens), so this new joint fits the neighborhood

      • Yeah, Lucky Bar is pretty disgusting. I don’t go there either, haha.

        I think the graphic on this sign could be better but what I really like is that it says “Dirty BAR”. I like signs that say what the business is (“Trio Restaurant,” “Las Vegas Lounge”) rather than just a generic name (“Cosi,” “Spice Express,” etc.). There’s something quaint about it.

  • on a sort of related note- if anyone can recommend a dog sitter who would take a dog aggressive dog (my dog is mostly unfriendly to other dogs on leash, but gets used to them off leash after a few mins). i would love to know!

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