DC9 gets new Chef and Menu at 1940 9th St, NW (9th and U St)

Photo courtesy of DC9

From a press release:

“DC9ʼs new chef Amber Bursik is turning traditional notions of what “bar food” means on its head, using her southern roots and classical training to create a menu that combines classic fair and unique homemade treats. Bursik, an honors graduate from L’Academie D’Cuisine, has crafted a new menu abandoning the traditional emphasis on heavy, fried, out of the freezer items, for more palate-pleasing modern bar food, and while some items may still visit the fryer, they are anything but forgettable.

Bursik’s effort to bring a top quality dining experience to a rock bar is part of a growing movement in Washington, DC, where chefs are increasingly ditching the trappings of fine dinning for a more relaxed, and inexpensive atmosphere. “I believe bar food does not have to come from a frozen bag; you can make good food from scratch and serve it at reasonable prices.” says Bursik.

New items include The Havana from Savannah, a grilled delight featuring homemade North Carolina-style pulled pork (also available as a sandwich itself), but topped with ham, Swiss, mustard and pickles. The Fried Chicken is marinated 24 hours, then fried to a crispy finish. Bursik also offers up a vegetarian take on the South’s classic Red Beans and Rice that is as smokey and hardy as the pork-based original.

For a snack, try Spiced Pecans, Pimento Cheese Deviled Eggs, or Fried Green Tomatoes with Tabasco aioli. And there’s the Mason Dixon Line Popcorn Chicken — above the line it’s the classic Buffalo-style, while below you are treated to bourbon fig glaze.

Of course, Bursik hasn’t abandoned the classic burgers and hand-cut fries that helped make DC9 a neighborhood favorite in Washington’s popular U St Corridor. But even here Bursik’s touch can be seen. The novel Conservationist Burger features a seasonal conserve or pickle, the new Black Smith Burger comes rubbed in cajun spices then covered with bleu cheese, caramelized onions and blackened aioli, and the sure-to- become a favorite Herbert Burger: topped with fried green tomato,

applewood smoked bacon and Tabasco aioli. All burgers are available in veggie versions, all are customizable, and all sauces are made in-house.

Prior to taking the reigns at DC9, Bursik worked for James Beard Award-winning and former White House Chef Frank Ruta at Palena. Before that, Bursik cooked under rising culinary star Barton Seaver at Hook.

DC9’s kitchen is open 5-10:30pm Sunday to Thursday and 5- 11pm Friday and Saturday. Food service is available on all open floors. The first floor jukebox bar is open seven nights a week with no cover. The second floor hosts national and local bands, or live DJs most nights of the week. And, the roof top bar is open every night, weather permitting.”

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  • I had never been a huge fan of DC9. But with the addition of their roof deck and improved food options, it has quickly become one of my favorite spots in the neighborhood!

  • Hehe … looks like DC9 is shaking in its boots at the prospect of being investigated by ABRA for not meeting the legally established minimum percentage of revenues on food purchases.

  • I cannot wait to try this. It sounds awesome. Their roof deck is phenomenal too. Does anyone know when they set that up, or has it always been there and I just never noticed?

  • Just be careful of pissing off the owner and the bouncers.

  • Sounds derrricious

  • Darkest Hour is playing there friday night! Thats a HUGE name to be stopping by ( and local band ) after all the negative publicity over the last year. It’s good to see a venue who gives local/regional bands the time of day still getting its act back together.

    On a side note, hardly any bars/restaurants meet the minimum alcohol to food ratio. It would be really easy for the ABRA or ABC in VA to clean house on fines for this.

  • PLUS there’s a 90s dance party on Saturday! omg!!!! 98degrees, anyone?

  • Well, DC9 remains the worst concert venue in DC, but it seems to be improving as a bar. The roof deck is great, it’s too bad the terrible sound, bored looking, disrespectful crowds, rude staff, terrible vibes, door-polling, and general disrespect/poor pay of bands remains. If they could only get their act together, they have a lot more of my money. I’ve been to over 200 concerts so far in 2011 and only 2 of those have been at DC9 because I only go as a last resort/great bill/support friends.

    • Let me guess, your band opened for somebody there and people weren’t into it and you didn’t get much of the door because everybody was there to see the headliner?

      I’ve never had a problem with them other than it being really hot during some packed shows in the summer, but the fact remains that love it or hate it you pretty much have there and the Black Cat backstage for venues that size in DC that regularly book decent bands. If DC9 closed most of the shows there would end up over at R&R Hotel in East Clarendon, and nobody wants that.

    • Don’t forget that if you happen to stand in the wrong place during a show, one step back, and you topple down a flight of stairs.

      I use DC9 to do my drinking before going to the 9:30 club.

      • Umm, haven’t been there in awhile, eh? They moved the stairs when they put in the roofdeck awhile back. It is now not possible to be anywhere near the stairs while also having a view of the band.

        • Outstanding. I admit, it’s been a couple of years. Been to the roof deck but not to a show since it opened. I’ll add that to the pillars at the old 9:30 Club on my list of bizarre concert venue features I won’t miss.

    • PTRQ – I am from richmond and have been at a terrible loss for shows that suit my interest in this area ( hardcore,metal, punk, pop-punk like stuff). I would love to get some local bands that you would recommend, smaller venues I havent heard of (things similar to Canal Club or Alley Katz(rip) in richmond), etc. I have gone to probably 200+ shows a year the past few years and toured VA, MD, NC, SC, GA with various bands.

      • hey Idaho, Velvet used to book a lot of great stuff in that vein but apparently they’re “concentrating on DJs” these days.

        try St Stephens and other DIY venues like Hole in the Sky and Red Door for heavier/non-indie stuff in DC. the caveat of course is that every cool place where people are having fun will get shut down (see Fight Club, Corpse Fortress, Bobby Fisher, Mini Gallery, etc. etc.) so get to these places before they close!


        and hit me up if you want to go see some metal/hardcore, I play in a doom band that might be up your alley.

      • apparently posts with links have to be moderated? here’s what I said just now, minus a link to the City Paper article about Corpse Fortress getting shut down:

        hey Idaho, Velvet used to book a lot of great stuff in that vein but apparently they’re “concentrating on DJs” these days.

        try St Stephens and other DIY venues like Hole in the Sky and Red Door for heavier/non-indie stuff in DC. the caveat of course is that every cool place where people are having fun will get shut down (see Fight Club, Corpse Fortress, Bobby Fisher, Mini Gallery, etc. etc.) so get to these places before they close!

        and hit me up if you want to go see some metal/hardcore, I play in a doom band that might be up your alley.

        (also, just to be clear my 200 shows snark was in response to PTRQ, not you Idaho. also also, Anonymous nails it on PTRQ being butthurt for his band not getting any cash for lack of draw.)

        • I appreciate your reply(ies)! Definitely going to check out some of the DIY places…I’ll assume your band is Amethyst Deciever from your tagline…? I’ll look you guys up when I get home! I’ll try to make it out to the next local show! STOKED now!….I can submit this for my RAVEL of the day now.

          • the band is actually called Forgetting, no material on the internet as of yet but we should be putting some stuff up in the next couple of weeks and will hopefully have more shows soon.

      • Yeah, I definitely recommend shows at St. Stephens/Positive Force shows, although I will admit that this is also because I’m involved in booking/running a lot of these shows. I don’t make a cent though, in fact I generally lose money, Positive Force shows are pretty much always benefits. While not quite hardcore/metal, we’ve got a show on Saturday at La Casa in Mt. Pleasant with Tereu Tereu, Imperial China, and noon:30, three bands I love and recommend checking out.

        And, yeah, look for the last couple shows at Corpse Fortress. And check out The Quarry House in Silver Spring, they have some nice shows. There’s a hardcore matinee on Sunday with Police & Thieves/Mindset/Remission/Copstabber.

    • 200 concerts? really? like you go to a show a night? multiple shows a night? in DC? jesus, you must see a lot of crap.

      also, what place in DC doesnt have terrible sound (besides 9:30)? DC9 certainly isn’t great but it’s nowhere near as bad as a place like RnR. i’ve seen 3 shows there in the last year and all have (Woven Hand, Liturgy and Six Organs of Admittance) and all have sounded pretty alright.

      as far as the crowds, hardly the venue’s fault. maybe DC hipsters haven’t caught onto the fact that looking bored at shows isn’t cool anymore?

      no idea how they pay bands but i think door-polling makes sense as a policy. having played and put on enough shows, there’s nothing more annoying than a band bringing out 2 of their friends and then demanding an equal cut of the door. fuck. that. shit.

      if anything, my complaint about dc9 would be that the (albeit very nice) bartender upstairs is hilariously bad at doing his job. sample convo:

      me: Hey, can you make me an Old Fashioned?
      him: You know somebody was asking me for that the other night, what’s in it exactly?
      me: (Stunned silence for about 5 minutes).

      however, the other bartender chick on the roof that I had a late night convo about how she knows the dudes from Morbid Angel (or was it Nile? some Florida death metal band) is pretty cool. so maybe it evens out.

      anywho, the food looks cool, hopefully it doesn’t get flooded with the b&t douches that populate H St on the weekends. then again it IS dc so I’m not holding my breath…

      • Actually, I don’t play anything, so no, I’m not angry about not getting paid. That doesn’t mean that I’m not allowed to be annoyed by venues taking advantage of bands. It’s not just door-polling, it’s that they take ridiculous amounts off the door before paying anything. They don’t seem to recognize that the bands/the concert ARE what they are selling. I’m not paying to get into your bar.

        And, yeah, sound is probably worse at RnR, but that place sucks too. And if the crowds are just because of DC patrons, why are the crowds so much worse than any other venue (except RnR)?

        Door-polling is just sleezy and sets up a weird competition and insults the crowd. Am I there to see one band? Of course not, that’s ridiculous. I’m there to see the bands I’ve never heard just as much as the one(s) I know. I now refuse to answer and have even walked away from a show because they were doing this. It may be reasonable in in NYC, but it’s not appropriate in DC and is just evidence of lack of understanding of their audience/product.

      • is DC getting so “fabulous” that we’re using “bridge and tunnel” to describe those who live a few miles away? I have to laugh at this. Just like I laugh at Washington D.C.’s “Fashion Week”.

  • Not seeing a lot here I’d want to order except maybe the fried chicken.

  • The food is actually pretty terrific. Good job.

  • is that dc9 in the picture? why does it look so clean? what happened?

  • And yeah, I go to shows about every night, maybe 5 nights a week. And yeah, lots of multiple shows sorts of nights. It’s really not hard to go to lots of great shows if you know where to look/who to talk to and are open to lots of different genres/types of events. Particularly with hardcore shows or stuff in DIY spaces generally being done early and house/drum’n’bass/electronic stuff generally starts late. Those are my two areas of greatest interest I double up on early hardcore show/house music all night long pretty often.

  • alright dude, sorry for the snark earlier, i think we have some similar areas of interest as far as music goes. is there any sort of place to get info on the diy hardcore shit? and/or for interesting electronic stuff? i feel like i must be missing out on a lot.

  • No thanks! I don’t want to encounter or support those responsible for Ali Mohamed’s death

  • Big mistake getting rid of fried pickles. Also, the new veggie burger is not as good as the old one.

  • The fried pickles are still on the menu, had them the other night

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