Mon. Afternoon Rental Option – Shaw

This rental is located at 11th and P St, NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“For rent Sept 16 — Large, bright Two Bedroom Apartment in Shaw — This is a great, primary residential property located in the North West quadrant of Washington, DC. Wonderful cosmopolitan neighborhood located in the Shaw community. This beautiful 19th century Victorian row houses is spacious and based in a historical district. Public transportation is easily accessible and conveniently located . The Green and Yellow Metro lines at Shaw-Howard Univ Station are close by. The neighborhood offers a variety of cultural experiences and features one of the largest varieties of Ethiopian food in the city. The neighborhood is in walking distance to Whole Foods, the newly built convention center, Verizon Center, Historic U Street corridor, including the Lincoln Theatre, jazz clubs and a variety of restaurants like Ben’s Chili Bowl and quaint boutiques for shopping and entertainment enjoyment.

A great English Basement Style Apartment – Two Bedroom
• Wood burning fireplace
• Washer and dryer in the unit
• Dishwasher
• Recently remodeled bathroom and kitchen”

I know it’s tough because there aren’t any photos inside but I like the location and the price so I’m curious what you guys think – $1950 sound right for this 2 bedroom English basement?

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  • I say it was a good deal even without pics.

  • Seems like a really good price. I would imagine that the apartment is either small or outdated.

  • Funny the poster didn’t hype the 14th Street corridor, which is a lot closer to this than U Street; and they called the ‘hood Shaw instead of Logan Circle.

  • ledroittiger

    Sounds reasonable for the area. But hey, why not spend the same amount of money in LeDroit or further east so you can get a third more space and actually live above ground. Basement apartments are for trolls.

  • claire

    Hm, seems too good to be true . . . I’m skeptical of the “large and bright” claim. If I was looking, I’d be all over it to find out though.

  • I lived a couple blocks away on 14th & P until a few months ago and there is no way that a 2 bedroom is going for only $1950 in that area unless there is something very wrong with the space.

  • I too am weirded out by the fact that they are referring to this area as Shaw. Although that isn’t untrue, it is very poor marketing. Given the low price and lack of pictures, I would bet that this place has not gotten sufficient attention to be very livable.

  • If you can find a 2 bedroom for that price in Ledroit, would you please post the link? I haven’t found anything that inexpensive there.

  • Way too good to be true. Tough to find a quality 1 bd for $1900 in that area, much less a 2bd.

  • I find it funny that someone is still referring to the convention center as…… the new convention center. It is going on a decade old already buddy. It’s just said that 7th & 9th streets still pretty much look the same as they did in 2003… ugh.

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