Lost German Shepherd Found around 11th and Florida Ave, NW

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“Dear PoP,

This morning at around 9:30 on my bike ride to work, I saw an old, sad looking German Shepherd dog wandering around the SW corner of 11th and Florida. He looked lost; there was no owner-type person within sight. If anyone is missing him, he probably is still around there — he looked like he had arthritic hips, so I don’t think he could get far.

Also, I wanted to ask your readers what one should do in similar situations in the future. I don’t really know much about dogs, so I was uncomfortable with getting too close to check if he had tags, and taking him home with me was not an option either (since I was on my way to work & don’t have a car). I thought about calling the Humane Society, but I didn’t want to doom him to being put down before his time.”

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  • Humane societies don’t revert immediately to putting animals down. If the dog had tags or a micro chip they can locate the owner, if not they can at least provide shelter and perhaps a foster owner until they can find an adopter. In some cases animals do need to be put down but the Humane society works very hard to prevent that from happening.

    You can help too, by adopting pets from the humane society instead of from pet stores or breeders. These animals are loving and kind and can use a home just as much as store bought pets. The fee for adopting covers a coupon for one vet. visit, and all their shots as well as a microchip insertion.

    Contact your local humane society for more information.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    You should call Washington Humane Society and see if there is a lost dog report. And I saw Scott Giacoppia from WHS in attendence at the No Kill Conference last weekend in the seminar on Washoe county, which has a redemption rate of 65%. They try to place the dog in the field instead of bringing them into the shelter. So yes, times are changing.

  • You should call the humane society in this situation. First, they can care for the dog as the previous commentator stated. Second, one of the first places an owner calls is the shelter to find out if they found the dog. It could also be an abandoned dog in need of medical care. And as previous commenter states, they don’t just euthanize dogs on check-in.

  • WHS in DC (on NY Ave.) is very good at trying to find homes for homeless animals. They work closely with private rescue groups to take some of the pups that are harder to place. WHS is a much better place for any dog than on the street where it could be hit by a car, get heat stroke, starve, etc. Please, if you see the pup on the way home pick it up and bring it to WHS on NY Ave. They have a hold period where they try to find the owner, then the pup goes up for adoption. My foster looks like an old German Shepherd, but he is young (1-2) he’s just had a hard life. This might not have been an old dog with no adoption chances.

    • oh my little man looks old, too. he’s 3, but looks 10. he’s had a hard life, too, no thanks to his original owner.

      please call any shelter next time. as everyone else said, they are really good about doing everything they can to find the dog a good home.

  • There are so many dogs in Shelters and Rescue foster homes,all in need of a loving forever home.And the rewards are huge for the dog’s new family!( no ,not money,but tons of love)
    Please,do not support breeders.

  • Absolutely please try and go to the DHS or WARL. Paying money to a breeder is simply exacerbating the problem. And please, PLEASE do not buy from pet stores, as they get their dogs from puppy mills, and that is even worse.

  • All – The dog you mentioned in the post above found her way to the front stoop of our apartment building at 11th and Florida – probably seeking some shade. My neighbor got her food and we made sure she had water. I spoke with WARL as well as Animal Care & Control who picked her up. I stayed with Kate (I got a little attached and named her) until she was safely on her way. She probably has hip dysplasia and is a little worse for wear but was very sweet and grateful for the food. They believe they may be able to connect her with a German Shepherd rescue league but in the meantime will be keeping her for fie days to see if anyone claims her.

    I think it’s great so many people wrote about her to express their concern! Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that Kate finds a good home!

    Sarah V.

  • Sarah, do you know if she will be put up for adoption?

  • I’m so glad that someone helped this old girl! I find it questionable that someone does not want to call the Humane Society for fear that the animal might be put down, but is willing to walk away from an old dog wandering in the city. Seriously? Between traffic and other dangers? Sorry, but I find this disturbing. A lost dog might be someone’s best friend, in need of meidcla help, or just abandoned. If you are afraid of dogs and do not want to approach him/her, at least call for help immediately.

    • + 100! This wasn’t a hard thing to figure out!!! Lost dog? If you don’t feel comfortable or have time to tie it up, just call the shelter!!! And a thousand cheers for Sarah.

  • Sorry for trying to do the right thing, but not knowing how to do it perfectly!! Next time, I will try to be perfect.

    • M,
      You did do the right thing. You asked for help when you were unsure what to do. Lotsa righteous folk out there who most certainly are perfect when the rest of us aren’t. Guess we just gotta live with that. Peace and have a great weekend!

    • Pay no attention to those who always know the right thing to do in every situation.

  • All – as an update – I have contacted the WARl, WHS & the Virginia German Shepherd Rescue League and left messages or emails with all to let them know about Kate. I hope to learn more on Monday and would be happy to let you all know if I learn anything new.

    PS – Sounds like there are a lot of great folks who read this very blog that would have helped her out too! Made me smile!

  • The “sorry I’m not perfect excuse” is completely lame. No one expects you to be perfect – and no one here is scolding you for not being perfect, so there is no wounding for you to enjoy.

    If you’re old enough to ride a bicycle in the street – like 11? You should be old enough to think this through once you get to work and figure out to call the animal shelter. Or ask someone at work what to do. This isn’t really a tough one.

    Posting on a blog is a great – but secondary – help – “I saw a loose German Shepard on the corner of 11th & Fla. at 9:30 a.m. and notified the animal shelter.”

  • Geez people, no need to be so harsh on M. Pretty sure the author learned his lesson here thanks to the constructive feedback and next time will call a shelter. No need for the righteous tones. Really glad the dog found some love and is temporarily taken care of, and that PoP gives a forum to follow up on these things.

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