Ken’s Carryout Becoming Arthur Treacher’s at 400 Florida Ave, NW

It’s been a long journey for Ken’s. Last we heard in July it looked like they were going to become a Chinese Restaurant. Alas the mystery is no longer – thanks to a reader for sending the word:

“Ken’s Carryout is becoming…

Arthur Treacher’s! I don’t really know how this is going to work, since it’s a small space and there probably won’t be much room for seating, but there it is.”

According to wikipedia:

“Arthur Treacher’s Fish and Chips is a fast food seafood restaurant chain. As of 2008, there were 45 stores in 8 northern states of the United States which serve fish and chips. Its main competitors are Long John Silver’s and Captain D’s. To this day many locations have been cobranded with Nathan’s.”

Any fans?

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  • Jeez, I wish I could get excited about this. On the plus side, at least this suggests some sort of stability and investment. On the minus side, everything else.

    • I’m not excited. Their target demo are non gentrifier/non hipster/non student low income black people who’d rather get their crap fried seafood from a national chain, because all of us programed to believe its better, than from a corner bulletproof carryout owned by some other ethnic group. No up side. But no place for a Sweet greens either. Know your demo. That’s why there’s no Panera Bread or beadazzled at Georgia and Irving, as my wife fantasizes…

      • Yawn, please shut up now.

        • Prince Of Petworth

          Please don’t tell people to shut up. Comments like this (when I catch them) will immediately be deleted in the future. Thanks.

      • saf

        So, your preferred chains (Panera) are good, while others’ preferred chains are bad because they are “low income black people?”

        Is that really what you meant to say?

      • Hey! I live near GA and Irving. There are definitely enough hipsters to support, with irony, an Arthur Treachers. It might even force that freakshow place, Morgans Seafood, to clean up its act. Beadazzled would probably be a hit, not sure about Panera.

  • Wow. This takes me back. I didn’t even know Arthur Treacher was still around

    • They’re in Fairfax and Alexandria and they’re pretty nasty. Long John Silver’s is pristine by comparison. And there’s hardly anyone ever eating there. Consequently, they never have the fryers up to the right temperature, so the fish comes out soggy. If you’re into heavy breading, Gorton Fisherman portions, and diarrhea, this is the place for you.

    • Yeah, I thought they went belly up, but owners of individual franchises could buy the name if they wanted to.

  • I could be mistaken, wasn’t there an Arthurs on 14th St. (years ago) where the Taco Bell/KFC once were?

    • Yes, there was an Arthur Treacher’s on 14th Street just below U for well over a decade. It then turned into an independently operated fried fish place (whose long-standing “grand opening” banner was roundly mocked in PoP) before Chidago’s moved into the space.

  • Arthur Treacher’s sucks! You might as well get some microwaveable fish sticks and call it a night.

  • claire

    Aw, I had such hope for something local and tasty opening up here . . .

  • Ummm – I hate to be negative, but Yuck!

  • Ummm – I hate to be negative,but Yuck!

  • this was my favorite fast food place when i was 6.

  • I’m sorry..I didn’t realize it was 1978. This will be convenient because I am getting my bean bag chair re-stuffed right around the corner.

  • What a weird choice. I’d rather see Horace and Dickie’s expand and become a local chain. I bet they’d do well at a second location (though maybe that would dilute some of their charm?).

  • so its basically the same thing that was there before?

  • Finally, a place where I can satisfy my deep-fried hotdog cravings. Krunch Pup FTW!

  • Wow, my first boyfriend worked at Arthur Treacher’s. Back then we used to close up shop early and drink all the Budweiser we wanted. Good times. I doubt they will have Michelob and Budweiser on tap at this one.

  • andy

    Arthur Treacher’s. Only the best in truck stop fish.

  • I also didn’t know they were still around–until I had to go way out to Temple Hills a couple weeks ago. I was in the car by myself and exclaimed out loud (loudly) “Arthur TREACHER’S? Really?”.

  • wtf? maybe this is a joke…? I didnt know dying fast food places expanded into up and coming neighborhoods…?

  • Ugh. Seafood in this town is pathetic.

  • I wonder how long a lease they signed…..

  • anybody know how the BBQ place is on the other side of the gas station from this place?

    • never eaten there, couldn’t get past the smell

    • B&J’s? I wanted to like it since I have family from NC and appreciate some real carolina bbq…. but no that place is absolutely disgusting. smells like rat piss. and they certainly use the lowest quality, stale ingredients possible.

      seems to be popular with a few regulars who spend every day of their lives hanging out there though.

  • Between this and the signage on Bobby’s Burger Palace, the fast ride through 1970s nostalgia is cracking me up. Maybe I should cry, though, because it feels a little too congruent with bad economic times.

  • I hate that intersection. I wish they would take it out, make it look like Dupont Circle and call it Ledroit or Shaw or Florida Circle. I think the crappy businesses at that intersection will be the last thing to gentrify in the Shaw/Ledroit/Bdale area.

  • When I was a kid, my dad would threaten me and my siblings with a trip to Arthur Treachers if we were going out to eat and misbehaving. And, he would say it in a spooky voice…so I always sorta thought it was a haunted seafood place. Gotta love dads.

  • in response to LisaT- I grew up going to that AT in Temple Hills!… which was one reason I hated fish for so long…they were right up there with Erols Video and Highs Dairy Store as popular 70’s-80’s destinations…love it!

    • Yep – used to go to the Arthur Treacher’s on St Barnabas Road all the time – but I loved it. I had no idea they were still around these days. Maybe time for a trip to the burbs!

  • They used to be on par with Long John Silvers, maybe even a bit better, back in the 70s and early 80s. But they’ve fallen a long way.

  • Looks like the property sold in March for 230,000.
    Found this in the tax records:
    DEED Deed Liber: Deed Folio:

    Transfer Date Price Grantor Grantee
    15-Mar-2011 $230,000 400 Florida Ave Llc
    06-Jan-2010 $200,000 M & K Commercial Properties In
    26-Jun-1991 $140,000 Byung Ho Kim Kim , Kum N

    • He bought a piece of land in DC in 2001 for $140,000 and sold it in 2010 for only $200,000? I realize it’s a large percentage change, but can you really get property anywhere in the District for that little?

      Or did he just sell the business/license or something?

  • My first job at 15 was at an Arthur Treacher’s (we called it Arthur’s Creatures). In addition to being sexually harassed daily by the 19 year old manager, the uniform was made out of pure 100 percent polyester. No matter how I washed that sucker, it was always greasy and smelly. After about 3 weeks, I was always greasy and smelly too. I walked out after the manager made me carry out a 50 lb. garbage bag after I told him I would not f*ck him. The bag broke all over me. I still remember that smell. Not good times. YUCK!

  • Subliminal advertising 101: Do not include the words “Please Don’t” within the first 5 words of your commercial.

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