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  • is gamestop really the best we could do with that space? who goes to this place? i can’t think of any business that will be about as useless as this. oh well, the renovation looks nice.

    • I was just wondering that the other day. There’s one near the Harris Teeter in SE, not far from the Blockbuster that just went out of business. If people have stopped renting movies from brick-and-mortar stores wouldn’t the same hold true for video games?

      • it kinda makes sense, gaming for now still requires physical media & accessories. more importantly, I hear kids are really into it, and kids don’t have credit cards to order everything off amazon.

        that said, I really don’t see this business model lasting as technology moves forward, but I guess we can assume they’re making money for now.

        I doubt know a single person who will ever go here, but the kids will hang out and spend their, uh, allowance here. and hassle you.

        • Any specially-bred velociraptors who can guard the games and hardware from kids ripping them off? My sister’s boyfriend managed a Game Stop in the wealthy white ‘burbs and he said theft–from shoppers, from employees–was a constant stressor. So I can only imagine what will be the security and background check regimen here…

      • GameStop is a game retailer, not a rental place. It offers a much wider selection than Target or Best Buy. I think they are going to do pretty well considering there are no dedicated videogame shops in the NW. I’ll grant that I typically go through Amazon for my purchases, but being able to browse is a welcome addition to me.

        And we really don’t need another cafe in the area. I’ll admit that the building isn’t pretty, but neither is the 7-11 next door.

        • Agreed.

          Anticipating a slow weekend, I decided to buy a video game a few months ago. I hadn’t bought one in a few years but still have an xbox so figured what the hell. Trying to find a place to get said game was next to impossible. I ended up schlepping up to Best Buy in Columbia Heights.

          Even though it’s not pretty, this place serves a need.

  • I agree. I thought at least a nice cafe or something would work there – even though the 7-11 is a slight eyesore.

    Makes me wonder what they’re going to put in the vacant Adams Mill bar building?

    • Panera Bread

      • PoP – has there been an update on if Panera Bread is coming into The old Adams Mill space on 1813 Adams Mill Rd? I’m hoping and praying for another bar that makes use of that amazing patio…

  • Ugly. Belongs in a strip mall somewhere.

  • while it certainly “beautifies” in the building in a limited sense (i.e., cleaned it up), I’m not a fan of the chain stores on this stretch of Columbia (e.g., Burger King, Pizza Hut, Payless Shoes, etc.). They’re clearly being marketed to the Hispanic neighborhoods, but the prices (at least at the Radio Shack) suggest some price discrimination going on (i.e., charging more to customers that might lack the ability to comparison shop).

    • The non-chain stores on the 1700 block of Columbia are overall pretty crummy too.

      I don’t know why that block couldn’t get a cafe or smoothie place. It’s like a world away from the 1800 block of Columbia Road, or from that stretch of 18th Street just south of the 18th/Columbia intersection.

  • What is upstairs? Didn’t this used to be a lingerie store?

    • Oh yeah. Forgot about that.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      I believe there will be 2 apartments upstairs.

      • That’s what I was originally thinking… but it looks like there’s only one entrance at street level. The only way I can see the upstairs working as apartments is if the main door led to a hallway rather than directly into the store.

    • The building used to be a lingerie store (Body Basics), but I believe they were using only the floor at street level. The windows on the upper floors were bricked in (or maybe boarded up) and painted over.

  • Well, considering that video games are now a $10 billion a year industry, its not the worst thing in the world.


    Anything that mixes up the retail selection in Adams Morgan is a good thing.

  • 7-11 AND a GAMESTOP in a stone’s throw of each other. If I had died at 13, this would have been my heaven.

  • despite the tenants and the crazy fake? brick floating above the first floor windows… I’m glad they fixed up that top floor without totally fuc*ing it up. as bad as it is i’ve come to appreciate it when a renovation is not a 100% disaster.

  • lets think about how to limit the loitering/troublemaking in adams morgan. I know, Gamestop! At least its not a 711. Oh, wait. No More Chains!

  • I was disappointed when I heard that a Game Stop would be occupying this vacant space… but I have to say even if I would’ve preferred something different, that they’ve done a really good job in renovating the building.

    When this space was Body Basics (a lingerie store), the windows in the upper floors were boarded up and painted over, and the detailing above the 2nd-floor windows (capstones?) was almost impossible to see. I’m impressed with the recent renovation; it’s taken a vacant building that didn’t look so great even when it was occupied and made it look vastly better.

  • If the point here is to judge buildings, without mincing words I have to say that external renovation is just awkward and butt ugly. At the very least they could have mitigated the effect of their sign by painting the surrounding red brick. The original molding on the building is lovely but is now overshadowed.

  • As a resident of this area who doesn’t play video games, I think it’s a nice addition. I can’t believe people are suggesting another cafe / restaurant / bar. There was a period about 10 years ago when AdMo had a nice mix of nightlife, restaurants, and funky retail. It’s gone way too far in the bar direction and anything to breathe life back into the retail sector should be welcomed, chain or not.

    • In general I agree that Adams Morgan has gone too far in the bar direction, but the 1700 block of Columbia Road could have really used a decent cafe or restaurant.

  • …I also hope the Urban Ag store nearby is doing well. That was a nice addition.

  • As far as the building, it’s a huge improvement over what was there before. I don’t personally care for the brick facade, but it’s not horrendous and anything is better than a storefront painted black.

    Having a gaming store in the neighborhood does nothing for me, but I hope it’s successful. I’d rather see GameStop than another cheap-ass fast food joint or a bar for the VA/MD B&T crowds….

  • That’s an awesome addition! Gamestop is a great place that not only sells new but also sells and buys used video games and consoles. I hated having to go up to North Bethesda (Rockville) or Arlington to trade in my old games.

    • in my experience, cd game exchange in silver spring will give you WAY more money for your games than gamestop

  • looks horrible. what is up with the red brick; is it some kind of veneer?

  • Panera is NOT coming to the former Adams Mill Bar and Grill space. That was a rumor that was never substantiated.

  • I’ve been looking for a Gamestop in DC. I’m tired of going out to Maryland for I game. This might not have been the best store that hit Adams Morgan, but it is different to all the coffee shops and restaurants.

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