This home is located at 4118 New Hampshire Ave, NW:

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The flier says:


You can find more info here and photos here.

$429,000 sound right for this 3 bed/2 bath?

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  • Great deal. I’d snatch it up if I were house hunting. I would think it might even get bid up. No CAC, but who cares. That house is in great shape and pretty conveniently located.

  • Like the basement a lot. Like the backyard as well. As far as updates on the first two floors, a few new kitchen appliances, new cabinets, then a new bathroom upstairs? Also like the basement (I think) bathroom. Looks fairly nice, but not as nice as the places that are completely upgraded and selling for mid 400’s. I would say it goes around 400.

    • I don’t think those are new cabinets.

      The price isn’t ridiculous, but the text of the realtor’s ad is.

  • Is it worth 429K? Sure…if there is about 80K worth of gold buried in the basement that conveys.

    There is a lot wrong with this listing. First off, there are 3 different numbers for the square footage of the house. It ain’t 3000 sq/ft as listed, the city records have it at 2K. Listing agent needs a slap upside the head.

    Secondly there is a comp 4 houses down (4127 New Hamp) that sold a month ago for ~42 bucks a square foot less and is in the same shape (inside/out) if not better.

    This place is signficantly overpriced.

      • As I said…on a sq/ft basis. 4127 is actually 3K sq/ft in size. This listing is 2K sq/ft.

        Big difference. Buying 4127 got you ~50% more house than this one.

      • right – and assuming the above house is only about 2000 sq ft, it would be about $214 per sq ft while 4127 New Hampshire was $182 per sq ft. (note: I have not looked at the city records – I’m just going by what Anon said)

      • Was 4127 New Hampshire Ave. really 3,000 square feet?

        I know the Redfin listing says it is… but is that counting the basement? I thought the square footage was supposed to be only the above-ground square footage.

        I guess my point is that if one house is counting its basement square footage and the other isn’t, then it seems like the price per square foot would be an apples-to-oranges comparison.

        • Then go to the DC tax database and look it up. Their accounting of sq/ftg is the same for every house in the rolls.

          And Rosie,

          I am not sure where you got “hate” from and I would imagine the POP is going to remove your posting for your completely uncalled for childish language, but it isn’t snobbish to point out that on a sq footage basis that house is signficantly overpriced according to the closest comp half a block down the street that sold last month.

          Thats what “comps” are for and people don’t ignore them. Why? Because banks don’t ignore them when they appraise the house to approve your mortgage.

          • They really aren’t “comps” though… because 4127 is a very unusual house for the neighborhood. 4127 and the one right next to it are really, really wide. As in wider, than probably 95% of the houses in Petworth.

            The avg. price per sq. foot in Petworth is $289…. which would make 4127- $867,000…. there is know way they could have got that. Even at $200 a square foot they couldn’t have sold it at 600,000.

            Price per square foot isn’t the holy grail of deciding value.

        • I think both houses are probably counting the basement. Our house is a slightly larger Petworth rowhouse and it is approx. 1800 above ground. If you include the basement it is 2500ish…

          4127 is a huge house and is not really comparable to other row houses in the neighborhood. There are just not many that large in the immediate vicinity.

          I would say if you are comparing the one for sale with other comparable houses in the neighborhood… then it is pretty on target…maybe about 20,000 overpriced.

    • You can hate on this house all you want… I’m sure there are many others out there like me who think it’s a great deal and will snatch it up from under your snobby nose.

  • I’m not sure I’d want a house that entertains me.

  • hmmm, not sure what to make of the square footage issue, but I think that place is gorgeous and was shopping in that price range not so long ago. if i were still looking, this would have rocketed to the top of my list.

  • Its hard to get a 3bdr place in any of the neighborhoods discussed on here for les than 450k. I dont particularly like this place and its lacking a lot of what people expect in a house, it certainly isnt turnkey for many, but its also a half mile from the metro, which is closer than many places that are a lot more expensive in similar neighborhoods.

    I say good deal, will almost certainly go fro 415-450

  • someone should snatch this up at this price just for the untouched woodwork. hard to find these houses where none of it has been coated in layers of paint over the years, or worse, ripped out in a Reston-style townhouse renovation.

  • I think this house is cute! It’s not perfect, but with 3 BR, a back yard, and a basement it’s really a good deal. And it’s in pretty good shape over all. If I were looking, this would be on my list for sure!

  • Seems like an average deal. Nice to see somebody else’s second floor sleeping porch isn’t leveled up and has a crooked wardrobe.

  • Oooh, no one has made the ubiquitous and annoying “Kudos to the owners for maintaining the old wood casings and baseboards…” comment.
    There…its been made.

  • Well, it obviously was a good deal since it just went under contract. The listing was updated as of 1:50 PM.

  • Jeez, I HOPE this sells at or above asking price, and I notice it’s already under contract. I live on this block and bought last year for $70k less in similar condition and with a full basement apartment. Welcome to the new (richer) neighbors.

  • It looks like they’re stretching with the “WITHIN 3 BLKS OF METRO” comment, but all-in-all it looks like it’s a warm and inviting house with a backyard, and it’s already under contract.

  • Seems like a great deal.

  • That’s a great price for a liveable non-foreclosure in this neighborhood, esp. so close to the Metro. Not at all surprised it’s already sold.

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