This home is located at 715 E. Capitol St, SE:

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The flier says:

“EXQUISITELY RESTORED ITALIANATE VILLA combines elegance & charm on Cap Hill’s most prestigious boulevard! Designed to entertain greaciously! Live comfortably! & Enjoy! Gorgeous 11′ ceilings; ornate medallions & mouldings; 9′ handrubbed doors; French country gourmet kitchen w custom designed cabinetry; expansive proportions throughout; one-of-a-kind; beautiful pool & patio”

You can find more info here and a virtual tour here.

Sorry for the back to back house porn posts but I couldn’t resist. This 4 bed/3.5 bath is yours for $2,100,000.

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  • It looks very attractive in most of the pics… but what was up with the choice of bathroom fittings that don’t go with the rest of the house at all? The bathroom pics looked very “one of these things is not like the others.”

  • neither italianate nor a villa

  • I’d buy it solely for the medicine cabinet that’s mirrored inside and out! Seriously, though, who thinks that’s actually a selling point?

    Do realtors take classes in cheesy captioning?

  • Emmaleigh504

    Forget the house, I’ll take the silver in the dining room!

  • In contrast to the commenters above, I actually think that’s one of the better virtual tours. Sure, it’s got a lot of weird realtor puffery, but it’s both edited and informative — I felt like it was a reasonable proxy for a tour through the house that balanced overall amentities with a sense of smaller details — which puts it above 98% of its competition in that regard.

    As for the house itself? You could do a lot worse. Maybe a little high on the price, but it really does offer a lot, is more than just an off-the-shelf renovation that sells “granite and stainless!”, and it is a gorgeous house in a primo location. It’ll get close to asking, if not more.

    • This house is pretty damn sharp – love the fireplaces, plunge pool, original features, etc. Just a shame that it doesn’t seem to have alley access and parking.

      • Yeah, I always think this when I see any house for say, over $700K in the city, but: you pay over $2 million for a house and you still have to park on the street?

        The square footages in these listings always confuses me – 3,075 sf but the lot size is 2,429? Where do these numbers come from?

        Ignoring the ridiculous realtor speak though, it’s definitely a nice, unique house. I probably wouldn’t want it the rest of the year, but a little pool in the backyard sounds really nice right now.

  • Nice, but not $2.1 mill nice.

  • for my $2m I’d take this over the amo condo

  • I’d love to see pics of the bedrooms

  • Porch furniture in the kitchen? $19.99! To say you live in an ITALIANATE VILLA? Priceless!

  • Looks overpriced to me! Our house is two block south of here and maybe half the size but almost 1/3rd the price.

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