Dear PoPville – Carpet Cleaning Recs?

Photo by PoPville flickr user dullshick

“Dear PoPville,

Don’t know if this is something that you can help with but thought I’d ask anyway if you have a recd of a firm that is good for home carpet cleaning. Thanks in advance for any advice.”

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  • For all your Oriental Rug Cleaning needs, just one call to Joe Hadeed. Damn you WTOP!

  • Bergman’s. They’ll pick it up and return it.

  • saf

    Manoukian Brothers – unless you’re talking about wall-to-wall?

    • are they still around? mr manoukian was retiring and his son had other aspirations….i really loved mr. manoukian…

      • Manoukian Brothers moved from Columbia Road after something like 70 years at the same address. They are great, NICE people, too !

        They are on the 7800 block of Georgia Avenue near Alaska Avenue.

        They remain the absolute best when it comes to service and fair prices. They do repairs, damage and insurance work as well.

        After so long they’ve seen it all. Long time Washingtonians and the embassies send their work there.

  • I like the rug in this photo.

  • That’s a Tibetan rug, no?? Love it!

  • Bergmans on Lee Hwy in Arlington does a great job on rugs and is 20% off if you drop off/pickup.

    • My ex had a bad experience with Bergman’s dry cleaning. First they said her jacket needed more work, then they said it was missing, and finally (after this went on for a month and a half) they confessed that they had spilled something on it and couldn’t get the stain out.

      Hopefully they’re more carfeul with rugs.

  • I would be interested in carpet cleaner recs that clean wall to wall carpets. And can also haul their equipment up 4 flights of stairs to an apartment!

  • I have used Heaven’s Best several times for wall-to-wall carpeting. They show up on time, do a good job, and seem reasonable.

  • where’s the rug in the photo from? it’s beautiful!

  • anon. gardener

    If you’re talking about non-precious area rugs or wall-to-wall, buy a steam cleaner. We have a dog and a cat, and I can’t imagine living without this machine. I think what we’ve got is a Hoover SteamVac. It’s less than 200 bucks, very easy to use, cleans the carpet amazingly well. We had a Bissell and this one is better. Sometimes Big Lots has them for cheap. Do the math – you save a lot of money if you just buy one of these things. Even the super cheap ones (100 bucks or less) do a good job, but if you have a lot of carpet you want a full size model.

    • anon. gardener

      Correction – we’ve still got a Bissell, just a newer model. Though I’m sure the Hoovers are fine too.

    • Be careful using steam cleaners on Oriental rugs. If they have deep pile you will severely screw it up, leaving what looks like dark marks from certain angles (it’s actually just the pile being smushed). Also, don’t use the cleaner that comes with it. Just water with a bit of mild soap, and vinegar to keep the colors from running.

    • +1 – for ordinary carpets buy a steam cleaner. Even if it is for a one-time use, just sell it after on CL for half-price and you still come out ahead. Frequent (6 months) cleaning with a basic machine is better than rare “professional” cleaning.

  • Do NOT use hadeed carpet. They totally screwed us over. Just look at their better business bureau record and you’ll see that they have a habit of screwing over their customers.

  • If you’re talking about any kind of very special textile cleaning, Christopher’s (based out of Fairfax) is who you want. (they’re way too expensive for the basic stuff, and will often be really honest with you about that) They do the rugs at the White House, the VP’s residence at the Naval Observatory and lots of lower profile swanky folks’ rugs that have fallen victim to red wine (and other) stains and are very discreet if the stains are somewhat… untoward. They’re really the very, very best but you’ll definitely pay for their services.

  • The gf recently had her rowhouse done. She asked around and was recommended Chase Carpet Cleaning. In my opinion, the carpet was fine to start, but I gotta admit, I was pretty impressed after. Anyway, she didn’t leave a yelp review but the review the company does have seems to be glowing as well.

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