$1 Taxi Fuel Charge Extended to November 17, 2011

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“Dear PoP,

I’ve recently had some mixed messages on whether or not cabs can still charge the $1 gas surcharge. A couple of nights ago I was in a cab that didn’t charge it. When I asked him about it, he said that it ended on July 25 and that drivers should have stopped charging it then.

However a cab this morning charged me for it and said that the surcharge hasn’t ended.

Not sure if you or your readers have any insight, but I’d love to stop paying that extra dollar! Or at least know if I should be paying it.”

While the original $1 surcharge did expire on July 25th – it was extended again:

“The DC taxicab fuel surcharge became effective as of July 27, 2011 and is valid for up to 120 days and is scheduled to expire on November 17, 2011.”

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  • And it will keep being extended indefinitely – it’s a payoff to the taxi mafia by the politicians for their votes

  • Taxi-related question, but not about the surcharge: does anybody know why DC taxis still get to charge more for extra passengers (I think $1.50 per person over one)?

    I don’t really see the point in being able to charge extra for more people, except for the fact that it’s a way to gouge customers. I can’t think of another city I’ve visited where more people pay extra for a trip. And honestly, the crappy cars that make up most of the DC taxi fleet are not so weight sensitive that it would cost more to drive around 2 or 3 passengers than only 1.

    Does anybody have any idea whether this could be something the taxi commission would consider dropping whenever it reviews rates? Or is this just something that is never going to change?

    • yeah this has always seemed bizarre to me as well. i think my friends and i would take and split ore cabs if not for this.

    • Huge contributor to why taxis are so unreliable. The charge to get into a cab in this city is so high, while the per mile rate is so low, cabs are very much inclined to want to take high volume, low distance trips.

      Ridiculous that a cab for four from Admo to Dupont would cost ~9+tip, while the trip from Admo to Petworth for one would cost that same $9+tip. No wonder they hate taking me home to Petworth!

    • It also is the case to charge extra per passenger in Chicago. Although the drop rate and refusal to take passengers places is ridiculous here in DC

  • Never gonna change.

  • Ride Metro. Much more reliable and doesn’t piss ya off as much. Or smell as bad.

  • Is it just me, or does it seem unfair that DC cabs are allowed to charge the $1 fuel surcharge for trips that originate in the district, but end outside it?

    • Is gas a $1 per gallon cheaper in Virginia and Maryland?

      • People who live in NoVA claim it is. They also say groceries cost half as much.

        • Well, it’s that authoritarian bag tax, it’s practically putting everyone into the poorhouse you know.

          • Except those of us who collect canvas bags at every expo we go to, and now they have accumulated all over my house and car. Of course, now I have nothing to put my garbage in. *__*

  • How can you, with an ounce of seriousness, blame Gray for the surcharge extension but give Fenty a pass?

    • I stopped taking dc taxis years ago. I was tired of the flagrant price gouging and erroneous “zone” charges, on top of riding in the worst POS jalopys on the east coast.

      I tried one time after the meters were installed, but never again. The car(s) still smelled like yak dung and sounded minutes away from implosion, I couldn’t pay with a credit card and the driver spent the entire time on his cell phone (despite my demands to stop) and nearly got us in two accidents. I drive or metro anywhere I need to go. Paying the parking fare is far more worth it than supporting this cabal of ridiculousness.

      The now ex head of the taxi-cab commission Leon Swain that was just fired by Gray, literally as a condition of taxi association supporting grays election was the only bright spot in the entire organization.

      Taxi company operators tried bribing him, he turned informant and states evidence for the FBI in an ongoing investigation and Gray fires him.

      Shows you just what Gray thinks and feels about the good ol taxi cabs and the tax payers of the District.

      • exactly. Leon Swain was fired for doing a great job.

        And this is why the grahamstander needs to go as well. he knew about the bribery, and looked the other way.

        Whatever Fenty did, I will give him credit for 2 things: breaking the schoolboard mafia, and installing meters.

      • +1.

        The taxis here may suck but Leon Swain was trying his best to improve them. Now he’s gone and I figure it’s only going to get worse.

  • The one that really pisses me off is the luggage fee. I love how cab drivers rush to get out of their car to touch your luggage so they can charge you a $.50 handling fee. Then if they decide its a “big” piece of luggage its another $2.00. Basically its $2.50 for them to pop the trunk.

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