U Wine and Beer Temporarily Closed for Repairs after Fire Early Friday Morning.

“Dear PoP,

I just saw that U Wine & Beer is boarded up. I was there last weekend like 4 times and I didn’t see any sign that it would be closed for any reason, so this is a bit of a shock. Can you or any readers shed any light on this?”

Early Friday morning there was a fire tweeted by @dcfireems:

“2 Alarm fire – 1351 U St NW- U Wine & Beer – fire under control – no inj – significant damage”

I stopped by this weekend to see how they were doing (the owners are truly among the nicest people you will ever meet.) Fortunately, while there was clearly a lot of damage it looks a lot worse than it really is. All of the refrigerators were still working and a lot of the cleanup will be cosmetic. They expect the store to be closed for approximately 2-3 weeks while the repairs are made.

In the meantime, starting Tuesday at 4pm, there will be a fire sale of discounted beer and wine. You’ll see signs out front of 1351 U St, NW that will guide you to the alley around back where you’ll see dozens of bottles of beer and wine discounted that are just a bit dirty but are perfectly sealed.

UPDATE: Just got word U Wine and Beer denied ABRA permit for their fire sale – so no sale today. Owners are very sorry.

UPDATE2: Sale starts Wed. July 13th 4pm!

The owners also wanted to express their gratitude for all the kindness from residents of the U Street neighborhood.

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  • haha, fire sale.

  • FYI, If you buy these wines, drink them immediately. If they werent cooked in the fire, I’m sure the heat in the store over the weekend cooked them.

    • Agreed, they should be giving these away. Or trashing them and taking the insurance payout.

      • I would kind of assume they’re doing both. I mean, they are selling them in an alley.

        what are the odds this is cash only with a handwritten/no receipt?

  • So sad, these are really nice people. I’ll probably buy some wine just to support them.

  • This place is the most over-priced liquor store I’ve ever been to. You can’t get a six-pack of beer for less than $10.

  • That picture made me want to bottle surf.

  • Even if the bottles weren’t damaged by the heat of the fire, they almost certainly will be by sitting out in an alley in 95+ degree weather.

    Buyer beware! Skunked beer and wine awaits!

  • The owner doesn’t take AMEX in his establishments, good sign he is cheap. The logo was clearly affixed to the door a couple years ago which I pointed out and he couldn’t care less. He scraped that logo off the next day and I haven’t returned since.

  • Ahh! Showed up in the alley before seeing update for this post. 🙁

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