PoP Pho Patrol: Instant Noodles Replaces Savour Restaurant at 2406 18th St, NW in Adams Morgan

by Prince Of Petworth July 10, 2011 at 10:23 pm 29 Comments

The owner writes:

“We would like to introduce the Adams Morgan community to Instant Noodles. This modern interpretation of traditional Vietnamese and Thai cuisine blends spices, fresh herbs and vegetables with succulent meats, dipping sauces and broths to create a burst of aromatic flavors. The menu includes broth and soup-based dishes such as Pho, green curry and Mi Do Bien, rice and vermicelli dishes such as the favored pad thai as well as Vietnamese sandwiches and salads. Instant Noodle is sure to be a hit for both the lunch and dinner crowd.”

We’ll be sure to revisit for a proper judging in a few weeks.

Photos of the menu after the jump.

  • Anonymous

    I wish to participate in the Pho Patrol.

    A large bowl of heavenly Pho Ga is $8.95 and a Banh Mi sandwich is $3.99 at Pho 14 at 14th and Park Road (and even less if ordered together in combination).

    So it better very, very good charging $10.00 and $4.75 for the same Vietnamese fare here at Instant Noodles at 18th and Columbia Road.

    Anyhow, first impressions are too often missed opportunities and the name “Instant Noodles” doesn’t seem like a good start. Pho 18 ?

    • mmm

      really? that’s a $1.05 and $0.76 difference. I love Pho 14, but that difference in price is pretty minor. Maybe they are bigger servings?

      • Anonymous

        12% more on the soup and 19% more on a sandwich is not pretty minor for some Vietnamese grub with low cost ingredients.

        Get real.

        No matter how heavenly, $10 plus sales tax is too much to pay for a bowl of soup.

        Charge $10 for a bowl of soup on any Main Street outside of the fantasy world we live in here in out of touch with reality 2011 Washington, D.C. and see what reaction you’d get.

        • Anonymous

          of course you probably pay $12 pad thai and think nothing of it…

  • SF

    restaurant name fail.

  • mike

    I like the name, it’s cute.

  • 11th

    cool, could be good. the name isn’t bad. not many places offer bun bo hue. for you vegetarians out there, the translation for #55 doesn’t match up, so maybe be careful?

  • katesmash

    I heard their bahn mi sucks. Granted, I didn’t try one (it had chicken on it and I’m veg) but it looked sub-par. As a bahn mi enthusiast I was really disappointed to see that they didn’t even put any sauce on it.

    I strolled past it last night because I was thinking of getting some noodles to take home for dinner, but then decided that I’ll save a few bucks and just stick with Pho 14.

    • Anonymous

      It’s the most expensive banh mi I’ve seen on a menu too. Think I’ll pass.

    • amethystdeceiver

      as a vegetarian you are in no shape or form qualified to comment on the quality of a place’s banh mi. sorry.

      • LisaT

        There is a such thing as a veggie banh mi. I’ve had many tasty ones–in Philly. Meat is by no means the primary component. Vegetarians and vegans are just as qualified to spout their opinions on food as anyone else.

      • Anonymous

        as an ass, neither are you.

  • hungeegirl

    isn’t pho 75 only like 7 dollars for a bowl of pho? i wish it wasn’t in rosslyn.

  • Johnny

    A solid Pho place in Adams Morgan would do very well. Sadly this doesn’t look solid. I mean when a prior concept fails you don’t just throw a 1-800-SIGNS banner up and change the menu. Give the place a paint job and rip up that astro turf for starters.

    • Dan

      YEAH! What is up with every restaurant in Adams Morgan paying absolutely zero attention to design and aesthetics? You really couldn’t spring for a better sign and menu? It just looks cheap and crummy.

      • Anonymous

        design and aestehtic? it’s pretty nice inside

  • Stoney_D

    8.95 for large bowl of chin and the drive only takes 15 minutes max! Doooooooooooo it!

  • A-lo

    It’s unreasonable to expect prices in the District to match those in the ‘burbs (e.g. Eden Center) given that the cost of renting retail space is higher. Also, given that Eden Center is time-consuming to reach without a car, I will gladly pay double that price for a good banh mi in Adams Morgan. My prayers have been answered!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Me too! Good pho in my hood is worth the extra cash!

  • andy

    Hello and welcome to Instant Noodles.

    Here are your entrees. First, open the lid, pour in the hot water, close it and allow to sit for two minutes, and enjoy your meal!

  • LisaT

    My favorite pho is from Lotus in downtown Silver Spring. $6.50 for a small, $7.50 for a large, but a negligible difference in amount.

  • Local PW

    Vermicelli with grilled pork and spring rolls? I’ll give a try but it has to be as good as Nam Viet.

  • McGruff

    stopped by saturday night. same owner, but clearly vietnamese management. looks nice inside (as did savour). agree that the name leaves something to be desired. at least they’re committed to serving lunch in Adams Morgan, which is a +1 in my book.

  • indc

    Design aesthetics aside (agree that AM could benefit from a design overthrow instead of looking like a college kid’s vomitorium), I’m anxious to try this place. I hope it’s good, or at least decent. There’s no reason DC should have a paucity of good, fairly-priced Vietnamese food. The demand is definitely there, but the supply is sorely lacking. Lots of business opportunities being missed, but I hope this place opening up and the success of Pho 14 are signs of things to come.

    • indc

      UPDATE: Just stopped by the place for dinner takeout. Nice space, and the prices seem good. Just got summer rolls and a tofu banh mi. $11 bucks plus tax, and both portions were HUGE! Both items were tasty (though the banh mi bread was too dry for my liking, the ingredients it was stuffed with were good). I’ll definitely be back. Happy I now have a good Indian and a good Vietnamese spot in my hood.

  • Anonymous

    Stopped by for dinner last Wednesday. Good food, reasonable prices and great service. The owner told me he has applied for permits to change the facade to fit the new theme.


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