PoP Preview – Blackbyrd Warehouse (Opens Thursday)

Blackbyrd Warehouse located next to Marvin at 2005 14th St, NW (14th and U)

At long last the next project from the Hilton brothers is about to open this Thursday. I had the chance to take a peek on Tuesday afternoon and it was well worth the wait. Ed. Note: To my Petworth brothers, sisters and cousins, I peeked in their Petworth project (Billy Simpsons) and it is moving along. Work is honest to God getting done. More on that later. Blackbyrd is located right next to Marvin just north of U St at 2005 14th St, NW. It has a very similar but slightly more polished feel to the American Ice Company. There’s an industrial feel and the huge second floor is going to blow you away. As an admitted seafood lover I was psyched to learn that there will be a raw bar and other seafood options. Blackbyrd Warehouse opens this Thursday.

Finishing touches were ongoing when I stopped by but you’ll get a good feel for how it’s gonna look from all the photos below. This a great addition to 14th and U.

First floor

Lots more photos after the jump.

Old posters from the 2008 election. Including the Obama classic by Obey

First floor bar

First floor booths

Old school bar stools

Stairs to second floor

Second floor lounge

Second floor huge ceilings

Second floor facing the bar and 14th Street

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  • Roofdeck? And I hear they might have live blues & jazz- true?

    • They must have a roofdeck. You can see it from the Marvin roofdeck. Love me some roofdecks.

      • I think the roofdeck you’re thinking of is actually a second Marvin roofdeck. They’re going to be knocking down the wall currently separating them. As of right now, I don’t think Blackbyrd has plans for one.

  • Beautiful.

  • With this and Lost Society open now, this corner is really really starting to live up to it’s potential. Very happy to see this.

  • I don’t know if I could eat in a place that has Shepard Fairey on the wall. Might lose my appetite.

  • Thank you Jesus!

  • Any celebratory grand opening specials?

  • I thought this was going to be a coffee shop? Has that changed or are they doing both food and coffee?

    In any case, it looks great!

  • So glad you kept the posters, Brothers Hilton! Looking forward to checking out the new space.

  • why did they open a similar bar DIRECTLY next door? does that strike anyone else as bizarre business strategy?

  • so here is the crazy thing, this building has no side wall… those posters are on the neighboring wall. If in some distant future the Marvin building gets demolished the Blackbyrd building will be totally open on it’s left side. I guess it doesn’t matter now cuz they have the same owner but that’s a wild decision to make.

  • These Hilton boys sure know what they are doing!!!! Everything they touch turns out amazing!! Bravo

  • I hate how this city gives the blanket herd thumbs up to certain ownership groups and blindly hates on others. Some facts. Gibson and Marvin are rarely packed these days, Patty Boom Boom is losing an insane amount of money and AMICO is smoking meat illegally offsite because it has no real kitchen – Note the company’s Monstserrat House getting caught operating as a highly illegal AMICO kitchen. Blackbyrd (strategically named like Marvin after a local legendary music act to appease the anti-gentrification contingent) is pretty but these predictions of success and assumptions in the original post are just dumb. Let’s see if a raw bar with no deck that took 2+ years to open and now is situated with Subway and Dunkin Donuts can cut it.

    • Really interesting/valid points…BUT, I live next door and have to say you’re a bit wrong in regards to PBB and Marvins. Both are continuously packed and often have lines.

    • How often are you out? Bah!! I work at nights 7 days a week. I can tell you those places do just fine. And, this new one is amazing.
      Gooooooooooooo Eric 🙂

  • Love that Mary..what a doll…she is a keeper!

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