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  • WDC

    Huh. I thought the White House would be smaller.

  • tapes

    I don’t know what’s better, this ultra cool segway helmet, $20, or this bitching tatoo on my arm.

  • Tres

    Just another day on the job for the deep undercover G-Men tasked with uncovering the Apple Dumpling Gang counterfeit ring.

  • Later I will spend you and then visit the U.S. Treasury building and the Lincoln Memorial.

  • MtP

    If I give you this, can you make it go faster? Please??


    I’ll give you this if you promise never to tell my friends I was on a Segway.

  • willlllllllll

    das bill is green, unlike der euro …gutenslagen hagendaazen

  • noodles

    DC women were underwhelmed at a recent ‘Most Eligible Bachelor’ auction, refusing to offer even a single bid.

  • jw

    this better be a real 20 because im sure as shit not wearing this helmet for a fake.

  • erin

    “20 bucks says I’m more of a hipster than you.”

  • Slim

    I know how to get rich! If I squint just right I have two of em.

    • mv

      +1 :)

  • andy

    Jim begged and pleaded with their captors, even offering money, but there was no way out of . . .


  • Herb

    Doogie Howser is so rich now he uses $20 bills for sunscreen!

    • Anonymous


  • shayne

    Is this the new real time streaming $20? I think I see us in front of the White House!!!

    • 1314


    • Leah


  • James

    Feeling a bit sweaty, Andrew Jackson? Good! It’s payback time for what you did to the Cherokee.

  • Andy(2)

    Not wanting to look like a tourist, Gunther tried squinting to make out the address – as he refused to ask where he could find the White House.

  • andy

    I mean, this Nicolas Cage Tour of Washington is cool and all, but the Declaration of Independence is totally NOT written in Latin on the back of the $20 bill.

  • DC Dude

    See this White House? In two weeks this will be worth nothing around the world when you default on your debt!

    • Bongo

      It already is,debt or no debt.

  • Frenchie

    Government spending reached new heights today when it started literally throwing money in the faces of DC tourists to subsidize their tours. Protective eye-wear is now recommended.

  • Herb

    So far the Numismatics Convention’s Tour of DC is going well but imagine the shock they will have when comparing the obverse of the new Lincoln penny with the Lincoln Memorial.

  • Matt

    I told you you should have spent your Grandma’s birthday money on that disposable camera.

  • kardinal

    I cant wait to get a picture of this. It will go great with that one picture that looks like the Washington Monument is coming out of my pants, and that other one of me “holding up” the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

  • My eyesight is $20/$20

  • Brian M

    Guy: Well, the picture on the bill looks nothing like this building.
    Tourguide: Uh, as I just said, that’s the Capitol in front of us. And that’s the White House on your 20.

  • Kristin

    Oh, there’s Waldo–I found him!

  • “$20 to whoever can help me find Olive Oyl!”

  • Anonymous

    if i look very closely i can see the jumper.

  • anon

    Hey Butthead, I found twenty dollars. Maybe now we can score! Heh heh. Or buy some nachos or another cool tattoo!

  • Anonymous

    Jimmy lines it up just right to prove once and for all that the White House is a government conspiracy!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JW

    she said to roll it up and stick it where?

  • Clarence Brown

    Boy in striped shirt: Hey guys, is George W. Bush supposed to be on the $20 dollar bill?
    Little girl beside him: Ummm…I think your mom just wanted you out the house!

  • erin

    Jenny thought they signed for just a plain old segway tour. Little did she know Frank was on a hunt for the National Treasure.

  • wandafish

    I don’t know what Big Al told you, but it’s an even $50 if you want me for the whole night.

    (Okay, okay, stolen from Friends.)

  • AMy

    Arrrgh…I forgot to drop off my urine sample AGAIN!

  • Flatearth

    Whoever told me that the more I stared at this bill, the better I’ll feel about my student loan debt is definitely a liar.

  • abby normal

    Seriously Kelly, don’t take a picture up my nose.

  • greent

    ‘D’ya think 20$ will be enough to get CM Graham to lobby for Segway medallions?”


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