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  • epic fail is spelled Via 19

  • Bad Latina trannies? Dreams and fantasies indeed! Where have you been all my life, Via 19?

  • I was dragged there for their opening night when they had a free drink deal though one of the groupon knockoffs. Oddly, they figured that a free happy hour on their first night in business was a good time to schedule a big tween birthday party, so all of their seating was taken up by sullen kiddies in a row.

  • It been a long time since I saw strippers on 19th Street! I will be there with my boots on naughty 😉

  • All hail night clubs posing as restaurants–a DC tradition right up there with half-smokes! Prior incarnations of this “restaurant” forced the excellent Kawasaki sushi next door out of business via noise and cigarette smoke (aided by a disengaged landlord).

  • andy

    Bad latina girls & el abusador?

  • Who’s staring at bad latina girls?

  • And it’s also been there since May.

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