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  • i recently walked past, a good location and now so thoroughly retro! the neighborhood could support a bakery, i think.

    as long as it’s not more damned cupcakes.

  • My parents used to love Clement’s. It’s sad that they were displaced by some bizarre genocide museum that has let that whole corner go to blighted hell. Please please sell that corner to someone who will put it to good use! It makes that area look terrible, a block from the White House no less.

  • Very early 1960s in style.

  • awesome MCM facade

  • Like the style. Makes me wish someone would bring back Automats.

  • Emmaleigh504

    I kind of love it.

  • i tend to not like buildings like this, and if it was new i would think it sucked. but the small scale and the age make it a bit charming.

  • It’s a very nice building. How long has it been vacant?

  • All of the empty buildings on that corner are owned by a single non-profit entity that is charged with turning the entire complex into a museum. The non-proft and one of its donors have been engaged in a long legal battle over the development of the property. Rest assured, this will not turn into another cupcakery any time soon.

  • Not really seeing this building’s appeal.

    And it reminds me of my junior high school.

  • I think I would walk past this about 100 times before I even noticed it, and then I would probably just think “I’ll bet the whole city looked like this before I was born.”

  • I have such fond memories of Clements and also the Reeve’s lunch counter nearby. They both reminded me of old Washington when people would come downtown for the day, all dressed up, shopping at Woodies and lunching downtown. Clements had the best cake ever.

  • Vintage “Mad Men” era!
    While not a fan of the whole “blue tile” style that was so popular during that early 60s era, I can appreciate the historical signficance of it.
    Geesh…I’m getting old.

  • OH the tax and legal situation is bizarre? Yes, I agree, it sucks. Thanks taking the other issue out of it.

  • I just don’t think the Armenian genocide museum will EVER get their financing together and they obviously do not have the resources to build out and more importantly maintain and operate a museum in such a grand building (the old bank part). Their donor base is small, and dwindling (not many Armenians here and those who remember or have relatives who died in the genocide are dying off). In the meantime, it’s a terrible waste that a strategic corner location in an otherwise thriving area has lain fallow for two complete boom and bust real estate cycles, mouldering away. They should sell it off to a private developer who can make immediate use of the site, and use the profits to build a more modest museum in a cheaper location, maybe somehting storefront sized or just outside of the downtown core.

  • Whoever is behind this National Genocide Museum deserves a Horse’s Ass nomination. Is there any way the District could wrangle these properties back from their current owners by way of eminent domain?

  • I miss the burger place next door. They had the best half-pound cheeseburger and fries around. It’s a shame that the block is so blighted, and for such a stupid reason. The Armenian Genocide Museum will not open within the lifetime of anyone reading this.

    • Genocide — stupid reason? The postings here are equally cruel as any you’ve ever edited.

      Complaints about the building — and taxes, litigation, etc… but the ethnic comments. I kindly request you either delete this thread or don’t discuss that building.

      PoP — I just don’t get where you step in — and where you leave it to the bitter nasty masses. Honestly, I really, really don’t.

      • Is there some website where blog commenters learn how to manufacture indignance at the slightest sign of anything that might be in mildly bad taste?

        Is there some internet rule that you have to support genocide museums? What’s the time limit on genocides? Because I’m thinking about building an Inquisition museum in Columbia Heights, but there are some Spaniards who oppose it. They say that I missed the window, which would have been sometime in the 17th century. Also, Gauls. I think they deserve a museum on the mall. The genocidal tendencies of the Roman Republic ought to be enshrined here in Washington, DC.

        Get a life. And stop asking for censorship.

  • I work with Clements. They produce our items for wholesale in their ginormous yet small-and-local-business-minded facility in Hyattsville. They were not pushed out of their space by any museum, friendly or historic. They had the opportunity to make a mint off of the location and expand their already burgeoning wholesale business along with their successful catering side. And they are going strong preparing treats for every hotel, corporate event, grocery and fine foods store, now adding vegan production to the list.
    don’t bother ‘like’ing’ or ‘tweeting’. They don’t even know what that all means. 🙂

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