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  • How do you pronounce Pollomio?

    POY-o-me-o? (I’m guessing this one as it’s Peruvian)

    Menu looks tasty. Love me some Crisp + Juicy!

  • I ate there very recently. The food was pretty good and the mocha frappe was excellent. The prices were very reasonable. The place was pretty empty though and I couldn’t figure out why.

    I think my GF put her finger on it, it’s trying to do too many things. First of all, the name sames “Pollo” but there’s only 3 chicken dishes in there. There’s the restaurant (i’ll say again, the food was good), and in the front they have the gourmet coffee and ice cream stuff. And upstairs they make wedding cakes. Yeah, a peruvian chicken joint that makes wedding cakes. WTF, right?

    Service was good too. I think it would do better if it figured out it’s niche and ran with it instead of trying to be all things to all people. Maybe now that Gordon Ramsey is casting for his show in DC, he can fix this place.

  • This place is across the street from my house and I still have yet to try it. Wasn’t it another chicken joint about a year ago? Its always tumbleweeds and crickets every time I walk past. The city really is already too saturated with these places in my opinion.

  • What is up with all those signs? It makes me dizzy.

  • I ate dinner there last night! I got 3 amazing chicken tacos, rice & beans and their awesome green homemade hot sauce. It’s not exactly “in and out” cause they actually cook your food, but if you have 5 minutes to wait it’s so worth it.
    They also have a great variety of American/French/Latin cakes and desserts that I have yet to try.
    Now that it’s summer they have a selection of ice creams and frozen drinks.
    Just wish they expanded their hours. Currently they’re open 11am-9pm.

  • This place is awesome! My favorite restaurant in that part of the city

    I’ve gone here a number of times and always had good food at good prices

  • This place is pretty close to my house, so I’ve gone there a few times. I’ve always ordered the chicken, which is pretty good, but the sides are nothing to write home about.

  • Really good whole grilled/roasted chickens for a very good price (with sides and sodas).

  • Yeah, this place is awesome. Chicken is great and sides are good. Good prices.

    Never tried the cakes or desserts.

  • It’s good, but pollo sabroso on park is definitely better, and a little bit cheaper. i’ll eat here if i have a peruvian chicken craving and don’t want to battle my way through downtown CH for the better chicken. one thing they need to improve on here is their sides. because of the lack of traffic, their fries and yuca have typically been sitting in the hot tray for a long time and suck, which leaves you with rice, beans, and bland canned vegetables as options.

  • orderedchaos

    Their chicken is fantastic! Good pupusas too. Enjoyed their beans and plaintains. The veggies are bland.

    We had a pastry for dessert — good, but nothing exciting.

    Overall it’s a great spot for chicken on the cheap.

  • interesting posts – looks like healthy is back in…!

  • good to hear it’s not too trivial…

  • love love love pollomio!! the chicken is amazing, the sauces are to die for, and as long as the yucca are fresh, they’re tasty.

    i think you never see anyone eating in the restaurant because most people do takeout or delivery.

    om nom nom…

    if you’re from argentina the name is pronounced

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