Win VIP Tickets to the Legg Mason Tennis Classic Finals on Sun. Aug. 7th

by Prince Of Petworth July 27, 2011 at 12:30 pm 67 Comments

The kind folks at the Legg Mason Tennis Classic have been kind enough to give out four VIP tickets to the finals of this year’s tournament on Sun. Aug. 7th. I’ll pick two winner (2 tickets each) on Monday. Just let me know why you want to go in the comments.

Ed. Note: You still have time to enter to win Two Ticket to Jason Mraz and His Super Band w/ Colbie Caillat 9/24 at Merriweather.

  • Robert Oriole

    Because I’ve wanted to go for the last 10 years, but the hot weekends they’ve been on has kept me away… Free tix would make it cooler.

  • My boyfriend has tried to get me to go to several tennis events in the past – and I have never been able to attend because I’m super busy with work and still living paycheck to paycheck. However, my schedule is completely free (finally!) on August 7. It would make his day if I surprised with two VIP tickets to this event. Make my day, PoP!

  • sylvia

    because I didn’t like the cheerleaders at the Kastles. :/

  • RE

    In Haiku Form:

    Legg Mason Classic
    Pro Tennis in Hot DC
    What Could be Better?

  • Alex

    Because Tennis has always been one of my favorite sports in the world to watch on TV! 3 hour matches, fast paced and intense, mano y mano, and the triumphant celebrations in utter exhaustion at the end — the best!

    However the one thing I’ve never been able to do is see a pro match in person. Legg mason would be perfect.

  • I heart tennis even more when I have free tickets

    Dear PoP, I had to cancel my summer vacation this year because of work and budgetary constraints since I’m about to start a part-time graduate. Please give me the free tickets and it would be a wonderful way for me to unwind before semester starts in the 3rd week of August. PLUS, if I win, you will be the first person I will offer the second ticket to! :)

  • AMP

    Because I am asking with a “please please pretty please?”

  • Devo

    I’ve never been to a tennis tournie and really just got into tennis. Also because I’m new to dc and am still discovering awesome things about this city like this!!

  • Dan

    Because it would be AWESOME! And I’ve never seen pro tennis live.

  • Ariel

    This summer, my boyfriend instilled in me a strong love of baseball. He takes me to games all the time, and we laugh about the Nats and their quirks over beers at Duffy’s and the Iron Horse.

    I know his other sports love is tennis, but his work has been really demanding this summer – he hasn’t even had time to hit the courts and play.

    I’ve never been to a pro tennis game, and I’d love to pay him back for all the baseball fun we’ve had this summer. His birthday is mid-August so this would be a great gift!

  • PETE

    Dear Pop –
    My father is a life long aficionado of the sport, but he has never been to a professional tournament. He is a former foreign service officer and raised me playing the game all around the world. Few things in life give him as much joy as playing and watching the game. He currently lives in Williamsburg, VA, and religiously plays every day at the University courts… not bad for a sixty-seven year old man with a terrible back.

    He and my mother are moving to Idaho at the end of next month to begin a new chapter in their lives. I won’t get to see much of him any more, and I would dearly like to be able to surprise him with a trip to Legg Mason before they leave. It would be a wonderful experience for him. I would be ever so grateful if you could help to make this happen.

    Many Thanks,

  • DR

    In (pseudo) limerick form:

    There once was a man from Shaw,
    who held Roddick and Hewitt in awe.
    His dream was to be
    In seats where he sees
    His heros with rackets and balls.

  • Hils

    My then BF and I went a couple of years ago to a seminfinal match where Roddick totally imploded and blew his one-set lead after a rain delay. After being a tennis fan forever, that was the first time I’d see pro tennis live, and it was awesome. I’d love to go again with my now fiance…

  • Charlie Jones

    andy roddick seems like a swell guy and all, but i really want a chance to meet his wife, brooklyn decker.

    andy: professional tennis player, good looking, rich, famous, etc

    me: government contractor, have a dog, …

    he’s lucky he got a ring on her finger!

  • Tennis is my favorite sports and I wanted to see one of our top Americans bring the trophy home!

  • Stephen

    My roommate said if I do not get two tickets (one for each of us), that he would evict me! So I neeeeed these tickets if I want a home.

  • David

    I’d like to go, because I’d like to track down someone who can answer a question I’ve had for the 8 years I’ve lived in Petworth: What do the organizers of Legg Mason do to compensate for taking away one of the most important parks from the residents of our neighborhood for two weeks every summer? The cars parking on the grass don’t help an already under managed series of fields. Walking or running on the path is not only difficult, it’s dangerous during the tournament as cars forget that they are sharing a park. Could Legg Mason consider buying some equipment for the park or otherwise helping to make Carter Baron an even better place for the other 52 weeks of the year? I wrote the Park Service about this but never received a response.
    If you send me, I will investigate with FlipCam in hand.

    • David

      Oops should have said “other 50 weeks” of the year.

  • chris

    Because my niece is a HUGE tennis fan and I don’t have the budget to buy them myself. I will send you photos from the event. She is a sweetheart…

  • AKS

    Because I want to serve up some @*! like John McEnroe!

  • Tricia

    I have one more year of law school and I have been told that every lawyer needs to take up either golf (ew) or tennis. I have started to get into tennis a bit and getting these tickets would be a perfect addition to my tennis education which in turn will help me succeed later in life as a tennis-playing-high-powered lawyer. So really by letting me have these tickets you would really be helping ensure the successfulness of my future career.

  • Lindsey

    Because my mom, sister, and I couldn’t go to Cinncinati for the tournament there and it would be awesome to suprise her for a trip! Mom needs a break – my little brother is having major issues. Sister needs a break – she is 16 and her high school boyfriend just broke up with her because he is leaving for college next week.

    And I would just really love to go! Pick me pick me! :)

    • Lindsey

      Also, I realize there are only 2 tickets and I would be a good daughter/sister and let my mom and sister go. However, if one of them couldn’t go, I would be willing to step in :)

  • Tennis Obsessed

    Because my boyfriend and I will wear our matching PoP t-shirts and take tons of pictures. Also it will make his month.

  • D Mos

    Because August 7th is my birthday. Okay, technically it’s not, but my birthday is very soon thereafter, and I think my parents got divorced on August 7th when I was 5, so it would make for a more happy memory of said day. Did I mention that I love tennis? I decidedly do, and go to Legg Mason every year for the qualifiers, but can’t afford the big show.

  • Dave

    I’m going to take the Seinfeldian road here with regard to everyone who says they have never been and would love to go:

    I’ve been to tennis tournaments. They are excellent and often awe-inspiring. I hated going when I was young, but I eventually grew to love the sport. I can’t go back to watching on TV.

    I can’t–I won’t.

  • Steve S

    Because I’ve never been to a tennis match before, let alone one in the Distrct!

  • lendl

    Because I, uh, hate tennis, and I want to give the nice folks at Legg Mason a chance to prove me wrong.

  • lilly nguyen

    I want to go simply because I LOVE TENNIS!

  • Jordan

    I’m a lifelong tennis (and Legg Mason) fan and am trying to get my significant other to understand what a wonderful sport tennis is. There’s no way he’d say no to VIP tickets!

  • JF

    would love to go bc its hot outside and i would rather be wathcing outside on ,metal benches in the nose bleed seats than sitting inside at home watching it on TV with the AC blasting!

  • caballero

    I played 1st singles during my junior and senior years of high school. Upon graduation, I hung up my racket.

    I picked up the racket again 20 years later, in Afghanistan, of all places. 30 minutes into the session, I walked off the court in frustration.

    I want a third chance.

  • Sarah

    I’ve never been to a tennis match before, and I would love to go!

  • If I’m being honest: tennis players are hot! And the fact that I’ve never witnessed a live match before is reason enough to want the tickets.

  • Richard

    ||| I have this bad neck crick and the Doc told me that I need to move my head from side to side for a few hours to loosen it up |||

  • Brian F.

    Because I’m from Fairfield, CT, and want to see Fairfield’s favorite son James Blake dominate this tournament in person!

  • KP

    I never cared one bit about tennis, until I met my husband. Since then, I have developed very specific opinions about people like Daniela Hantuchova and Victoria Azarenka. I really liked Dementieva as a person and her return game, but her serve made me cringe. I was weepy when Li Na won the French (seriously, she seems like an amazing person). I really care if Andy Roddick is up against Del Potro in an early round because of the latter’s dropped ranking due to injury.

    This would have seemed like a foreign language many years ago, but now I love the sport. I’d love to surprise my husband with these tickets. We’ve always wanted to get a box seat, but every year, we end up in the nosebleeds. But to be honest, we saw some amazing tennis on the side courts including French player Llodra serving underhand to Ryan Sweeting (who ended up launching a ball in anger almost into the main court.

    Plus, I’m a former PoP contributor:) The house that recently sold for $130k over asking.

  • Anonymous

    “The truth is that TV tennis is to live tennis pretty much as video porn is to the felt reality of human love.” – David Foster Wallace

    Try giving this article a read:

  • Jackie

    My birthday actually IS on the 7th, and I’ve never seen a live match! Couldn’t think of a better birthday gift! Thanks for offering the tickets to the commentariat, PoP.

  • Abbey

    I’d like to bring the woman I’ve recently started seeing. She used to play tennis in high school and is a pro-tennis fanatic. She made plenty of references to the recent Kastles tournament during our first date. Not having a ton of disposable income, I was going to ask her if she wanted to simply come over to watch the game on TV and grill out. Though I think going to the match would really make the sparks fly.

  • McIntosh

    Wow…I have friend who is a tennis player and fan and I owe her a huge favor for all the support she gave me through some tough times.

    Would love to take her to this!!!!

  • SeanInNW

    My partner and I will celebrate 12 years together on August 1. To celebrate we are taking a staycation all next week. The Legg Mason Finals would be a great way to finish our week with entertainment in our community’s back yard.

  • Liz

    because I love tennis! :)

  • DCC

    Because I’m a super duper true and hardcore fan of tennis even though I don’t even play it!

    I have watched the Legg Mason tournament several times in the searing sun even by myself since no one wants to sit in the scorching sun. And when you watch tennis with me, you better pretend we’re in the movies and keep your mouth shut so I can focus on watching.

    I’m such a hardcore tennis fan that I make an annual pilgrimage to NY to watch the US Open every year. Only last year and this year, since I now have a child, I have gone up to NYC just for the day to watch the US Open.

    And my dream vacation is to watch Wimbledon! I’m such a fan of the game that I don’t even have any favorite players, I just like to watch a great match.

  • CVS

    If I don’t get them then Wayne Brady is going to Djokovic.

  • BlakeFan

    Because my best childhood memories were on the court, playing my brother, hoping to one day be like Sampras and Agassi.

  • Mya

    Because I have been volunteering there for the last 3 years but this year I can’t because I just changed job :(
    But I love that tournament and I didn’t mind working there in the intense heat for free, maybe its time for me to get something for free? :)

  • A-lo

    Because I wanted in line for 5 HOURS at Wimbledon this summer and all I got to see was Nadal on a jumbo screen (and the opportunity to pay 6 pounds for Wimbledon classic strawberries and cream). In other words, I’m dedicated to tennis!

  • Anonymous

    Because I’m a huge tennis fan who loves all things tennis. I’ve never been to a grand slam but would love the opportunity to go to an event on the ATP tour. It will be a great way to celebrate my partner and I’s one year anniversary as well as my birthday coming up in less than a month!!!!

  • Vu~

    My father is turning 81 this summer. He lost his own father when he was a child growing up in Hanoi, Vietnam, and, as my grandfather’s only son, became by default the “man of the family” at the early age. He had to take on whatever work he could find to support his Mother and two sisters while going to school and yet, managed to finish at the top of his class. Years later, my father would take on two concurrent full-time jobs for ten years to support us when the family immigrated to the States.

    My father loves tennis and would take us along sometime when he plays with his friends on Sunday’s afternoons, a time that he reserves for the sport throughout his life. My siblings and I grew up as his devoted ball boys/ girls and learned how to properly swing a racket, stiff-armed “like sweeping with a broom” at his court.

    He played on with his buddies until three years ago, when his eyesight failed him, with us too occupied with our adult lives in America to be there with him to see his beaming nod of admiration at a particular deft shot, be it from himself or others. My father love’s for tennis continues on however as he watches any game that he could find on TV with the discerning and appreciating eyes of a true enthusiast.

    There’s nothing I could ever do to repay my father for the opportunity that he has given me. Beyond providing for my well-being growing up however, he has taught me two most valuable important lessons in life – through his sweeping-broom technique, to do things right and with the examples of his life, to do the right things, no matter how hard

    I would love to accompany him to the hallowed court of the Legg Mason Tennis Classic Finals

  • Kevin

    I was a recreational tennis player as a teenager – never had a lesson, but enjoyed playing occasionally with my buddies. I wasn’t very good, and gave up the game entirely for 20 years. Never even touched a racket.

    I’m now 36. About six weeks ago, my sister talked me into playing during a family vacation. I absolutely loved it! I rushed out to Tennis Zone in Glover Park and bought a racket, and now I’m hooked. Just the sound of hitting the ball in the racket’s sweet spot is amazing. I’ve gotten a few pointers from a buddy, and I’m now working on my backhand. I’m still not that good, but I am definitely improving. And I’m so psyched about the sport that I’ve been playing despite this awful recent weather.

    I’ve never been to a professional tennis tournament. When could be a better time? Who will enjoy it more than me?!?

  • Josh

    Because Andy Roddick could possibly fall in gay-love with me. And I love tennis. And I love this blog. Pick me, pick me!

  • Caitlin

    I would love to bring my boyfriend to this. He is a HUGE tennis fan and is currently trying to indoctrinate me into The Art of Tennis. :) I haven’t played in years and get tennis elbow just LOOKING at a racket, but it’s a fantastic sport and I genuinely wish I was better at it.

    Anyways, back to the tickets. I would absolutely love to surprise him with this present, as it would put him on cloud nine. We’re in a fairly new relationship and I’ve been looking for a way to show him how much he means to me. He’s kind, generous, patient, and treats me like a queen. Pretty much a one-of-a-kind, if you ask me. This would be a wonderful way to say “hey kid, I like you. Thanks for sticking around.” :)

  • Todd

    I would love to hang out in Rock Creek Park with Brooklyn Decker!

  • Neighbor

    Pick me! I live close enough to hear the cheering – there’s a convenient 3 second delay, and I turn to the TV whenever I hear the crowd go nuts – but I’ve never actually seen the game live!

  • Agnes

    I moved to DC right around this time last year and found a great place in Petworth. I’d missed biking like crazy, and the first day back on my bike I went around the entire city — my craziest find was discovering how close I was to Carter Barron. I had no idea. The game was happening and I called up my tennis-loving mom back home. If I get tickets I’ll be sure to take her this year!

  • Hg


  • becky d

    Honestly, I don’t want them for myself. They would be a PERFECT gift to give to my good friend and her new husband. I have yet to purchase a wedding gift for them. These tickets would rock their world!

  • Holly

    I’d love to win these tickets because there are few sports better live than tennis.

  • G.West

    I would love to go. It would be my 1st major tennis event.
    I grew up playing but i have never been to a big tennis event.

  • TinaO

    I like, Marty Fish and I can not lie
    you other ladies can’t deny
    when Fish walks in with that game and that grin
    and a big ace in your face
    you get proud,
    because here in the U.S.
    we play with power and finesse
    and I love that D.C.crowd,

    So D.C. (yeah),,, D.C.(yeah)
    you gotta love Legg Mason Tennis
    D.C. got game

  • Edgar

    I love watching tennis but I haven’t seen a match in person so this would be great!

  • Richard

    Hi Pop,

    Have winners been announced :)?


  • Prince Of Petworth

    Congrats to Pete and Vu!

  • Vu~

    Hip hip hooray!!!

    Thanks Pop – I’m so excited :)

    How do I get the tickets?

    Vu~ Richard Chu

  • PETE

    Rock on… Thanks PoP… the old man will be thrilled.

  • GIL

    I want to go and cheer for our great American Tennis players!!! Blake, Roddick, Fish?(I think he pulled out of the tournament) I have the shirt and flag ready!! GO USA!!


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