From the Files of Scenes you don’t often see in the City – Vol. 1 and 2

“Dear PoP,

Wanted to send you a photo I snapped on my drive to work today. Some women waiting to cross Mass Ave. at Rock Creek Dr. (kinda downstream from the Naval Observatory and British Embassy) on their HORSES. Granted, it would appear they were heading down to Rock Creek Park, but still– who rides horses, waiting for traffic, in the city???”

Hahaha, awesome. And in similarly bizarre news – check out what I spotted in someone’s front yard recently:

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  • andy

    Can I have chickens in my backyard yet?

    • There is a cock in the speaker’s chair so I dont’ see why not.

    • claire

      The neighbor of one of my friends has chickens in their backyard (in a row house in Columbia Heights)! And also a pretty sweet backyard – it’s shared between two row houses with several porches/decks and some nice plants. I’m very jealous . . .

  • Awesome, until you are playing frogger against large piles of poo. See: U.S. Park Police & The Duke Ellington Bridge.

  • There is a company that does horseback rides in the mornings through Rock Creek Park. My guess is that this is part of that.

  • There’s a barn in Rock Creek Park and plenty of horse trails through out the park.

  • “but still– who rides horses, waiting for traffic, in the city???”

    Sounds like they’re better behaved than most cyclists! 🙂

  • God I hope there isn’t a Horse’s Ass Nomination today.

  • horse lanes for DC? Horseshare? Anyone?

  • You want bizarre? I got pulled over by the Park Police for speeding on the the horse trail in Rock Creek Park. A park policeman, who was riding on a side trail, chased me down and scared the crap out of me and my horse. Both of us were at full gallop. He slapped a spare lead on my horse so I couldn’t get away and gave me a lecture about galloping so close to a picnic area (and he was right) and the people who saw the chase, which went through the creek and over a few fallen trees, had something to talk about. I thought he was going to write me a moving violation.

    • Were you trying to pull upside a moving train (carrying gold of course) while you were at full gallop? I’m surprised you didn’t fire your six-shooter in the air to scare the cop’s horse away.

    • ah

      Won’t see that again though now that they’ve installed a speeding camera on the horse trail.

    • andy

      I’d like to see somebody fight a ticket for speeding with a horse in DC.

      I imagine the Post would cover that.

  • FYI, a private company making money boarding and offering rides on these horses is why you the private citizen can’t ride your bike on the trails in your national park.

    • Yeah….given the average city cyclist’s ideas of courteous and responsible behavior, I’m not sure I’d want the unpaved trails open to cycling anyways (I say that both as an avid mountain biker and a trail runner who uses the rock creek trails often).

      • Given the average city driver’s ideas of courteous and responsible behavior, I’m not sure I’d want the roads open to cars anyways (I say that both as an avid driver and cyclist who uses the DC’s roads often).

  • No DJ, just on my way to the jumping field. All I saw was this blur out of the corner of my eye coming out of nowhere and yelling. The horse was more afraid than I was. The cop turned out to be very nice and apologized for scaring us to death. I apologized for “speeding”. It was a first for him too.

  • Now if the woman that got attacked by the security guard at the DCUSA parking garage could have had a similar outcome. Imagine!

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