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  • I think this may be an instance where a popup is actually improving the appearance of a building.

  • However, I heard that it will be covered in siding, so I’m optimistically cautious.

    • I am fine with pop ups as long as they respect the building. if this popup is covered with siding i will barf.

  • So far, it definitely looks like an improvement. Sherman’s got a lot of room for it.

  • The dormers would look fine with siding – I’d question the builder’s skills if they put siding on that roof.

    It’ll look great!

  • Hey, an actual decent-looking pop-up (so far…there’s still plenty of time for them to put faux stone on it! ;-))
    And the dormer windows are a nice touch!

  • Sherman is on the up-and-up! Between this, the other apartment buildings a few blocks up that are also slated for some much needed renovation, and the streetscape project – I can’t wait to see the impact of the transformation!

  • Are they hiring an exorcist to get the remaining pestilence out of the building?

  • the final product will be nice, but the construction is driving me bonkers. I visit friends there all the time, and I wish they’d at least keep the sidewalks free of construction debris.

  • Tear it up. Tear it all up. Cover me in construction dust. I love it.

  • I hear PEPCO is delaying the construction work on Sherman Avenue according to DDOT. Can anyone put pressure on PEPCO?

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