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Judging Restaurants – Cafe Luna

by Prince Of Petworth July 1, 2011 at 12:00 pm 21 Comments

Cafe Luna is located at 1633 P St NW.

Our emphasis is on Mediterranean/Italian-American/American cuisine. Our newly remodeled dining room is perfect for either a relaxing lunch or an elegant dinner. On weekends and holidays we feature an upscale brunch. We are known for offering healthy low-fat meal choices and unique vegetarian dishes. For the more sinful, we offer our renowned Chocolate Cake (voted one of the best desserts in Washington), as well as a full menu of mouth watering deserts.

You can see their full menu here.

Anyone one try the ostrich burger yet?

  • me

    Have tried it before, but nothing seemed great. Quite mediocre, in fact, and that was just appetizers (very watery fried mozzarella) and their salads. I love ostrich burgers, though, so I may have to go back to try it there. For those of you that haven’t tried ostrich, it really does taste just like lean beef, but much less fat!

  • 14th St Heights

    Pretty mediocre food, but used to be quite a fun place to hang out or to have an informal meeting if you’re part of an organization. However, I will never get out of my mind the night we ate outside, and the bushes shook endlessly with the rats running back and forth.

  • Kalorini

    Agreed – food isn’t anything to write home about, but they’re got a great un-crowded happy hour and an outdoor patio.

  • Anonymous

    if this was in eckington or hill east or woodridge, i’d rave about it. but it’s surrounded by far better places.

    i still go there sometimes, but it’s not all that.

  • anonymous

    the food isn’t worth paying for, unfortunately.

  • Former Neighbor

    It is really quite poor, actually.

  • CE

    I used to have lunch here when I worked around the corner and was too lazy to walk anyplace better. It’s…fine.

  • H

    overpriced for what it is. And if you sit out on their tiny patio, it smells like sewage.

  • I’ve never been to this location, but I remember the other one on Connecticut Avenue being only slightly above mediocre.

  • Florista

    Never been, and doesn’t look like I need to go. Ostrich burgers are wonderful if cooked right – very lean!

  • Richko

    Go on Sunday nights for half-price pizza (unless that got renovated away along with the place’s old charm).

    • Richko

      Oh, I see they still have it, plus on Wednesday nights! Check the website for other specials the rest of the week.

  • Me

    The Italians are famous for their ostrich dishes.

  • Kenyon Street

    We had a terrible food experience here. I ordered eggplant parm, and it was clearly microwaved — almost frozen in the middle. The manager admitted that it was made three days earlier, but he refused to comp us for it.

    The rest of the food was just mediocre, and certainly not worth the money.

    Waiters were friendly, but that can’t make up for terrible food and rude management. We will never, ever go back.

  • Sully

    They have great pizza and the 10 veggie salad is good. I go there every pride parade.

  • Stephanie S.

    this was one of the first restaurants my partner and I went to when we moved here (we mistook it for another restaurant, unfortunately) and were wayyyy disappointed.

  • Not a bad place for solo dining or if you want a light meal. I have ordered the pasta dishes numerous times and found them reasonably priced and fairly tasty. No competition for Posto, to be sure, but better than the pasta at Dupont Italian Kitchen a couple of north. The pizza I had several years ago was mediocre at best.

  • Mike

    I’ve always had a good experience at Cafe Luna. And I’ve always liked the friendly atmosphere.

  • Lisa

    Uggg…Their food is dreadful. Pre-cooked, watery, tasteless, and ALWAYS inconsistent portions. Pasta’s are noodles and Ragu microwaved at best . Waitstaff hangs out behind the counter and chit-chats at length while you’re in need of service. Remodeled or not I’ll never return there.

    How this place stays open I’ll never know.

  • cathy

    i like luna for a cheap meal with unadventurous out of towners or large groups. i’ve always found the food to be great abd the drinks fine. nothng fantastic but a nice neighborhood mainstay.

  • When I lived on 17th St., Cafe Luna was one of my favorite places to meet friends for tasty vegetarian sandwiches and salads. Easy to find and get to. They kind of lost me maybe 10 years ago when my eggs & toast came with one slice of toast, which the waiter tried to convince me was actually TWO, since they’d cut it in half. Um….there are so many other good places.


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