Metro Apologizes for this Morning’s Delays

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From a press release:

Metro has issued the following message to customers regarding this morning’s delays on the Green and Red lines:

Issued 11:00 a.m. Thursday, June 30, 2011

Metro apologizes for the delay and inconvenience many of you experienced this morning on the Green and Red lines.

Shortly after 5 a.m., a piece of equipment used to move steel rails had a single wheel come off track at Fort Totten Station. The incident did not result in any injuries or significant damage, however, until the equipment could be moved from Fort Totten Station, trains were forced to share a single track on the Green Line between Fort Totten and U Street stations. This caused delays for many Green Line customers ranging from 10 to 15 minutes.

A separate incident on the Red Line near Rhode Island Avenue also caused delays this morning. Overnight crews were working on a switch outside the station. Unfortunately, the crews were unable to set steel and clear the tracks prior to the start of peak-period service. As a result, trains began the morning single tracking on the Red Line between Rhode Island Avenue and New York Avenue stations. Normal two-track service resumed shortly after 8 a.m.

Again, we apologize for this morning’s delays and thank you for your patience.

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  • 10 to 15 minutes? Try 25. I sat on a Green Line train that didn’t move for that long this morning.

  • ledroittiger

    It’s ok, Metro. All is forgiven.

  • “Unfortunately, the crews were unable to set steel and clear the tracks prior to the start of peak-period service.”

    Don’t you mean “peak of the peak” period service?

  • Yeah, Green line mess was a lot longer than 10-15 mins. I just wish the email alerts went out a little more quickly. Many of us could probably have avoided the whole thing.

    On the plus note, they’re telling us what happened in a timely fashion. That’s a good thing.

  • Where is the apology for exposing metro access riders to TB?

  • 10-15 minutes my ass. It took me 35 minutes to get from U Street to Archives and it typically take less than 10. Lying bastards!

    • Agreed. I waited for a train for 30 at Columbia Heights…

      • At U st metro the station manager was actually nice enough to warn people before we paid our fares about the delay.

        • Was waiting at a packed U Street station this morning around 7:30 when the station manager announced there was a Branch Ave-bound train apporaching the platform, and to please step back. Full train arrives, slows down, and proceeds to speed out of the station.

          Announcer: …Or maybe not. There’s another train at georgia ave now, arriving in 4min. If it stops, it stops; if it don’t, it don’t.

          She continued to make comments like “I dunno what’s going on today” and giving us updates as the train approached.

          Train arrives, announcer says “yay! it’s here. y’all have a good one.”

          Didn’t appreciate the delays, but enjoyed the peanut gallery comment from the U Street station manager..

          • “If it stops, it stops; if it don’t, it don’t.”

            At least she didn’t say “Lordy Lordy, where’s my 40?”

  • 10-15 huh? HA! Yeah, how is it my normal 40 min commute turned into a 80 minute one?

  • An apology is nice, but what’s better is…


    Also, a third and fourth track would eliminate your inherent system design failure and single tracking for all time.

    Invest now.

    • Adding a third track now would cost tons more than if it was done at the beginning of the project. If it does happen, most of us will be dead by the time it’s done.

  • 10-15 minutes?

    Bwhahahahah. I waited on the platform at Col Heights for 31 minutes.

    And I am sorry, taking 4 hours to get a single piece of equipment off the track is beyond ridiculous. The wheel came off? Fine, throw 20 guys at it and fix the problem. It isn’t rocket science.

    And lastly, if Metro had this problem starting at 5:00am, then there is no reason whatsoever for all the station attendants not to have known and posted signs in the stations, no reason for the automated emails to go out and certainly no reason for the electronic signs in all the stations not to be scrolling this information 2 or 3 hours later.

  • Thank goodness I got twitter alerts in plenty of time and the 63 bus was there for me instead. Sorry to those who had to sit on trains for so long. I know that’s awful.

  • Yeah I loath Metro now-a-days. they suck. I to the station at 5:20 in Columbia Heights and waited 30 mins for the next train. I usually get the first or second train. There were 3 trains going to greenbelt on the track that was supposed to be going south instead of north. isn’t there a track change anywhere between any of the stations besides Ft Totten???

    • Yes, but they’re south of U Street. I don’t think there are any crossovers between U and Fort Totten.

  • It added a solid 30 minutes to my commute as well. I waited on the Petworth platform through 2 trains in a row headed to Greenbelt and then a train headed to Branch Ave passed through Petworth without stopping. WTF?

  • they apologize and take full responsibility for what happened …

    yes, great, that doesn’t get me to the meeting i needed to get to. metro should be forced to offer refunds for any delay. maybe not every day but every major disruption and i would say this morning was a major one. it took me more than 30 min more to get to work than it usually does.

    the problem is that there are no customer rights on metro.

  • I wish metro would not charge people who enter and exit the same station. There have been numerous times when I have entered the station, observed a mess on the platform, and decided to leave to catch a taxi instead. It sucks that I have to pay regular metro fare (plus taxi fare) when I don’t end up riding metro at all because it is not functioning properly. Isn’t there a way this could be corrected?

    • I agree. Allow for, I dunno, a 10 minute time period between entering and exiting the station and don’t charge somebody who decides to find another means of transportation and turn around. Even limit it to the same gate if you want to make sure people aren’t using Metro stations as underground passageways between streets or whatever.

      At this point, you need to talk to a station manager. Waste of your time, and the manager’s time. I’m guessing it’s a system limitation that would require some amount of money to fix, and the end result is that Metro would take in less fare, so there’s no reason to fix it.

  • They need to post signs or something before you go through the gate. Sh*t I couldve drove to work faster…

  • These problems were pretty broadly announced through the various media this morning, including all the traffic updates on NPR. It saved me the hassle.

  • 10-15 minute delay – I don’t buy it. I walked in Petworth station and it was significantly more crowded than normal. When I saw there were no arrival times on the board I knew what was up. Then the station manager announced the issue of the delay. I exited the station and took CaBi all the way down to the blue line. Not the best option ever but probably got me to my destination in the same amount of time or earlier.

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