Happy Father’s Day and Congrats to the Triathletes

Photo by PoPville flickr user JosephLeonardo

Happy Father’s Day to all the great pops in PoPville.

And congrats to the all the athletes who participated in Sunday’s Triathlon.

Photo by PoPville flickr user esessler

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  • I was thinking the tri must have been nice since it was so overcast, but the humidity SUCKS.

    Anyone know if the Potomac was swimable today, or did they cancel the swim? Given that it had rained some, I didn’t know how that would affect the pH/water quality.

    Happy Father’s Day to everyone! I know I’m enjoying mine.

  • The swim happened, not too bad, 75F I think. I did it in a sleeveless wetsuit, nice and comfy. Not perfectly calm, but very doable. Of course, will see what spending a half hour in the Potomac will result in. The rest of the course was great, even sprinkled a bit! Congrats to all the competitors, a good race indeed!

  • That second picture is full-on, all the way. (This post brought to you by Microsoft.)

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