Gotta go to Mo’s!

“Dear PoP,

This is a pic of the line outside of the Modell’s store at DCUSA in Columbia Heights. 7:15 AM.

Gotta go to Mo’s! I guess. There was a guy in a wheelchair and a couple of lawn chairs in line, so who knows how long they were waiting.

The “grand opening” was today, at 8 I believe. I’m sure they have some grand opening sales going on, never bothered to look. I mean, I’m all for sporting good stores, but I wouldn’t wait in line, especially in this weather.”

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  • where the heck have I been? Mo’s opened in DC USA?
    and is anyone else really pissed off that Ellewoods is opening at WhiteFlint/Rockville in a new development. I thought they claimed financial issues kept them from opening at DC USA or any other new locations?

  • pablo .raw

    I heard they were giving away free pairs of shoes

  • Heard the line stretched pass the Vitamin Shoppe at around 8ish.

  • When’s the DSW opening up? Now that’s a line I would wait in!

  • wtf? where did this come from? effing awesome.

  • No, there were coupons for the first X hundred customers (plus raffles among them for further discounts). It continues over the week-end.

  • First 200 people got $25 gift cards, may have been free tshirts or something else for next 1,000 in the store. they had flyers in the window the last couple days advertising grand opening specials.

  • I couldn’t fathom why I would ever be waiting in a line like that to go to a not so special sporting goods store. There was one in my hometown and whenever I would go there were barely any customers shopping. It seems like people just like something that is new, regardless of the product.

  • It never ceases to amaze me what people will do for anything that’s free.

  • It’s too hot to even be outside in this type of weather.

  • There’s a Modell’s in the Hechinger Mall on Benning Road, about 3 minutes from our house. It’s convenient, but who the hell would wait in a line to get in there? Crazy.


    $25 gift card to the first 200 people, plus $50 or $100 gift card to random 15 of the first 200. if i didn’t have a job, i probably would have gone.

  • Modell’s can be pretty ghet-toe. Sorry, but that’s a fact. DCUSA is going for the broadest appeal, and the city has yet another situation where they open pandora’s box and deal with the devil. Kill funky and upscale LOCALLY OWNED retail, open the floodgates for chains, and have the corner stores, bulletproof carryouts, Central and South American sub par mom and pop crap in the niches.

    Look I’m not saying there needs to be a Lululemon there or crap like that, but come on–IHOP and Modell’s? But that’s the deal these morons struck, and get ready for Wal Mart.

    • Modell’s customers are “the devil”? That’s a little strong, I think.

      Also, what “funky and upscale LOCALLY OWNED” retail was “kill”ed to make way for DCUSA? I’m not talking about the arcade that opened there in 1925, I mean at the time the city helped DCUSA get developed?

      • Yet another perfect store for CH. Appeals to everyone and avoids any special draw for the Whole Foods crowd. More convenience without tipping the character of the neighborhood. Despite my initial fears, CH continues to add solid businesses without becoming Logan Circle, and for that I am eternally grateful.

    • We have enough murders in CH already – don’t need Lullemon.

    • Because Nash Sports is so good. Went there during the Caps short lived playoff run to look at Caps merch and all they had was an OV jersey. Went to Target and they had much more and sports is only a small part of what they do.

    • What DCUSA needs is a food truck. I’m going to park a cupcake truck inside DCUSA so they’ll be something for everyone to line up for.

  • Yeaaaaa- Because we all NEED MORE STUFF!

    • yes! consumption! it’s how we define ourselves: our consumer choices.

      i will honestly enjoy this quite a bit. bad shitty day at work relieved by getting a good look at a good set of basketball shoes. and hopefully some wizards jerseys beyond john wall (though pity the person who buys puts money down for a blatche anything). and a mandatory constant stock of sean taylor jerseys.

      • jim_ed

        Take the Jordan Crawford jersey, and be way ahead of the curve.

        I buy all my jersies and shersies(dont judge me, Im poor.) at modells. I look forward to having one close by.

  • I went by there at 5:50 this morning, and there were already a dozen people in line.

  • Mo’s is so much crappier in New York. Oh wait, it’s just as crappy in New York.

  • 3 sports stores within 1,000 feet. 2 are next to each other in the same development. Epic FAIL.

    DCUSA – your crappy PG County radio station blasting in the “lobby” sucks. There is a company called Muzak. Look into it.

    • No. Sports Zone or whatever its called doesn’t sell sporting goods, despite the name. They only sell fashionable casual wear. I don’t really understand who would buy that stuff but the kids seem to like it, so fine. Nash’s sells nothing of any value to anyone, as far as I can tell, and should go out of business.

    • Wow, you count Nash’s??? Clearly from how many people were there for the grand opening it is a much needed store for the area.

  • I was kind of excite about this until I realized it wasn’t about Moe’s Tavern.

  • I miss Lane Bryant.

  • I walked by the store this morning at around…7:30ish and there were about 6 people in line. I walked by there yesterday afternoon and Mo’s was packed, SportsZone right next door had like 4 people in there.

    Mo’s is in a perfect area though, you have the gym upstairs, tons of people go there, so there’s a huge benefit in having a sporting goods store on the first floor.

    Modell’s being in the same mall as Sports Zone is not a big deal, but the fact that they’re right next to each other makes it a big time fail. That didn’t make a lot of sense.

  • Modell’s is the next Georgetown Cupcakes.

  • that place is going to get robbed within a month.

  • They had adult Soffee shorts for $5 yesterday evening. That is a steal. Last time I got them that cheap, I was working for Sports Authority in college.

  • As long as I can get good prices on workout clothes & shoes, sport supplies like T-ball equipment, frisbees etc. I’ll go there. But mostly I’ll be sticking to Target and DSW, and maybe Fleet Feet if I’m feeling spendy. Not big on jerseys and expensive athletic shoes that are the equivalent of rims…

  • Did anyone check this out? Do they have Converse shoes there? I’m lazy and tend to avoid sporting goods stores but I need some shoes….

  • I wonder if they carry the tight Riddell shorts that my high school coaches used to wear…and probablly still do. Add to that some cool black rubber cleats – ballin’!

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