Good Deal or Not? “original woodwork on the top 3 floors and 3 working fireplaces” edition

This home is located at 1604 15th St, NW:

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The flier says:

“Upscale living in Logan Circle! A historic DC row house with details including original woodwork on the top 3 floors and 3 working fireplaces. Huge windows offer amazing Logan views and flood the open living spaces with natural light. Private rear terrace and 2nd level deck offer options for outdoor living. Large legal basement unit currently occupied. Leased parking can convey.”

You can find more info here and photos here.

This 5 bed/3.5 bath is yours for $1,199,000.

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  • great location and great master bedroom.

    Awful interior design! That stove is gonna turn a lot of people off.

  • I am sorry… that house is horrible inside. If I were going to spend 1 million+ in the city, it certainly wouldn’t be for that house.

    • the bathroom and kitchens are less than great, that’s for sure … but $1M in that hood is very accurate, unfortunately. Should have bought one in ’99, sigh.

  • The interior’s been trashed too much to command a million even in that location.

  • droooooling. I love it!

  • so what happened here to earn the label “historic?”

  • Any house over $1M should have a decent virtual tour. It may be just me, but I hate not being able to get a sense of the layout from the photos (I’d make Mouse on House mandatory if I could). I get the first floor, but the upstairs floors are a huge jumble and I can’t tell what’s what. It’s nice enough, and pretty big, and in a great location, but I’m not wowed. For $1.2, I want to be impressed, even just a little.

  • I think the price/condition is right on for the neighborhood. The only problem they will have is that they live next door to a horder, which is quite apparent from the front. I feel bad for them bc there is nothing they can do about that.

    • Is that the red brick house? I see what looks like some trash bags outside, but it’s hard to tell if there’s enough of a mess to really qualify the neighbor as a hoarder.

      • yep, i live around the corner (with another house of “collectors” on my block). you can tell just from walking by there are about 1,000 things piled up in the very small front yard. the white house on the other side of them was just completely renovated and is very nice however.

    • We lived near a couple of true hoarders for a while. These aren’t collectors, but true hoarders. There was one lady who had her water and electricity cut off and took to using a bucket for her business. This was in one of her multiple multi million dollar homes. We had a rat problem in our block one summer and it all stemmed from the trash in her house and yard. It is not fun living near that.

  • If I was looking to spend $1 million on a house, and was looking at that area, I might just do it. I’d also spend the next 15 years working on the interior of the house, but it is such a cool place that it is probably worth it.

    • This is probably a good opportunity for an investor. The structure, location, space, etc seem amazing. Just needs some higher end kitchen and bath stuff and you could probably sell for closer to 1.5. Heck, you could make that kitchen a lot better for less than 10 grand in appliances and counter doors.

      Though the “leased parking” thing kind of sucks. Shame it doesn’t have alley access.

  • That is a great area with everything nearby, WholeFoods, Church Key, The Studio Theatre, Estadio, Posto…etc. Yes it needs a lot of work, inside and out but its a whole house, not a condo, in a great area so the price is about right.

    The only drawback is that 15th St is a one-way and its kinda like a small highway, esp. during rush hour.

  • I was feeling pretty envious looking at the outside of the house… but felt my envy lessen as I saw more and more of the photos of the inside.

    Did anyone else notice the bathroom with the two toilet-paper holders, one just above the other?

  • No way at that price…..It’s practically a shell.

    • What’s that even mean? It’s a huge house in one of the 5 most desirable neighborhoods in an expensive city – the floors, walls, ceilings, windows, structural elements look OK to me – though you never know. And it comes with income automatically in the basement. All it needs is an updated kitchen and bathrooms – so take 50k off the offer price and make it up there. I’m not sure why people look at the finer points of a house and think that they really impact the price. If it had stainless steel appliances and granite counters, people would probably be saying it should go for 1.4 mil. That stuff costs a matter of thousands, not millions (which is what you get with a location and structure like this).

      • Kev29, I appreciate your comments but take it from some one who knows, renovations aren’t that simple. What’s behind those old kitchen appliances? I bet it’s electrical from the 1960’s that’s never been upgraded and can’t handle modern appliances very well. Same with the bathrooms, plus the plumbing that may need replacing too. Oh and don’t forget about sub floors if you want to even think about re-tiling the ugly stuff in the kitchen or the likely worn-out stuff in the bathrooms. Only in new homes or ones that have been recently flipped (e.g. post 2000) is it as easy as changing out counters for granite or appliances for new ones. Old houses take work.

      • Huge? Unless you count the basement (which is a separate unit), it’s under 2000 square feet.

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