Dear PoPville – Have the Tennis Courts at UDC Closed to the Public?

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“Dear PoPville,

I’m wondering if anyone knows when the tennis courts at UDC were closed to the public. I’ve taken a long break from tennis but went to play at the courts at UDC, which in the past were open to the public, on Sunday. It was a beautiful day and all of the other courts around there were full. The courts at UDC were empty and the sign said they were reserved for UDC faculty, students, employees and a tennis team. But there was no one on them. It seems like kind of a waste for a beautiful Sunday afternoon.”

Anyone know if the UDC courts are permanently closed to the public? I know there are some relatively nearby courts at 32nd St NW & Brandywine St NW that you can check out as well.
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  • I’ve been wondering the same thing as I used to play there all of the time. If they are indeed closed to the public, I have an issue as I am one of the many DC taxpayers who funded the renovation. Even many private schools let the public use their courts and I expect nothing less from UDC.

  • I hope so. As someone who attends the University of the District of Columbia, I’ve found those tennis courts to be occupied by non-students, even though we pay a student activity fee that contributes to it’s maintenance.

  • SusanRH

    I believe they now require a membership to play on them, so they are pretty much empty all of the time!

  • From their website: “Five tennis courts are available to the student body and community. Equipped with night-lights, the courts serve as a focal point for that portion of the campus.”

  • They are open on a membership basis. It is unfortunate that they are no longer available for free public use.

    The ANC fought hard to get UDC to re-open them during their recent discussions regarding UDC’s campus plan, but unfortunately UDC would not agree. UDC did agree to open them to the public on an hourly fee basis.

    The closest well-maintained free courts that remain open to the public are at Hearst School and at 40th and Chesapeake.

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