Dear PoP – New Bar Opening Up at 14th and Newton St, NW in Columbia Heights?

“Dear PoP,

I walked by Quiet Mind Yoga today and noticed a bunch of tables with umbrellas on the patio below. A new fence had gone in out front recently, but I didn’t realize it might be for a bar. The man sitting at one of the tables told me the place (below the vintage clothing store) will be a bar. They were holding a pre-launch party for family and friends tonight. Do you know anything about it?”

I got a number of emails like this yesterday and I’m happy to say that it sounds like Zeba Bar and Grill is finally opening up at 3423 14th Street, NW. We’ve been anticipating their opening for a long time and in April I wrote:

The space was described to me as a bar with really good food rather than a restaurant that serves drinks. They will serve pizza, burgers, shish kabobs and other bar fare.

If they are open and anyone checks them out this weekend, be sure to send me an email and let me know what you think.

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  • The guy at the door said they were opening on Friday. I look forward to trying it out.

  • What an uninspiring menu. They’d be better off selling themselves as a steakhouse geared towards vegetarians.

  • At last! I had though (and I still hope) they were going to be more narrowly focused on kabobs and middle eastern fare — that would be a good niche for them, as no one else in the ‘hood (I believe) serves that style of food. If it’s just another pizza and burger joint, well, there is a ton of competition … fun weekend on 14th ahead with this place and Acre 121 both opening! And I still haven’t made it over to The Getaway.

    Speaking of burgers in that area, seems like the ZBurger construction has ground to a halt — anyone know the deal?

    • SusanRH

      I went to Getaway last night for happy hour for the first time. It is a pretty good deal, they have $3.00 beers, $5.00 appetizers and a few other specials, that I didn’t pay attention too.

      One thing I really liked was Happy Hour ran from 5 to 8.

      As for the food, I had the wild mushroom risotto and it was delicious.

      • We went to Getaway last week. Gets an F from myself and my husband. Dirty wine glasses and silverware. Didn’t replace them until asked to do so. Had the parmesean crusted sole…covered so deeply in parmesean and hard fried, couldn’t even tell if I was really eating sole. Could have been almost any fish. Husband had steak. More fat and gristle than actual meat…weird sauce on top. Only good thing were my friends chicken wings app. Not planning on going back anytime soon. Its a shame.

      • time for a PoP post follow up for Getaway now that people have had a chance to try it out?

    • I walked by tivoli this afternoon and the doors were wide open and there were a bunch of construction workers working inside.

  • A welcome addition to the neighborhood. A kabob-themed bar is interesting and new in DC.

  • I went to the pre-opening last night as I live literally behind the place (you can see into the kitchen of our house from the back patio). The space seemed nice and the bartenders and servers were kind.

  • Is it just me or is it weird to have a bar right under (next to?) a yoga place. Especially one called Quiet Mind. I just wonder if it will be noisy while you’re trying to meditate in your pose. Or something.

  • I was there last night! Zebra Bar is gonna be pretty nice. It’s a very cozy spot and the patio will be great during the warmer months.

  • I have neverending giggles over the fact that “Quiet Mind” is right across the street from a VERY busy fire station.

  • My husband and I went last night for the soft opening with another couple who live nearby. David, the owner, is a long time resident and one of our neighbors. He used to own a deli/grocery in Mt. Pleasant about 10 years back. 3 of his kids live in the neighborhood as well and will be helping out at Zeba.

    They have a list of seasonal cocktails (pisco sour, mojito, hard iced tea), beer on tap and about 15 wines to choose from in addition to the hard alcohol. There are actually 4 spaces – outside, downstairs with two TVs (a place to get a soccer fix?) and a place to plug in your ipod if you feel the urge to DJ for the night, a smallish bar/dance floor on the 2nd floor and then another bar on the covered roof deck.

    Last night they just had pizza but I am looking forward to the kabobs once the kitchen is fully operational. David is Persian and I often see him at Moby Dick’s. That kind of food would be a good addition to the neighborhood.

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