DC Reynolds Coming to 3628 Georgia Ave, NW (near Blue Banana and Looking Glass Lounge)

Back in late April I shared the news that a new neighborhood bar would be coming to 3628 Georgia Ave, NW in the old (long vacant) Huron Pharmacy building. A number of people have been asking for an update – so here’s a bit more info that has become available. They’ve applied for a liquor license at the end of May:

New Tavern with food and beverage service for on premise consumption. Entertainment for inside premises and summer garden will include low volume musical performances such as two or three piece member acoustic bands and DJ’s. Seating capacity is 65. Total occupancy load is 65. Summer garden will have an estimated seating for 120 patrons.

They’ve created a Facebook page for the bar to be called DC Reynolds. You can see some photos of the construction progress and what it currently looks like on the inside – here and they describes themselves as:

American pub and grill opening fall 2011 in Park View/Petworth. DC Reynolds was founded by restaurateurs Jeremy Gifford, Jon Calvert, and Justin Gifford after years of experience with a wide range of diverse concepts. DC Reynolds will integrate a full service home cooked menu with a relaxed, comfortable ambiance.

But my favorite post from their Facebook page says:

Met with some farmers and cheese makers this morning at the Bloomingdale Farmers market to talk about sourcing local meat, produce, and cheese. The dragon breath cheese and prosciutto we tried were awesome!

Sweet! Stay tuned for more info as construction progresses.

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  • Awesome. I think it sounds like a fantastic addition to the strip. I am very excited to see more development in this area and can’t wait for it to open.

  • Get to know the owners. They are stand up guys that will be very positive in the community. They are loved wherever they have opened up spots!

  • I love that they are going to have “low volume musical performances such as two or three piece member acoustic bands” – this type of venue is seriously lacking in DC. Can’t wait for them to open!

  • gotryit

    Is ANC1A really protesting this? I thought I saw something about that in early June.

    The place sounds awesome.

    • andy

      I imagine any opposition would vanish once The Bandit shows up in support of the bar.

      Also, Burt Reynolds may or may not punch the ANC members in the face.

  • I will be here often when this opens up. This strip of Georgia has such potential. After the addition of a bar like this one, I have a feeling it will be more of a legit destination for others outside the immediate area.

  • Nice to see a little competition around these parts.

    With Georgia and 11th so close together I think this area could get a nice party vibe along with solid prices while NOT becoming the next Adams Morgan. I don’t think we’ll see the kind of over-saturation they have over on 18th street.

    I don’t see how anyone could protest this, or that diner thingy…

    • Does petworth have the same type of nimby’s as the other parts of the city that like to protest bars/restaurants?

    • I don’t really think any area of the city is in danger of becoming the next Adams Morgan. I predict GA Avenue may eventually look something like the next H St though, which I think is definitely a good thing. IMO, it would be even more immediately successful as such, since it isn’t next to impossible for people to get to on the metro (as H St is).

  • I’m all sorts of confused. What does the name mean, and exactly what is a “market bar”? A combination market/bar?

    They should’ve called it Huron Pharmacy Bar. Oh, wait…

  • I’d be happier if this was primarily a restaurant – we need better dining options more than more bars. There’s enough “bar food” in Petwoth/CH already. But… certainly better than an empty storefront.

    • Tell Gillian Clark and the Hilton Brothers to get crackin’!

    • It sounds like they’re looking into having quality food options (akin to Meridian Pint) rather than just plain old bar food. I think that’s a good thing. I don’t even look at Meridian Pint as a bar…it’s a restaurant that serves lots of great beer and is always welcoming of my family and I.

      • saf

        See, IMO, Meridian Pint is a great bar with acceptable food.

        • Have you had the turkey hash? So…freakin’…good!!!!

          • saf

            I’ve never even seen that on the menu.

          • Seriously – the best food at MP often isn’t on the menu. Ask your server about the specials. I once had a cheeseburger topped with ribs. Heart attack for sure, but boy…so good.

          • saf

            I always read the specials off the board. And yes, the specials are generally the best food.

          • Turkey Hash has been on the menu since the Pint first opened. One of the signature items… At brunch its served with mustard hollandaise, at dinner with a mustard veloute… if one hasn’t seen it on the menu, perhaps one should look beyond the burgers (which of course are exceptional… local grass fed 8 oz burger…)

        • while i love MP, i’m with saf on this one. main attraction is the beer – food is decent, but not my main purpose in going. highlights for me are the wings, the chili, and the rarebit fries.

          • saf

            I like the wings, but would prefer them fried a little harder.

            The chili would be FAR better without the evil cilantro.

            Haven’t tried the rarebit fries yet.

            I’ve had good soup there.

            But the beer (and the staff) really make the place.

      • I would like someplace to bring the family – especially after I pick them up from school just a few doors down at EL Haynes.

    • I totally agree it would be nice to have more restaurant options in Petworth/Park View. Glad to hear the food will be better than just basic bar food though. Still I would love to be able to take the family out for dinner in the neighborhood more often.

  • I’d be much more excited if it was the Dee Reynolds Bar.

  • This sounds great! Hope they have some good veggie entree options.

  • They also ran T.T. Reynolds in Fairfax.

  • Adams Morgan East, baby!

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