Retail of Solea Building at 14th and Florida Ave, NW Filling Up

In addition to the Greater Washington Sports Alliance two more retail spaces have recently been leased in the Solea. Nave & Associates Law Firm and Moshe Zusman Photography – both on the Florida Ave side. It’s good to see a healthy mix of retail filling the U St/14th St Corridor.

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  • Did you get a new camera PoP? Or start applying a photoshop filter? These last two pics look different almost like drawings.

  • I know these are retail spaces, and they front the street, but a law office and a professional photographer’s office are not retail, they are offices. Notice how both spaces have almost completely covered up the windows to the street. Doesn’t exactly entice people to come to the area for the vibrant retail scene.

  • Whatever happened to the restaurant/bar that was supposed to go in here? PoP, you remember the guy that threatened you and some other bloggers because of comments folks left about past dealings with him?

  • Too bad it’s not really retail.

    Jair Lynch’s (Landlord) website states: “We always have the same goal: creating extraordinary neighborhoods.” I’d say this is far from extraordinary. Any business that stays open until 5:30pm does little for a place like 14th Street where nighttime businesses are needed more than a law practice.

    I’m gonna guess View 14 does not do much better with its retail since the sidewalk is so narrow in front of that buildng.

    • i disagree. we need more daytime jobs in the neighborhood. thats the only way to sustain current retail and get more retail. people that are actually in the neighborhood working 9-5 jobs. it can not all be nightlife.

      • I agree that we need more daytime office jobs in the area and further up in Columbia Heights, but ground floor retail space isn’t the best option. All of these businesses in a traditional retail strip would be on the second floor or higher, not on the ground floor.

      • + 100%

        It is not like 14th is hurting for retail. These two businesses will only add to the diversity, growth, and prosperity of our town.

        Non makes a good point, daytime jobs are needed in the area and not just those retails positions.

  • Yeah, it brings a huge amount of excitement and life to this corner.

  • Moshe is actually one of the top photographers in the area ( and is beginning to offer workshops for professional photogs during business hours and after hours. It’s great that 14th St. is continuing to be a hub for artists in the city.

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