Maddy’s Tap Room Coming to 1100 13th St, NW

According to a recent liquor license application Maddy’s Tap Room will be a:

“New Restaurant, offering American fare. Background music provided and television monitors. No Entertainment .Sidewalk Café seats #50, Total Occupancy Load #150.”

It looks like there is still a significant amount of build out that needs to occur in this new space at the corner of 13th and L St, NW.

Should make the students at the future NYU school located next door pretty happy.

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  • ah

    I think the NYU students will look at it longingly, cursing the 21-y.o. drinking age.

  • oh come on. 1100 13th St, NW isn’t really in dc.

  • Cool – that is my office building and we have been wondering what might go in there. As for the clientele, I am guessing there will be more greasy-haired AP cameramen than NYU students, given the number who play hackey-sack outside the building on summer days.

  • That’s my office building and we’re anxiously awaiting a restaurant/bar in this space. It’s been vacant since the building went up 3-4 years ago. Finally an option to the dreaded Au Bon Pain!

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