Good Deal or Not? “home lovingly maintained by 3 families since 1914” edition

This home is located at 4205 Illinois Ave, NW:

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The flier says:

“Pretty brick 3 BED/1 1/2BA Petworth home lovingly maintained by 3 families since 1914. Much original, unpainted, gorgeous woodwork: e. g. ,oak flrs, staircase, columns, pocket doors. (See virtual tour. ) Renov’d KIT; plumbg/electrical work; gas furn. Move-in condition. WIde porch, nice front & backyds, car pad.”

You can find more info here and photos here.

What do you think of the woodwork? $449,000 sound reasonable for this 3 bed/1.5 bath?

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  • blester01

    It should go pretty close to the asking price (+/- $10,000). It is mostly renovated – it just needs a new kitchen – very livable on day one, and it looks to have a garage out back. We have been told by several realtors that you can value them around $40k since you can’t build them anymore.The big question is the age and quality of the plumbing and electrical.

    • Re: electrical. As long as it’s not knob and tube and there aren’t any recent renovations its going to be relatively safe. If you need to upgrade the kitchen, then factor in the cost of an electrical panel upgrade if all the current breaker/fuse slots are full.

      If nothing’s recently painted, then will see evidence of water leaks. If you see no evidence, you’re likely going to be ok.

  • Pretty woodwork but no CAC. The kitchen needs a lot of work as does the backyard. Frankly, you can more for less in near Grant Circle.

  • bfinpetworth

    Wow, that is a beautiful time capsule of a house. The woodwork is fantastically preserved. However the house lacks some modern amenities that are highly valued today that may hurt its value – like a modern open kitchen, and more bathrooms.

    I hope they get asking price but I think it may be a bit high.

  • Love the upstairs wooden closet door, very cool! I bought a place on the other side of the circle a couple years ago for about $370, but it’s got 20 coats of lead paint literally on everything, so yes, spend the money and move in and enjoy the pretty wood.

  • Absolutely love it. I’m probably in the minority, but I’m tired of the “open layout” stuffed into traditional houses.

    • I hate it too…… I love that while our house is “renovated” it wasn’t gutted.

      • I love traditional floorplans – but that drywalled off galley kitchen is not my cup of tea. I’d open that up a bit.

    • What you guys said. (Have we had this conversation before?) I don’t like the “open” look, and after having seen what “renovated” means around here, I’m so happy I got a house that was spared the home depot treatment.

      I love the featured house. It’s beautiful.

    • Agreement here as well. Open layouts have no charm–modern condo behind a pretty brick exterior. We bought our place because, though renovated, it still had walls and traditional touches.

    • Completely agree with slb. I walk into these old rowhouses that have been gutted to make way for a modern “open” floorplan and they always seem to appear smaller.

  • I would love to see this house go for this but alas I think it is probably overpriced. I would think it is closer to the 380-400 mark …. if it had CAC, renovated kitchen, and an extra bath then I could maybe see 449.

    But I would be extra happy if it did..

    • bfinpetworth

      Agree, the CAC, kitchen and bath may prove to be a problem. On the other hand, some folks will pay a large premium for such a beautifully maintained original house.

    • If it had CAC, a renovated kitchen, and an extra bath, it would easily go for over $500K, maybe even $550K. The totally redone flip jobs around this area are going for $550-575K, but this house is way nicer with all the original woodwork, beautiful original floors, etc.

      • Really? Because I see very few non-flip jobs going for that much. I figure a non-flip job with CAC, extra bath and new kitchen = 450.

        Flip job= 500-550.

        I mean houses like these don’t come up all that often but I see very few (if any) non-flip jobs going for 450.

        • There are very few non-flip houses going to $450K because almost all of the houses for sale in Petworth are either flip jobs or houses in very poor condition. I know many people that live in lovingly restored houses in nice condition in Petworth, but no one is selling now unless forced because the market is bad for sellers. So you’ll see very few comps for a house like this.

          But surely there has to be something between a total fixer upper (I have a friend who bought a nice house with potential, but it needs everything done – for $348K)vs. $575K for having everything done.

          It costs $10K to $20K (if you splurge for Spacepak) to install central air. You could renovate the kitchen for $25-30K. Adding a half bath on the main level would be about $5k to $10K.

          So if you could do all these things for $50-60K…I don’t understand why this house would be worth maybe $150K less than the flip job.

          • My guess is that most people don’t want to do the work themselves (counting hiring contractors/living with the construction as “doing it themselves”), even if it would cost less that way. There’s definitely some benefit to not having to live in a construction zone – and I say that having just lived through only a few days of hardwood floor refinishing. Imagining 4-8 weeks without a kitchen, and living amidst the construction, makes me want to cry. And pay more for a house that’s already had the kitchen redone.

            That said, I think this place is great and you wouldn’t have to do anything to live there. Any upgrades would be purely optional; it’s a lovely house as-is.

          • It get you but for some reason there is a serious premium around here for flip jobs. It might not make sense to you or me but people are willing to pay to have everything be brand spanking new.

            My house is just on the other side of Grant…. bigger, redone kitchen, 1/2 bath on the first floor, similar condition and i would be ecstatic if I could get 449 out of my house. I just don’t see that happening….. I am guessing low end 375- high end 400 (for my house).

      • Agree with lei, I think this is a good example (under contract for $439)

        I think this one should sell for lower because of the kitchen and only 1 bathroom.

  • I wish I had the cash. I would love to live in this place. slb – you are not in the minority, i love the fact this is still so beautifully traditional.

  • I think it is priced about right and will go quickly.

  • I sure hope it goes for that much, but I’m not sure. Like someone posted above, I bought a similar house a couple blocks away last year for almost $100k less. We didn’t get a garage, but do have central air and a rentable unit in the basement.

    Not having a half bath on the main floor will hurt the value.

  • I’d like to see the attic.

  • Definitely worth it to move into the ever popular Petworth Heights. The grass is greener and the air is cleaner and the backyards bigger up on top of the hill. And even better, you will be PoP’s neighbor!

  • Illinois Avenue is pretty in the spring

  • Petworth Heights?

    • Some of the thugs refer to the upper areas of Petworth as Hilltop, so I am trying to instill a new name, hence Heights. But I am game for something better. Like our new Grant-Sherman-Petworth Heights metro stop and our new Petworth Heights-Woodley Park Bus route.

      The view from Barnard Elementary across the city during the late afternoon is stunning, and you can really tell you’re up above it all at these higher elevations.

      • No that’s good. +1

      • I like the view across the city from in the Cemetary.

        I could have sworn this house was on the market last year, but it must be one just next to it. I run by on my park/illinois loop and I was surprised to see the sign go up.

        I do like the yard and the house.

  • “Roof – Unknown” so it needs a new roof. There is no garage, just the concrete parking pad. CAC is going to be pretty destructive to the lines/look of the rooms.
    I don’t see that there are 4 floors to this house.

  • We went to an open house here when it was on the market last summer– listed at 499K and didn’t sell. The agent agreed when I said the owner was dreaming. That kitchen is more awful in person, and there is a rickety pantry thing behind it, followed by a scary rickety back porch. Without some updating, I don’t see it going for over 400K. The woodwork really is beautiful though– I’m very envious as I’ve spent many an hour chipping paint off ours!

  • Wow! I totally think this house will go for asking price. It is really beautiful, and doesn’t need much work. Really lovely.

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