Former Go Mama Go Space at 1809 14th St, NW to Become Current Boutique

Back in Jan. ’10 we learned that Go Mama Go would be closing at 1809 14th St, NW just north of S St NW. After recently vacating the space a new coming soon sign for Current Boutique has gone up on their front window. The clothing consignment trend continues in full force.

According to their Web site:

Current Boutique offers customers handpicked consignment pieces that fit the criteria of great quality, style, cut, and color. Ladies need a revolving wardrobe: you wear an outfit once or twice, pictures are taken, everyone’s seen you in it, and you can’t wear it again. Current Boutique is the best place to recycle your wardrobe. Turn your cluttered closet into cash now at this no-appointment-necessary boutique.

They currently have locations in Old Town and Clarendon. Anyone ever visit the VA spots?

And if you’re looking they are hiring:

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  • I’m a fan. I’ve found some really nice things at the Old Town location. Haven’t been to Clarendon. Very similar to Secondi in Dupont.

  • I can only wear my outfits once or twice!?! I think I have a problem …

  • The Clarendon’s store is pretty great – great addition to the neighborhood!

  • ” you wear an outfit once or twice… and you can’t wear it again.”

    I’m sorry, but this thought process just sounds disgustingly decadent and wasteful. Am I the only one who thinks clothes are still acceptable to wear after one or two trips through the washer? Is that why my friends don’t hang out with me?

  • This sounds preposterous to me: “Ladies need a revolving wardrobe: you wear an outfit once or twice, pictures are taken, everyone’s seen you in it, and you can’t wear it again.”

    And it seems like that’s more of an appeal to sellers than to buyers. (Although maybe since they’re just starting off, they’re more focused on acquiring stock at the moment.)

    • That’s the problem with Facebook. Before, the photos of you in your new outfit just faded from memory. Now your frilly green-gingham dress stars at you in perpetuity from your friend’s wall, preventing you from ever again making the same fashion statement without looking like a total loser. Thank God this store is coming to DC!

  • Emmaleigh504

    They passed out candy at the metro with flyers once. It was tasty, non-poisoned, high quality candy. I approve of this technique.

  • Weird marketing, especially considering the clientele (I imagine very few people living within a mile of this store turn over their wardrobes like that). I’ll check it out, but with the intention of finding something great to last me for years 🙂

  • While this Y chromosome thinks that only wearing anything a couple of times is preposterous, it would not surprise me if there is a market for something like this in DC. There is certainly an element of this mentality with the DC socialite wanting to be seen in something new (though not in my salary bracket), and, as long as they aren’t snobby enough to not be willing to sell there clothes to a store like this, I say it’s a win for people who don’t mind slightly used, high end clothes on the cheap. Let the market figure out if it’ll be successful or not.

  • Lame marketing. I always thought the point of stores like this is to offer up less expensive pieces of clothing that allow you to supplement/layer your existing wardrobe, helping it last longer.

    Also, more men’s clothing on 14th please.

  • I’ve shopped and consigned at the Clarendon location. I strongly do not recommend them for consigning. They lost an expensive (and new with tags) item of mine. And don’t appear to care. But because the consignment agreement basically says that they can do whatever they want with consigned items, there’s nothing I can do about it.

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