Coffee and the Works to be Replaced by Capital Teas (I Swear I’m not Making that Up) Capital Teas Also Opens in Georgetown

Back in Jan. ’11 we we learned that Coffee and the Works would be closing after 31 years at 1627 Connecticut Ave, NW. I had heard some scuttlebutt that a high end tea shop would be moving into the space but to be honest I though someone was just messing with me. Turns out to be totally true. They plan on opening in Dupont in about a month give or take a few days. Annapolis based Capital Teas will be moving into the space. From their Web site:

“Welcome to Capital Teas, fifth generation fine tea merchants. Our family tradition in the tea trade began in the 1890’s when our great-great-grandfather, Francis Van Reyk, oversaw one of the first tea estates to be planted on Ceylon (now Sri Lanka). Today, maintaining a century-plus family tradition of excellence in tea, we source only the highest quality teas and infusions from around the world for your drinking pleasure.”

You can see all their teas here.

And last weekend I happened to walk by their recently opened new space at 1614-A Wisconsin Avenue, NW. If you like tea – you’re gonna love this place.

Lots more photos of the Georgetown space after the jump.

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  • Oooooooooo. This looks incredible. I’m really excited to see how the Dupont space turns out!

  • This is a great addition to the neighborhood. Good whole leaf teas are hard to find.

    • jburka

      Uh, isn’t this roughly 1.5 blocks from the original Teaism?

      • teaism doesn’t sell that many blends, they’re mostly straight up pure loose leaf teas. that, and they’re pretty expensive! capital teas sells all sorts of teas & in small amounts ranging from $6-$15 per 2 oz. Capital Teas would be a good place to go to figure out what kind of tea you like, then go to Teaism for the “best” version of that tea.

        I like Zen Tara Tea the best, but I heard from the vendor at the Cooking & Entertaining show that he supplies some of the teas & the tins to ZTT, so prices should be a bit cheaper.

  • jburka

    So that’s what they meant! My husband and I saw the Capital Teas at National Harbor last weekend and were surprised that they claimed a Dupont location that we didn’t know about!

  • Well, Coffee and the Works sold piles of essentially useless kitchenware at double the price of anywhere else ($85 for a $45 Bialetti espresso pot?) so it would be nice to see a business that served Dupont better. At least it’s not another Comfort One.

  • I suppose it’s better than the old place, but even though I do drink tea, I’m disappointed it’s not a shop I’m interested in at all.

  • I’m digging it. Despite their name, Teaism is mostly a restaurant, not a tea store. I’m OK with that. I still love Teaism but I get tea from Upton Tea Importers by the kilo (not by the pound….) at a fraction of the price I could get it at Teaism. Plus, Teaism has a very limited selection of tea accoutrements.

    • This. I’m addicted to Upton, and not just because of their prices. They offer small $2-3 samples of almost every tea in stock and I always order one or two with my regular supply to try new teas. With their volume turnover you are all but guaranteed fresh leaves, too, something that I worry about even with Teaism. I will support the local stores for purchases of accessories and to go drink tea that I don’t make myself, but for bulk supply online is where it’s at.

  • I’d like to see a true “tea room” come to DC someday.

  • We could use about ten more tea houses in this city. The two Teaisms I visit are also notably packed most of the time. I’m just wondering about where we’ll be sitting drinking tea here, the light, the size, etc.

    I don’t know why more businesses don’t consider tea houses — it is such a high profit margin. Tea is rather cheap, and water is too.

    It is too bad that the National Gallery closed that upstairs space in the East Building — it was fantabulous for having a tea in a gorgeous bright modern space.

    Maybe one of these new modern DC libraries could open up a tea room. I’ve seen it before. Sometimes it’s profitable.

  • Yay! I’ve been to their Bethesda store, and they have great herbal teas. I haven’t tried anything beyond herbal teas, but they have a fabulous selection across the board. I’m happy with this news 🙂

  • Thanks everyone for your interest! We are anxiously awaiting our Dupont opening.

    Can’t wait to see some of you at our store!

  • Still haven’t found a place I like better than Ching Ching Cha in Georgetown. Great atmosphere and tea. Food’s good too!

  • Only interested if they do the whole high tea thing with scones and savory sandwiches with the crusts cut off…

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