Capturing Sweet City Signs: B. Roth Saddelry

Well you can barely make out the sign but I’m 99% sure it says B. Roth Saddlery from 1033 7th St, NW at the corner of L. I’m pretty sure the building next door has been nominated as a horse’s ass award. I guess I should add this one to the list as well. Pretty ironic/awesome that the building used to sell saddles.

But the fact that you can still (barely) see a sign for B. Roth Saddelry is pretty cool. Hard to imagine horses galloping down 7th St, NW.

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  • Does anyone know what the deal is with this whole block? Passenger is there and appears to be doing well (as is one other club next door).

    Are they waiting for the convention center hotel to finish?

    There’s definitely some cool storefronts in these buildings and it’s right next to the metro.

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