Tues. Afternoon Rental Option – Near North East/H St, NE

This rental is located at L Street NE at 7th Street NE:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Great one bedroom basement apartment located near Gallaudet University….and only blocks up from the New York Avenue/Gallaudet University metro stop and within walking distance to the Atlas District. 7th and L, NE

Apartment is roughly 650 sq ft. Ceramic tile throughout the entire apartment, granite counters, full size appliances, including dishwasher, and own washer/dryer. Apartment has separate entrances, front and back. Utilities separate. One month rent security deposit required.

No pets and no smoking.”

$1100 sound right for this 1 bedroom english basement?

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  • This must be what realtors consider humor now-a-days.

  • I HATE H ST. It’s the worst. Only idiots and posers would live there. Idiots. Why would anyone want to live anywhere more than 5 blocks from U St/Adam’s Morgan? I Hate H.

    I just thought I’d get that discussion under way for everybody.

  • why don’t they call them American basements?

  • Wow. $1100 / month for 7th and L. If that apartment rents at that price, we’re done: Trinidad is officially gentrified.

    • That’s not Trinidad – it’s Near Northeast. Trinidad is on the other side of Florida, east of Gallaudet.

  • Can you actually require non-smoking tenants? I mean, I know you can evict someone for having a dog when they signed a no-dog lease, but can you evict someone for smoking?

    • I assume they mean no smoking in the apartment. I don’t think it’s intended to mean that smokers cannot rent the apartment.

      • I figured that, but to clarify my question, I meant if you sign a lease and decide to smoke in the apartment anyway, can you really be evicted for that? That somehow does not seem legal… they can refuse to renew your lease the next year, but in the meantime…

        • why wouldn’t it be legal? you signed a contract, then broke the contract.

          • Yeah, why not? And I think smoking could potentially cause more damage than a dog.

          • Agreed. Additionally, a lot of landlords have no smoking clauses in their homeowners’ insurance policies. It’s completely legal to require that no one smoke in an apartment. (As stated, I’m sure you can’t require that a person who rents never smokes outside of the apartment.)

  • Smoking inside leaves a film on all surfaces that must be specially scrubbed off walls before re-painting, so it is an additional cost. So yes, if you sign a lease for non-smoking and then smoke, it is the same as if you knocked holes in the wall that require patching & prep before painting.

    Impossible to evict for that – (in DC you have to actually slay and dismember at least 19 people and hide them in the walls, while running a ferret farm and a dog-fighting ring and not paying rent for 3 years to be evicted) but completely justified to keep your deposit.

  • Heavy smoker for inside wall slime = about 6 a day.

  • $1100 for a dark basement off Florida Ave NE? No sir, I don’t like it.

  • I live two blocks from this place in a first-floor one-bedroom and I pay exactly the same.

  • We rent an 750-800 sq ft. one bedroom english basement, fully renovated, with a ton of windows a couple blocks down for $1300 a month, which is a more than reasonable price for all utilities, the size, and location. $1100 for that space may be a little high though.

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