Seafood & Things to Re-Open as King-N-I Serving, Um, well, Seafood & Things

I was excited to see that the brown paper had been removed from the window at Seafood & Things located at 847 Upshur St, NW. While we’ve previously discussed whether or not this is the greatest or worst name for a restaurant, I was just eager to see something new.

Alas it’s going to serve:

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  • It’s also serving unnecessary apostrophes.

  • pathetic.

    closed in 6months.

  • really? more wings and fried fish? sadness 🙁

  • Seafood, things, and etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

  • PoP do you know if something is also coming next door? I thought something was supposed to come to that Beveragemania place. I’ve also seen some movement inside the place on the corner next to Beveragemania. Any info on that?

  • Looks like a dump and nothing to get excited about. Also, last week you posted the “coming soon” on the space on GA avenue. Looks like that is just going go be another crappy phone card, booze bedega. I can’t believe that something better can’t go in that close to the metro.

    • Yup, saw the awning up last night. Its called Market 77 if I remember correctly.

      77 probably represents the percentage markup.

  • Would you rather the storefronts stay empty? I agree that it’d be great to see some cool, unusual foodie place open, but Petworth is still a working class area. Fried fish is good. You can pretend it is mahi-mahi if it makes you feel better.

  • I think the issue is how many fried fish/wing/pizza/booze/phone cards can one commercial support or should attempt to support. I am not sure I buy that Petworth is predominantly working class anymore. i would guess its about a 50/50 split. And yes I would rather some storefronts stay empty instead of filling up with crap on top of crap. And fwiw I LOVE Bills seafood kitchen but he also puts effort into having some outdoor seating and actually having a damn good product. I also get the impression that he wouldn’t put up with any BS from his customers and I respect that.

  • That’s a bad awning with no concept of authenticity. Seafood & Things but there’s a photo of pizza? This entire block needs a facelift aside from maybe 3-4 progressive businesses. It has promise but needs vision. Upshur street is a conduit to NE and is accessible from one of the main avenues in DC. Let’s get serious about the type of amenities we have to offer. Quality vs quantity. Quality…..vs quantity.

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