Washington, DC

Back in Oct. ’10 we looked at the prospect of Annie and Teddy’s coming to the 1400 block of Pennsylvania Ave, SE, on the same strip as Wisdom and Trustys. It sounded awesome:

I’m sad to say (as many have surely guessed/assumed by now) this venture is no longer going to be. In fact this retail space has recently sold. However, the new owner is currently in talks with prospective established business owners to open a new venture here. Some ideas that have been discussed include a coffee shop/cafe offering breakfast lunch and dinner. The space already has a liquor license so beer and wine could possibly be served in the evening hours. Since the retail space has only just sold it is likely that we won’t see a new tenant here for about a year.

I’ll be sure to update when a new tenant signs on.

In the meantime – for those that know this area – do you like the idea of a coffee shop/cafe filing this space?


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