Robbery and Stabbing at 13th and G St, NE Thurs. Night

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From MPD:

“At approximately 8:40 P.M., two female victims were approached by two male suspects. The suspects demanded their property, the victims refused, at which time a physical struggle ensued. During the struggle one of the victims was stabbed three times. The victim was transported to the hospital, with non-life threatening injuries. The suspects were last scene running east on Maryland Avenue. The case is being investigated by the First District Detective’s Office.”

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  • second bit of violent crime on that block in the last week following the shooting on sunday night in the alley between H and G

  • A scary reminder that H Street is still up and coming.

    • I could make the same statement about Bethesda and the lulemon murder

      • Hahaha, you are so right. This part of town is DEFINITELY just like Bethesda. Is this a joke?

        This part of town is definitely still up and coming. It will get there some day and probably not too long if U St is any indicator of these timelines, but I think it is ridiculous to compare it to Bethesda (as much as I’d like that to be true since I live about a block from here).

      • Lulemon, you obviously have not spent much time in either Bethesda or this area. This area is definitely still up and coming and crime here is much more prevalent than in established and upscale Bethesda. The Lulemon murder was such an anamoly that it made national headlines. I don’t think this one even got a mention in the Washington Post.

        • Yes, it actually did get a small mention in the Washington Post, printed 2 hours after the incident occured.

    • Like a lot of transitional areas, you gotta watch yourself and be aware of your surroundings. Sad that this happened, but it is a good reminder to be careful as the weather gets warmer.

  • Anyone know the age and race of the victims and perps?

  • me

    I hope that whatever they had on them that they didn’t want to give up was worth being stabbed.

    Seriously, just give it up, people. I don’t care what you’ve got with you- it’s not worth your life.

    • I’m sure the victims know as much, but until one has been in their exact situation, they really have no idea how they’d instinctually react. let’s not start blaming the victims when we really don’t know anything.

    • seriously people. stop mugging and stabbing others.

  • Damn – just give it up!

  • What’s especially frustrating is the reaction of the MPD – someone obviously concerned about this asked about it on the listserve and was answered with that typical “just calm down” tone from the police, who stressed that the injuries were “non-life threatening.” Well that’s certainly a relief. Next they’ll start with their typical “statistically speaking” palaver – I mean, just think about the number of people who walked down G Street NE this week and DIDN’T get stabbed, right?

  • This is not about blaming the victim, but getting people mobilized and doing community walks to keep our neighborhood safe. And if the violence is truly going to stop, we need to get the 25% of black males who are still unemployed in jobs with livable wages.

    • how do you propose we create those jobs?

    • Since this is what thugs want – jobs with management potential at Chipotle.

    • And if the violence is truly going to stop, we need to get the 25% of black males who are still unemployed in jobs with livable wages.

      Or, of course, we just let the current demographic shift run its course, and watch as the crime continues to emigrate to the suburbs.

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