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  • They have a great breakfast. Does anyone know how the upstairs bar is though? I’ve never been.

  • Went there for brunch on Saturday. I had the migas with green salsa and black beans. Perfect amount of interesting spiciness and not overly filling. Just right.

    My girlfriend got the same thing with red salsa, but hers was much blander.

  • went there for breakfast once 3 years ago. there were roaches climbing up the walls next to me so I never went back. anyone know if it’s been cleaned up? even still, I think my ptsd is too bad to go back.

  • love, love, love this place! As mmm said the Huevos Divorciados are killer.

  • It’s our go-to breakfast place in MtP. I’m sort of sorry that you are bringing more attention to it here, but Don Jaime and his family deserve it.

    Top dishes:
    migas con salsa verde
    huevos divorciados
    huevos rancheros
    cafe con leche

    As others have noted, the beans are amazing, and some people love the potatoes.

    Jaime’s son helps out up front on the weekends, and it probably the nicest and most polite person you can possibly encounter. Very proper. I think his daughters (?) run the kitchen.

    We have “crashed” the bar upstairs a few times, usually with a big group after a DC United game. There have been anywhere from 2-10 patrons, mostly men, usually watching soccer and having Coronas. Once we got the juke box going and everyone had a big dance party. Good stuff.

  • Everyone is raving about their breakfast, but I just wanted to note that that is all they serve. Tried going there for dinner once and realized my mistake. Went to one of the many other places for some fajitas.

    That said, Latin-American breakfasts are the most delicious in the world, and I’ve been meaning to come here for breakfast / brunch.

  • Don has been running a great all-day breakfast place for years in Mt. Pleasant. It is great.

  • I passed by and noticed this place two weeks ago. The food and service are terrific. I dread the crowds that will come now due to this attention, but congratulations to Don Jaime.

    Breakfast dishes are all they serve. I look froward to trying the bar.

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