Holy Awesome, Dunkin Donuts Coming to 14th and U St, NW

My love for Dunkin Donuts is well known. Thanks to a reader for sending in this beautiful sight. They write:

“This just went up next to the maligned Subway at 14th and U. #winning.”


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  • If there was ever any doubt that PoP is a major player in the local real estate game, this should end your fears.

    He says he likes something, and magically, within weeks, it appears.

  • This will be extra WINNING if the less-popular donuts aren’t stale every other day.

  • not much better than a subway. bummer.

  • Why did they waste money renovating those buildings for a goddamn Subway and DD? Development FAIL.

    • Because they’re the ones who can afford the rent

      • That was rhetorical.

        • But totally correct. This is a major FAIL for the neighborhood. 14th & U is becoming an intersection of nothing but fast food. To put it in PoP-speak, it is totally, awesomely unsweet.

          • I would disagree. If you are talking about LITERALLY right on the intersection, then yes, two corners have fast food – a McDonald’s, Subway and DD. There’s also a JJ’s Cheesesteak (not a national chain, or if it is, not a huge enough one to have that stigma) and Chidogo’s (again, not a national chain). Beyond those immediate 15 feet from the intersection, you have Marvin, Blackbird Warehouse (soon), Utopia, Foot Locker (national chain, but not food), DTLR, and so on. I know there’s really no reason to justify this to you, but this is, in fact, a good thing for the neighborhood. 14th & U is moving past it’s adolescence of redevelopment (i.e. super trendy, small independent stuff) and moving into its rightful place as a major hub in the neighborhood. Dupont Circle has plenty of independent cool places, but not that many are directly on the circle. Instead, you get Paneras, Krispy Kremes, Starbucks, etc. I think this is a phenominal sign demonstrating how far U St really has come. For your trendier, edgier independent operations, head a little further East down U St.

          • And KFC and Taco Bell.

          • You’re right. I forgot about them.

          • oh gross,

            “14th & U is moving past it’s adolescence of redevelopment (i.e. super trendy, small independent stuff) and moving into its rightful place as a major hub”


            “Local small business is over-rated.

            It is like the Mom and Pops out there – very few ever last long enough to even be remember”

            gross II

            but fellow residents I congratulate you, you’ve really “made it”. (this is what the old timers were fighting for?)

            enjoy your hood.

            and for all those who write and presume we all want to live near such places, um, no, we don’t, we really, really don’t. you might. i do not.

            loving my hood with almost no chains!

    • taco bell, KFC and that other chain crap is being torn down this autumn to make way for that new Utopia project. McDonalds however will remain.

  • Dunkin Donuts beats those over-frosted disgusting Krispy Kremes. This will be much welcomed since the one on 17th closed.

  • I wish instead of Dunkin and Subway these places were occupied by local small businesses – like pound or Taylor.

  • I am sympathetic to everyone who wishes these locations could be filled by successful, local, non-chain businesses.

    But from a totally selfish perspective, I just got a DD gift card as a birthday present this weekend. YAY.

  • Not sure about a development fail. My friend bought a condo in a pricey Manhattan boutique condo for about $1.2million And what was included in the pricey building’s ground floor retail? A Dunkin Donuts. The posh building loves it and its always packed. The arrival of a popular corporate retail spot that isnt ubiquitous (ie, Subway) isnt necessarily a BAD THING.

  • if only DD could magically change into something better at night.

    • donuts are great after a night out! and the DD in Chinatown gives 2 donuts for each one you order in the evenings.

  • Dunkin’ Donuts had a shop around the corner — in the space now occupied by the 24/7 falafel store — for several years in the ’90s. Given that both that store and the more recent outlet on 17th St. went under, one wonders what the prospect of this new location will be. I have found their donuts too sweet and offer no temptation whatsoever. Fortunately, good donuts are available just a few blocks away at Cork Market, at least on Sunday mornings.

  • i like dunks but this is asinine considering there’s one just up the street at 2750 14th. what? the u st crowd can’t waddle their asses up the hill? or at least catch the bus?

    • No, we can’t.

      • i agree, on your walk from your house to your job, which is much more likely to be south than north, you’re not going to detour 6 blocks up a huge fricking hill to get an ice coffee. Jesus.

        • nor on a saturday morning when I am hung over am I even remotely tempted to sit and wait for a bus so I can get a donut.

  • Question:
    Would you support tax abetments throughout the city to support small/local businesses instead of formula fast food/franchises?

    If we give it to major developments (hotels, SW Whole Foods, etc) is it not fair to do the same for small businesses? What would you cap it at a year? Would you limit to neighborhoods that are redeveloping or open it to any neighborhood?

    • I don’t think we should be asking what is fair so much as we should be asking what makes the city money. I’d support some kind of incentive in underserved Wards, maybe in Anacostia or thereabouts for instance. But I wouldn’t want to see taxpayer dollars spent on small scale retail development in Wards 2 or 3.

  • Dunkin is absolutely the greatest thing to happen. To own a DD franchise is 1,000,000 dollar flat rate investment. No joke. And what’s better- they rarely fail because they’re FRIGGEN AWESOME. Every New Englander put yo hands up because if this opens in time for me to have an iced coffee every morning of the summer, I swear my life just got infinitely better. The world of DC improves with every Dunkin that opens, and this I believe is a fact.

    God Bless Dunkin Donuts.

  • DD donuts are the worst. No flavor.

    Actually there aren’t any good donuts in the district.

  • I’m gonna be a curmudgeon and say that we really shouldnt be celebrating mediocre chains. Local places contribute more to the community both economically and culturally.

  • please, no more winning jokes. it hit saturation incredibly fast.

  • DD on 14th in Columbia Heights sucks. Their donuts are always stale, not sure when the truck brings them in but they are not made on site for sure. KK is at least fresh(er).

  • This is exciting news! DD has the best coffee at insanely reasonable prices. Chain stores are fine as long as they are good… now if only we could stop that pesky Subway from moving in and get a Chipotle instead. Dare to dream.

  • I would have much preferred a Level 5 vegan bakery go in this spot. Get on that, small business people!

    • Who needs a vegan bakery when there’s a dusty treebox nearby, the contents of which have the same dirt flavor as vegan baked goods?

  • As a New Englander I am thrilled to see a Dunkin opening up close to home although I’m hoping this one is better than the Dunkin at 14th and Girard….I got a iced coffee with bad milk last summer and was sick for 48 hours.

  • Yay! Not. Why go to Cake Love, et al., for your coffee and sweets when you can go to this awesome Jersey cultural touchstone. Yay. Winning by a bazillion.

    • me

      Ummmmm because Cake Love is gross. I get the whole “support non-chain local businesses” and whatnot, but it’s yucky. No joke.

  • I do love Dunkin’ Donuts being required due to birth in New England (NOT a jersey thing… NEW ENGLAND)… but…

    Isn’t Blackbird Warehouse next door supposed to be a coffeeshop also? I expect they’ll have slightly different audiences, but it can’t be good for business.

    • Dude further research proves you totally correct! It’s the number of DDs in NJ and my Jersey-born and bred wife’s family’s obsession with Dunkin Donuts that made me think it was from Jersey.

      I write this as I clutch a SBUX mocha in my hand from MY homeland, but nevertheless small coffee places are still best. A

  • I wonder if the new franchise owner realizes that there was a DD located about 75 feet away in the 1400 block of U Street for about ten years that went out of business!?

    • He knows.

      Franchisee are giving history of the strip / area as well as a list of competitors – same brand or not.

      Alot of work and research goes into choosing a franchise location.

      I doubt this will fail anytime soon.

    • me

      That was a while ago. Demographics have changed.

  • Can we assume it will be just a straight up DD and not a DD/ Baskin Robbins combo like the old one in Dupont?

  • More info on what’s going on top of Dunkin/Subway

    “The long-vacant space at 2001 14th St. NW come spring will house Lost Society, a “boutique steakhouse” on the second and third floors. Expect a menu featuring local grass-fed local meat and regional seafood, as well as a bar, lounge and rooftop deck.”



  • why doesn’t DC have any independent donut places? I guess fractured prune made a go (and then a retreat) of it.

    I guess I’m thinking specifically of LaMar’s donuts in KC MO.

    • Because DC is so much better at the lowest common denominator.

    • Diabetes, that’s why… LOL.

      Seriously though, I went to the fractured prune once in silver spring their donuts took way too long to make, they were greasy, too thick, and it seemed like way too much ado for a simple donut priced at 3$. Besides that, their Coffee, the best money making thing in that line of business, was horribly overlooked, being not fresh and sitting in a pump thermos. The Fractured Prune is from a bygone era of gimmicky niche 90’s (story line) restaurants that had very little value and substance to their products. I’d rather take Dunkin Donuts any day with their no-nonsense approach to Coffee and Donuts. 95% of cops would agree too, because they have to get back out on the streets.

      Naming a restaurant anything with “prune” in it is also a bad idea, most people hate prunes, even if its not about prunes.

    • I would kill to have a donut half as good as LaMars in DC

      • killing is easy. would you open one up?

      • LaMars is good (they’ve got some in St. Louis now).

        However, I have traveled back to St. Louis b/c I couldn’t go any longer without a World’s Fair. THE BEST!

  • FYI….there are a bunch of Dunkin Donuts in Southeast Michigan as well. Weird how it’s all New England people praising the opening.

    Anyway, I look forward to the bums waiting outside these establishments or in them.

  • Cool. Maybe we can just put 3 dunkin donuts on every block in the city like Boston and then all the New England folks can really feel at home.

  • Doesn’t this property lie within the 14th & U Arts Overlay on a block that already exceeds the 50% of the block face as eateries restriction, triggering the need to go before the zoning commission for a special exception in order to locate there?

    I thought that was why the landlord was going after a bank before this. I believe they ruled the upper and lower uses as restaurants did not require an exception as the Arts Overlay restriction on applied at ground level.

    Would appreciate any clarification possible.


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