Good Deal or Not? “Great use of space inside one of the original turrets” edition

This condo is located at 350 9th St, SE:

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The flier says:

“Value-packed 2BR, 2BA top floor unit at the circa 1891 Grace Church Condos! Great use of space inside one of the original turrets w/ lofty LR, fpl, smartly designed open kit, good closets, lovely wd flrs & 4 skylights! Main flr BR w/ ensuite full bath & upper 2nd BR w/ 2nd full bath! Eastern Market & Barracks Row out front door! W/ D, CAC in pet friendly bldg! Garage pkg option at addtl price!”

You can find more info here and photos here.

Well, I’m just gonna say it – I dig it. You?

This 2 bed/2 bath is going for $499,000 ($260 condo fee). What do you think it’ll go for?

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  • damn I wish I were looking right now.

  • Too bad the windows aren’t curved.

  • mama like!

  • This place has been on and off the market for-ev-er.

    So, there has to be a catch. I mean it’s nice looking, great location and (relatively) low condo fees.

    On the downside, it’s less than 1000 sq-ft, in a crappy school district and in a neighborhood known for rowhomes not condos. But these are not the worst downsides in the world.

    Maybe the parking spot is obscenely overpriced or there are tenants renting it right now that will be hard to get rid of.

    Either way, decent place for decent price.

    • I live not to far from this and considering the number of people in further out ward 6 that drive to this area for the Metro Station, a paid for parking spot is going to be a good thing. That and on the weekends it is withing the Eastern Market parking zone – again another reason to like the personal spot.

    • Define “crappy school district” What are you basing that on? DC vs MontCo or Fairfax?

      then again, not sure this building attracts much of a family demographic. More like DINCs and yuppies.

  • We just bought a block north of here and the location is superb! I never considered going with a condo, but had I seen this I might have been persuaded otherwise.

  • $499 in SE DC for a condo? Albeit it looks big. I could have bought that whole building for that around 8 years ago! I’d be surprised if I could sell my 2,700 SF row house for that in this market in NW DC… Some of the prices I see on these condo units boggle my mind. You pretty much have to have an $80k a year job to afford that house as a single male, and you’re probably still struggling to buy groceries… I’m lucky to currently own a house though, so I’m not bitter about rising condo prices.

    • This part of SE is nicer than most neighborhoods in NW. Although this would be steep for most singles, it would be ideal for a childless couple.

      • “This part of SE is nicer than most neighborhoods in NW.”

        Woah, now. That is quite a generalization. I think this is on par with a lot of the nicer areas in NW, but not nicer than them. I think your comment wouldn’t have caught my attention had you said “many” rather than “most”. Not trying to get into a Cap Hill v. NW thing here…just saying I wouldn’t go as far as you did there.

        Sorry, nit pick over.

        • Depends on your perspective and how you’re evaluating it, but you could be right. Generally speaking, I think most neighborhoods west of 16th St. NW are on par with or nicer than Eastern Market– this does cover a larger geographical area because a lot of the ritzier neighborhoods are very spread out.

    • I’d say a single income of $80k probably would not be affording this joint. Not without a little hooking on the side.

  • this place is the tits

  • Can’t beat the location. Units in that building typically sell pretty quickly.

  • Love the living room, but the bedrooms and bathrooms look REALLY claustrophobic — note that the doors go almost to the ceilings! Unless those are enormous doors, those are some seriously tight spaces. I imagine that is why it has stayed on the market. Gorgeous building in amazing location though.

  • Some people would pay a great amount to live inside a turret. Especially those who have a fear of corners.

    • Anyone who wants to pay me to live in my turret is welcome. It’s unfinished, unheated and leaks a little when it rains. Also, there’s no natural light except through the cracks.

      Does $400/month (no kitchen privileges) sound reasonable?

  • been passing by that place every day on the way to and from work and always assumed it was a school or something odd like that, never pegged it as condos.

  • Great location, nice renovation, but small. I still struggle with the notion of a 500k condo, especially one that doesn’t have parking and a lot of space, but that is just me. This thing likely is priced close to right. Good first home for some young law associate, plus, depending on down payment, the mortgage payment probably will approach a break-even point on rental income when all the tax benefits are figured in, if someone is looking at its rentability down the road.

  • Again with the being in my hood……

    The location is great. The price seems ok for rooms and location. That building’s units always seem a bit crazy because of the architecture but I think someone who wants character would live with it.

    I will say that whoever buys – they just put a new roof on that place so hopefully that won’t have to be done again soon. Also, great grassy area that goes with that building could be good for dogs.

  • I’ve been inside one. They’re modern and nice, but cramped. I can’t see why someone would want to pay this much to be in Capitol Hill. I love the place, but you can get a lot more space for a little more money in nice parts of DC.

    Being right on top of Eastern Market is not necessarily a great thing. I’d rather be a few blocks to the North to get some distance between me and the crazies. Also, the park in front of this place needs a major uplift.

  • I used to rent in the yellow townhouse across the street from this place. They have their own little community – they hang out + barbeque together, + many of them have dogs that play together in the lawn.
    Judging on what I paid for a studio in almost the same address, [which didn’t have any of the ‘quirky in a good way’ architectural details,] + by some nearby similar comps, I’d say this is well priced.

  • I dunno. Not too keen on the kitchen. Galley, with that wierd wall and builder basic cabinets. Same mediocrity in the bath. Just a little extra money could have had much nicer finishes to go with the decor in the living room.

  • Many of the Hill condo/loft conversions of the 90s (Carberry School, Car Bar, Masonic Temple) have similar MO — electric ranges in kitchen and very modest finishes. If I’m dropping that scratch I may want a more modern conversion with better finishes (ie Bryant).

    Nice property and well kept, but I’d want to know about the extensive roof work recently undertaken and if any assessment remains outstanding.

  • I’ve been inside this unit. The kitchen is so small that the fridge is literally a half fridge, like in a college dorm room. It’s a unique space, but it’s cramped and has poor lighting.

  • I’ve been inside the unit too. The kitchen is ridiculously tiny. The downstairs living/dining room space is beautiful, but the rest of the place has odd angles and is kind of cramped. And the ceiling in the upstairs bathroom can’t be higher than 6’6″.

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