Good Deal or Not? “Great home that needs a little TLC” edition

This house is located at 1636 19th St, NW:

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The flier says:

“4 level townhouse in Dupont. 6BR, 3.5BA-4BR, 2.5BA in main home. 2BR, 1BA in lower level. Great home that needs a little TLC. Currently rented through 7/31/11. Large bedrooms, kitchen/dining combo in main house, 2 fireplaces, skylight, large bathrooms.”

You can find more info here and a virtual tour here.

At first I was hoping to redeem myself for yesterday’s house porn post (which I still like) but I’ve failed again. Though this is def. interesting. Despite the needed TLC think this 6 bed/3.5 bath will go for $1,385,000?

I’ve always been a fan of the transom:

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  • All i can say is, DO NOT BE PASSIVE! Do signs like that work? Maybe i should put one up in my bedroom: “MAKE MORE MONEY, LOSE WEIGHT, HAVE MORE SEX” Maybe the first two have something to do with the last?

  • Unless the bones of this building “needs a little TLC” or something on that scale – this is an incredible deal!

    • Needs central air for one. The TLC probably just means sprucing some things up from it being a rental. No off-street parking doesn’t help, but still looks like a great place.

  • I wonder how long its been a rental and how much deferred maintenance there is. But agree with Frankie – that this looks like a very good deal.

  • Yeah, this place needs some cosmetic work…but if that’s all it needs, this is a seriously good deal for the space and the location.

    • I agree. Too many people are so used to seeing “staged” homes. This house looks to be in great condition, just a little cosmetic work, cleaning and organizing, for someone to make it their own. A buyer with a good eye should be able to see past the fact that it is not professionally staged.

  • Funnily enough, I lived in this apartment and moved out recently. While the exterior of the house is nice, the place needs some MAJOR work. I am talking toilet water overflowing out of drains in the front and back of the house, ant infestations, and no heat on the lower level. Yes, the location cannot be beat and the house has great potential. But this place needs a lot of TLC investment, and by “TLC” I mean cash.

  • “toilet water overflowing out of drains in the front and back of the house, ant infestations, and no heat on the lower level…”

    That is nothing but typical maintenance and repair work.

    I always thought “TLC” was code for lots and lots of work.

    • No, when you see “as is” – that means lots and lots of work.

      • Got it.

        Oh and I don’t even know what a poop moat is… yuck.

        Still looks like an incredible deal upfront.

      • Not necessarily. I bought an ‘as is’ and have been happy ever since. What it meant in my case is that the estate that was selling it couldn’t be bothered to pump in the 20-30k the place needed to make it look less like grandma had been living here for 50 years. But we have managed to live with grandma’s kitchen and bathroom and everything else about the place is great.

    • You don’t understand how bad a poop moat can be…

  • Amy forgot to mention the walls caving in and the leaking. Due to severe water damage, the wood around the windows and exterior walls (in the basement specifically), need to be redone. But, with A LOT of TLC, this will be an amazing place to live. You can’t beat the location, and it is a really nice space.

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